Friday, January 31, 2003

The Sea And Cake Tour with Califone
The Sea and Cake have already begun touring, according to But don't fret, the group is music-ing Japan until March 4th, when they'll return to the United States to music Madison, WI. Joining them through most of the US tour will be Califone, who will be releasing Quicksand/Cradlesnakes via Thrill Jockey on March 18th.

The Sea and Cake (whose name was derived from Gastr Del Sol's song, "The C in Cake"-- you see the correlation?) recently released their sixth album, One Bedroom, also on Thrill Jockey. If you never bought their previous album, Oui, don't worry, One Bedroom is close enough.

Jan 30 Shibuya, Japan, Club Quattro
Jan 31 Shibuya, Japan Club Quattro
Feb 1 Nagoya, Japan Club Quattro
Feb 2 Shinsaibashi, Japan Club Quattro
Feb 3 Hiroshima, Japan Club Quattro
Mar 4 Madison, WI Orpheum Stage Door (w/ Califone)
Mar 5 Minneapolis, Fine Line Music Café (w/ Califone)
Mar 7 Englewood, CO, Gothic Theater (w/ Califone)
Mar 10 Vancouver, Richard on Richard's (w/ Califone)
Mar 11 Seattle, The Showbox (w/ Califone)
Mar 12 Portland, Aladdin Theater (w/ Califone)
Mar 14 San Francisco, The Fillmore (w/ Califone)
Mar 15 Los Angeles, Henry Fonda Theater (w/ Califone)
Mar 16 San Diego, Canes Bar and Grill (w/ Califone)
Mar 20 Dallas, Trees (w/ Califone)
Mar 21 Austin, La Zona Rosa (w/ Califone)
Mar 28 Chicago, Metro (w/ Califone)
Apr 11 Columbus, Wexner Center for the Arts
Iron and Wine on Tour
Sam Beam is on tour, and ain't nobody stoppin' him.

2003-02-01 Knitting Factory Club Inc New York NY *
2003-02-02 T.T.The Bears Cambridge MA *
2003-02-03 Khyber Pass Philadelphia PA *
2003-02-04 IOTA Arlington VA *
2003-02-05 Court Square Theater Harrisonburg VA *
2003-02-07 Knitting Factory Club Inc Los Angeles CA #
2003-02-08 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco CA #
2003-02-12 Borderline London UK #
2003-02-13 The New Roscoe Leeds UK #
2003-02-14 King Tuts Glasgow Scotland #
2003-02-17 KB Malmo Sweden #
2003-02-18 Kagalbanen Stockholm Sweden #
2003-02-19 So What Oslo N #
2003-02-20 Herrgarn Linkoping Sweden #
2003-02-21 Pusterviksbaren Goteborg Sweden #
2003-03-10 The Earl Atlanta GA w/ Carissas Wierd, The Prom
2003-03-13 Martins Lounge Jackson MS
2003-03-14 Rubber Gloves Denton TX w/ Fruit Bats, Western Keys
2003-03-15 Red Eye Fly Austin TX @ SXSW
2003-03-18 Climax Lounge Denver CO
2003-03-19 Liquid Joes Salt Lake City UT
2003-03-21 Crocodile Cafe Seattle WA w/ Vells, Decemberists
2003-03-22 Satyricon Portland OR Norfolk & Western
2003-03-24 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco CA w/ Carissas Wierd, The Prom
2003-03-25 Knitting Factory Club Inc Los Angeles CA
2003-03-27 Solar Culture Tucson AZ

* James Mercer, Rosie Thomas, Sam Jayne
# James Mercer, Rosie Thomas
TinyMixtapes News
album review: Zwan - Mary Star of the Sea (Reprise)
album review: The Blood Brothers - Burn, Piano Island, Burn (Artist Direct)

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Ani Evolves
Ani DiFranco’s latest studio album is set to be released on March 11th. It will include 12 new studio tracks that she’s been playing live recently. According to her website “Now that she has returned to performing solo, Evolve represents the definitive musical statement from Ani and her 5-piece band.” Yeah, so all you Ani fans can get ready to um, rock, or something. Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Promised Land
2. In the Way
3. Icarus
4. Slide
5. O My My
6. Evolve
7. Shrug
8. Phase
9. Here for Now
10. Second Intermission
11. Serpentine
12. Welcome to:

