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Local Bands National Bands Record Labels Misc.
The Autumn View Amazing Transparent Man Pleasant Tone Records Mad Planet
Big Green Sofa Audio Karate   The Rave
Black Tie Event Anti-Freeze   Edges Fade
Bob Gun The Contingency Plan   B.Y.O.F.L
Bleeding Within 15 Minutes Fast   Midwest Ska
Candlelit Murder Last Place Champs   Milwaukee Rocks
Circle Meets A Square Motion City Soundtrack    
Ductape The Plus Nomination    
Early Means Two Somerset
Eighty-D S.T.U.N    
Elysium Ultimate Fakebook    
Everything's Diet      
52 Pick-Up      
Fly by Night      
Freezer Burn      
The Gas Rats      
Lucky Squakes      
The Meteah Strike      
The Oprahs      
The Paladin Front      
Project Wookie      
Rainy Day Ollie      
The Recalcitrants      
Red Letter Dove      
The Round Reality      
Same in the End      
Silver Screen Heroes      
The Twitch Kids      
Tragic Hero      
Waking Bradley      
Zero to Sixty Never