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Wilco Documentary to be Released on April Fool's Day
From basement-life: On April 1st, Wilco, or should I say, Warner Bros is releasing I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, a deluxe 2-disc DVD set containing the Sam Jones-directed documentary of the same name. In addition to the film (complete with audio commentary by Jones and Wilco), 23 songs, some live footage, and a making of the film will be included on the second disc. For you literate fans, the two discs will also come with a 48-page book that goes behind-the-scenes of all that surrounds Wilco. But who knows? The DVD set is planned for an April Fool's Day release. Perhaps they'll reveal that Bennett's departure was just a joke. Or that the switch to Nonesuch was premeditated. Or that Wilco is not even a real band. Or that distance doesn't really have a way of making love understandable.
White Stripes Faith-Based Initiative for Elephant
Ohmygawd! The White Stripes are back in action! Instead of having to justify their jump to a major label (damn, those PR guys are slick; they like the music I like, and they look cool, too!), this time around the band has much more to offer their audience: a tracklist. That's right, the tracklist for Elephant has been unleashed. And we all care!

1. Seven Nation Army
2. Black Man
3. There’s No Home For You Here
4. I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
5. Cold, Cold Night
6. I Want To Be The Boy
7. You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket
8. Ball And Biscuit
9. The Hardest Button To Button
10. Little Acorns
11. Hypnotize
12. The Air Near My Fingers
13. Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine
14. It’s True That We Love One Another

Elephant, recorded last year in London, is expected for delivery on April 15th via V2 Records.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Tinymixtapes Hires Efficiency Expert
In an attempt to better his site as a whole, Mr. P has solicited the services of an efficiency expert. I am that expert. In my extensive research of the online zine community, I have found that the most efficient way to run a site is to bring in a ton of advertising revenue, and in turn, "hire" and ridiculously overwork a strictly "volunteer" staff. This way, Mr. P has literally no overhead outside of the hosting fees, and he can turn between 500-1000% profits each month, all while doing minimal work for himself. Sorry writers, it is the way of the world. Jesus, I am good.

You might think, "Wow, P really got his money's worth hiring this guy," but really, that isn't the half of it. See, in addition to my skills in the efficiency trade, I am also a writer, reporter and reviewer of music. Shee-it, P's in the money now. Don't worry writers, with the possible exception of Picasso the monkey, there will be no layoffs. I am real tired of his lazy ass.

And now, for the news.
Buddyrevelles One Step Further to Hyper-deserved Recognition
Everyone(who has ever heard them)'s favorite band the Buddyrevelles have been asked to play a little festival in New York on February 15th. The festival has them playing with a few bands you may be familiar with, including The Dismemberment Plan, The Mooney Suzuki, Ted Leo/Pharmacists and My Morning Jacket. The day starts at 11am, and is taking place at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. For those of you not familiar with the Buddyrevelles, shame on you. For those of you that are, be sure to email the boys, and tell them how much you love them. And I suppose it goes without saying, but please, Tinymixtapes NYC chapter... Represent.

SATURDAY, FEB. 15th // 11am // Hamilton College // Clinton, NY
with Dismemberment Plan, Mooney Suzuki, Ted Leo/Pharmacists, My Morning Jacket and more...

Elliott Smith To Release 2 CDs for the Price of 1
According to, Elliott Smith of Elliott Smith is planning to unleash a double album later this year. The album will be "one regular CD" with a "bonus" tacked on. The reason why bonus is in quotes is because it's actually the second "proper" disc, but Smith is attempting to curtail the double album prices by saying it's a bonus. Now if that's not admirable, I don't know what is. Smith recently played a couple shows in New York and plans two more in Los Angeles.

Jan 31: Los Angeles, CA (Henry Fonda Theatre)
Feb 01: Los Angeles, CA (Henry Fonda Theatre)

Jónsi of Sigur Ros Gets in Trouble with the Pigs
Taking a break from his usual angelic crooning (that's what he usually does during his free time), Jónsi of Sigur Ros managed to get himself muscled by the police. The date: January 16th; the occasion: protesting the controversial Karahnjukar Power Station Project that will inevitably ruin the beautiful heart of Iceland; that is, if the government has its way. Jónsi was protesting at City Hall when the Reykjavik police threw him out because he was "the one who behaved the worst," which means he must have been yelling pretty loud (possibly in Hopelandish?).

In any case, Jónsi was protesting a cause that everyone should become familiar with. Read about it here. Do something about it here.

Meanwhile, Sigur Ros are preparing for their Europe tour, as well as a month-long tour of George W. Bush's United State of America. The group also completed a video chock full of black snow and gas masks. All this and more can be found at Sigur Ros' official news website.
Noise Pop Festival 2003
Surprise, surprise: the Noise Pop Festival is back. So far, the festival will be held in San Francisco for six days, beginning on February 25th through March 2nd. More shows and bands will be announced soon, but according to, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Camper Van Beethoven, (smog), Tortoise, Mountain Goats, Trans Am, Minus the Bear, Ok Go, and many more have already been confirmed. Keep an eye out at their official webpage for more announcements.
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picasso: updated
New Releases for January 28th, 2003
Aimee Allen: I'd Start a Revolution if I Could Get Up in the Morning (Elektra)
Apocalypse Theatre: Lost in America (Underground Inc)
Bees: Sunshine Hit Me (Astralwerks)
Blood Red Throne: Affiliated With the Suffering (Hammerheart)
Blueline Corporation: New Old Rare (Fueled by Raman)
Blue Orchids: From Severe to Serene (LTM)
Bonnie "Prince" Billy: Master and Everyone (Drag City)
Burning Brides: Fall of the Plastic Empire (Lookout)
Converge: Unloved and Weeded Out (Deathwish)
Daedelus: The Quiet Party EP (Plug Research)
Dirty Vegas: Night at the Tables (DJ mix; Ultra)
Dogwood: Seismic (Tooth and Nail)
Faith No More: The Best of Faith No More (Rhino)
Fall Out Boy: Fall Out Boy's Evening With Your Girl (Uprising)
Friends of Mute: Evidence Winter 2003 (Mute)
Furthermore: She and I (Tooth and Nail)
Grave: Back From the Grave (Century Media)
Guff: The Guff is a Disaster (Go Kart)
Jaga Jazzist: Animal Chin (GSL)
Loose Fur: Loose Fur (Drag City)
Lupine Howl: The Bar at the End of the World (Vinyl Hiss)
Melvins: 7" series (Ipecac)
Nightingale: Alive Again (The End)
Nightmares on Wax: Carboot Soul (Warp)
Paul Oakenfold: Harder They Come EPs (Perfecto)
Pigface: Easy Listening (Underground Inc)
The Promise: Believer (Deathwish)
R.E.M.: Document (DVD-Audio reissue; Warner Bros)
Raunchy: Velvet Noise (Nuclear Blast America)
Ry Cooder: Mambo Sinuendo (Nonesuch/Warner)
Salem: Collective Demise (The End)
Scene Creamers: I Suck on that Emotion (Drag City)
Sir Hedgehog: Sir Hedgehog (Abstract Sounds)
Snowdogs: Deep Cuts, Fast Remedies (Victory)
Soft Pink Truth (Matmos): Do You Party? (Soundslike)
Souls of Mischief: Spark (Chocolate Industries)
Stakker: Eurotechno (Rephlex)
Star Spangled Bastards: Whose War is it? (Go Kart)
Static Lullaby: Don't Forget to Breathe (Ferret)
Super Numeri: Great Aviaries (Ninja Tune)
Terror: Lowest of the Low (Bridge Nine)
Useless ID: No Vacation From the World (Kung Fu)
Young Gods: Second Natures (Ipecac)
Townes Van Zandt: Delta Momma Blues (reissue; Tomato)
Townes Van Zandt: For the Sake of the Song (reissue; Tomato)
Zwan: Mary Star of the Sea (Reprise)

Monday, January 27, 2003

Fallout Records to Close Doors
Fallout Records, in Seattle, is closing after almost 19 years. Since 1984 they have been a huge part of the independent music, art and literature scene of the city. Factors contributing to the close include the horrible state of the economy, of course. But also complaints from neighbors about their infamous all-ages in-store performances (ranging from Andre Williams to the Cripples to the White Stripes) and the “utter lack of support” from the local police. There will be one last in-store performance on February 1st, for free at 3:00pm, with American Death Ray. Their doors will close sometime around the second week in February.

Friday, January 24, 2003

Calexico Put Out New Fucking Album
Calexico’s new album, Feast of Wire, will be available stateside on February 18th and would make a great birthday present, late Valentine’s gift or surprise for a friend. Europe, the lucky bastards, will get it a week earlier on February 11th. These guys have been busy though so you should check out their website where you’ll also find some live tour cd’s, John Covertino’s (their drummer, but you already knew that) first solo 7” ep Sack of Cement, and yes, it’s true: tour dates in damn near every place imaginable.

Feast of Wire tracklisting:

1. Sunken Waltz
2. Quattro (World Drifts In)
3. Stucco
4. Black Heart
5. Pepita
6. Not Even Stevie Nicks
7. Close Behind
8. Woven Birds
9. The Book and the Canal
10. Attack El Robot!
11. Across the Wire
12. Dub Latina
13. Guero Canelo
14. Whipping the Horse’s Eyes
15. Crumble
16. No Doze

U.S. Tour Dates
(see their website for international and/or newly added dates)

Wed 2-26 Casbah, San Diego, CA
Thu 2-26 Casbah, San Diego, CA
Fri 2-28 The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA
Sat 3-1 Bimbo's 365 Club, San Francisco, CA (Noise Pop Festival)
Mon 3-3 Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR
Tue 3-4 Showbox, Seattle, WA
Wed 3-5 Richard's on Richards, Vancouver, BC
Sat 3-8 400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN
Sun 3-9 Luther's Blues, Madison, WI
Mon 3-10 Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL
Tue 3-11 12th and Porter, Nashville, TN
Fri 3-14 Club Fat Cats, Houston, TX
Mon 3-17 Southgate House, Newport, KY
Tue 3-18 Magic Stick, Detroit, MI
Wed 3-19 Lee's Palace, Toronto, ON
Thu 3-20 Cabaret Music Hall, Montreal, QC
Fri 3-21 Paradise, Boston, MA
Sat 3-22 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY
Sun 3-23 Black Cat, Washington, DC

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Black Box Recorder Quietly Make New Album
Long ago "Best of’s", or "Worst of" in this case, signaled the end of a band’s career and a last ditch effort to make some money from their hit singles. Now it just seems to be a fad to trick people into thinking the band is done making great music when really they have something else up their sleeve... or maybe I’m just paranoid. Black Box Recorder have a new album, Passionoia, coming out in early March. It’s said to be more uptempo, have a little more of an electronica feel and have lyrics about “school, mating, dating, pop stardom and revolution”. Well, keeping one out of three is better than nothing... Here’s the tracklisting:

1. The School Song
3. British Racing Green
4. Being Number One
5. The New
6. Diana
7. These Are The Things
8. Andrew Ridgely
9. When Britain Refused To Sing
10. Girls Guide For The Modern Diva
11. I Ran All The Way Home.

Oh, and they’ll be making their first public appearance in three years at the Metro in London on January 30th. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Go To "The Sorry State of the Union" Address
A Concert, Rally and March, organized by the Shirts Off Coalition, will be held on January 28th to challenge President Bush’s assessment of the State of the Union. It will be from 6:00 pm - 2:00 am at the Westside US Capitol (Reflecting Pool at 3rd St. NW in D.C.) There will be a few performers including Milemarker, Mr. Lif and Thievery Corporation and a few speeches by the US Green Party, Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping, Rami Fareed Asak of the Progressive Muslim Network among others.

Or Learn How to Kill Rock Stars with New Sampler
Kill Rock Stars Records has a new sampler out entitled Mollie’s Mix. It includes such beloved artists as Sleater-Kinney, Unwound, and Deerhoof as well as exclusive tracks by The Gossip (aka Goxxip), Sport Murphy and Men’s Recovery Project. It’s cheap and easy like us here at TinyMixtapes.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Dismemberment Plan Disbands
Details at the band's official website.

Monday, January 20, 2003

Doug Martsch at the Sundance Film Festival
So Doug (Built to Spill, as if you didn't already know) is hitting the Big Time. Playing for the snobs and suckers that paid between $350 and $2500 for a pass at the Sundance Film Festival today and Wednesday. Both shows are at the Plan B Nightclub in the exotic Park City, Utah. Don't worry about the show times because it's sold out.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

The Flaming Lips Release Single and Tour Fucking Europe
Wayne Coyne and his backup band are deploying themselves, as well as their furry troops, on European soil beginning yesterday. There the backup Lips will support the hedonistic Coyne, who will continue his best impression of a talented musician. You can't fool us, Wayne! To coincide with the tour (no doubt a brilliant marketing stroke by Warner Bros.), the Lips are releasing a commercial single for "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1"; you know, the long-winded pop song off last year's album of the same name (sans "Pt. 1"). The single is comprised of two audio discs, as well as a DVD. Dude! Here's the tracklisting:

CD 1:
1. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots PT. 1 (album)
2. Do You Realize?? Floating In Space Remix (scott hardkiss floating in
space vocal mix)
3. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots PT. 1 (Japanese version)

CD 2:
1. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots PT. 1 (album)
2. Can't Get You Out Of My Head (KEXP version)
3. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots PT. 1 (Sessions @ AOL version)

1. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots PT. 1 (video)
2. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots PT. 1 (album version audio)
3. Fish Fry & The Biggot's Drunk (from The Okie Noodling Soundtrack)
4. Galactic Melancholy (from The Christmas On Mars Soundtrack)

1.15.03 Glasgow, Scotland - Barrowlands
1.16.03 Manchester, England - Manchester University
1.17.03 Birmingham, England - Birmingham Academy
1.18.03 Bristol, England - Bristol Academy
1.20.03 Nottingham, England - Nottingham Rock City
1.21.03 London, England - London Forum
1.22.03 London, England - London Forum

Jack White Produces Soledad Brothers' Fucking Album
Jack White of The White Stripes (some garage rock duo) is producing a live album for Soledad Brothers (some blues-rock group). White is no stranger to the group; he produced the Brothers' eponymous debut in 2000 and an early 7", but now he has the daunting task of recording *gasp* a LIVE album! Holy meatballs! The album, titled Live (sigh), is set for release on February 4th on Dim Mak Records (Pretty Girls Make Graves, Monochrome). Feeling left out, Meg White of The White Stripes (some garage rock duo) persuaded the group to let her "celeb-status" help sell some albums. Thus, Meg guests on the album. I'd post the tracklist, but frankly, no one really cares.
Sigur Ros Tour the United States of Fucking America
("You-sigh-a-low-ing" all the way to the US banks.)

03/15 Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA
03/18 930 Club, Washington, DC
03/19 930 Club, Washington, DC
03/21 Radio City Music Hall, New York City, NY
03/22 Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA
03/23 The Odeon, Cleveland, OH
03/25 Byham Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA
03/26 Brown Theatre, Louisville, KY
03/27 The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA
03/29 House of Blues, New Orleans, LA
03/31 Verizon Wireless Theatre, Houston, TX
04/1 Austin Music Hall, Austin, TX
04/2 Granada Theatre, Dallas, TX
04/4 Nita's Hideaway, Tempe, AZ
04/5 The Joint, Las Vegas, NV
04/7 Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA
04/8 Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA

The Blood Brothers Rule the Fucking Jungle
The Blood Brothers are releasing a live show from September 27, 2002 this February. And what better way to get with the times by releasing the show, titled Jungle Rules Live, on DVD. The disc features 11 live tracks, as well as 3 audio-only bonus tracks ("Ambulance vs. Ambulance," "USA Nails," and "Meet Me at the Water Front After the Social"). Jungle Rules Live is set for release on February 4th, which preceeds the release of the Brothers' debut disc for ARTISTdirect Records, scheduled for March 18th. The band is currently on tour with The Used and will head off on their own headlining tour for the first half of February, as well as a co-headliner with Milemarker beginning mid-February. Dates w/ The Used:

1/3 DV8, Salt Lake City, UT
1/4 Gothic Theatre, Englewood, CO
1/6 Trees, Dallas, TX
1/7 Engine Room, Houston, TX
1/8 The Mercury, Austin, TX
1/10 The Glass House, Pomona, CA
1/11 Huntridge Theatre, Las Vegas, NV
1/12 Nita's Hideaway, Tempe, AZ
1/13 The Scene, San Diego, CA
1/15 Slim's San Francisco, CA
1/16 The Boardwalk, Orangevale, CA
1/18 Roseland Theatre, Portland, OR
1/19 Richard's on Richards, Vancouver, BC CANADA
1/20 The Showbox, Seattle, WA

The Mountain Goats and Breeders Tour Together, Fucking
Well, not together, really. But, assuming isn't lying, the Mountain Goats and Breeders are starting tours in February. Check them out if you can. If you can't, then don't. I hate myself.

Mtn Gts:
02/01 - Briton's Protection, Manchester
02/02 - College of Art, Edinburgh
02/04 - Social, Nottingham
02/05 - Hanbury Ballroom (TBC), Brighton
02/06 - Spitz, London

02/14 - Huntridge Theater, Las Vegas, US
02/15 - Bash On Ash, Phoenix, US
02/21 - Regent, Auckland, New Zealand
02/22 - Indigo, Wellington, New Zealand
02/25 - Globe, Perth, Australia
02/26 - Le Rox, Adelaide, Australia
02/28 - Corner, Melbourne, Australia
03/01 - Corner, Melbourne, Australia
03/02 - Arena, Brisbane, Australia
03/03 - Metro, Sydney, Australia
03/06 - Big Cat, Osaka, Japan
03/07 - Quattro, Tokyo, Japan

TinyMixtapes News
album review: Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Yanqui U.X.O. (Constellation)
album review: Black Dice - Beaches & Canyons (DFA)

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Merging Away from the Pulsebeat
The Buzzcocks are now on Merge Records. Could this have been predicted? Not by me, that’s for sure, but there they are all the same. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I digress. On with the news: their first Merge release is scheduled for March and is to be a self-titled album. According to the labels site “there's an edge to tunes like "I'm A Jerk," "Friends," and "Useless" that is both immediate and modern yet vintage Buzzcocks at the same time.”

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Rilo Kiley / The Good Life / Mayday Tour Dates
Yes, another mediocre tour is in the queue for these mediocre bands. Rilo Kiley is touring in support of The Execution of All Things, The Good Life is supporting Black Out, and Mayday is supporting Old Blood. The Good Life is fairly descent, but shit, they tour an awful lot. I guess that's what you do when you can't sell your records.

Mon-Feb-10 Denver, CO Bluebird (no rilo)
Tue-Feb-11 Salt Lake City, UT TBA (no rilo)
Thu-Feb-13 Seattle, WA Vera Project
Fri-Feb-14 Portland, OR Meow Meow
Sat-Feb-15 San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill
Sun-Feb-16 Los Angeles, CA Troubadour
Mon-Feb-17 Silver Lake, CA Echo
Tue-Feb-18 Pheonix, AZ Modified
Wed-Feb-19 El Paso, TX TBA
Fri-Feb-21 Denton, TX Rubber Gloves
Sat-Feb-22 Austin, TX Emo's
Sun-Feb-23 Houston, TX Mary Janes
Mon-Feb-24 Baton Rouge, LA Spanish Moon
Tue-Feb-25 Gainesville, FL Common Grounds
Wed-Feb-26 Orlando, FL The Social
Thu-Feb-27 Atlanta, GA Echo Lounge
Fri-Feb-28 Carrboro, NC Go Studios - Room Four
Sat-Mar-01 Washington, DC Black Cat
Sun-Mar-02 New York, NY Knitting Factory
Mon-Mar-03 Cambridge, MA T.T. the Bears
Tue-Mar-04 Philadelphia, PA First Unitarian Church
Thu-Mar-06 Columbus, OH Little Brothers
Fri-Mar-07 Chicago, IL Schuba's
Sat-Mar-08 Minneapolis, MN 400 Bar
Sun-Mar-09 Omaha, NE Sokal Underground
Ben Gibbard and Andrew Kenny Solo Show
Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard and American Analog Set's Andrew Kenny are playing solo shows together on (drum roll) January 24th. The show is being held at the Privilege in Austin, TX. Sharing the stage with the two will be Decibully (ex-Camden + Promise Ring) and an acoustic Masonic. Advance tickets are available at 33 Degrees and Privilege.
The All Girl Summer Fun Band New Album
"The All Girl Summer Fun Band have finished their new album, 2, which will be available in April! They plan to tour the U.S. in June. Superhott!" - K Records

Paraphrasing is overrated. Laziness, underrated.
New Releases for January 14th, 2003
At Vance: Only Human (The End)
Bathory: Nordland (Black Mark Records)
Bellrays: Raw Collection (Uppercut)
Caliban: Shadow Hearts (Prosthetic)
Chitlin' Fooks: Did It Again (Hidden Agenda/Parasol)
Defleshed: Death the High Cost of Living (Crash Music)
Deranged: Plainfield Cemetary (The End)
DJ Me DJ You: Can You See the Music (Eenie Meenie)
Mark Dwinell: Duke of Arkansas (Ba Da Bing!)
Dr Feelgood Potts: Dr Feelgood Potts (Ecko)
Dumper: Dumper (Black Mark Records)
Erasure: Solsbury Hill (Mute)
Fist: Back With a Vengeance-The Fist Anthology (Castle)
Focus: Sweet & Sour (Versatile)
Freed Unit: Straightjacket (Ecstatic)
Garrison: The Model (Iodine)
Gathering: Black Light District (The End)
Gordian Knot: Emergent (Sensory)
Halogens: Resolution (Simba)
High Score: Sexy Losers (Lynn Point)
Internal Bleeding: Voracious Contempt (Crash Music)
Jason Morphew: Duke of Arkansas (Ba Da Bing)
Kamelot: Dominion (NOI)
Kathleen Edwards: Failer (Zoe/Rounder)
Lake of Tears: Neonai (Black Mark Records)
Leather Nun: Seedy Compilation (MVG)
Marshall Law: Power Crazy-The Best of Marshall Law (Castle)
Mighty Diamonds: Revolution (NYC Music)
Cass McCombs: Not the Way EP (Monitor)
Moral Crux: Pop Culture Assassins (Lookout)
Open Hand: The Dream (Trustkill)
Orleans: Essentials (Warner Strategic)
Pest: Jefferson Shuffle 10" (Ninja Tune)
The Program: Artificial Intelligence (Stillborn)
Ratos De Parao: Onisciente Coletivo (Alternative Tentacles)
Rattlers: Never Lost a Moment (Tombstone)
Running from Dharma: If We Don't Meet Before the End of the World (Corrupted Image)
Scenic: Acid Gospel Experience (Hidden Agenda)
Since By Man: We Sing the Body Electric (Revelation)
Spawn of Possession: Cabinet (Unique Leader)
Squealer: Under the Cross (The End)
Star of Ash: Iter Vivator (The End)
The Stooges: Head On (Pilot)
Symphorce: Phorcefulahead (Metal Blade)
Terror: Lowest of the Low (Bridge Nine)
TTC: De Pauvre Riches EP (remixes; Big Dada/Ninja Tune)
Townes Van Zandt: Flyin' Shoes (reissue; Tomato)
Townes Van Zandt: Our Mother the Mountain (reissue; Tomato)
V/A: Lookout! Freakout Episode 3 (Lookout)
VA: Parasol Sweet Sixteen v.6 (Parasol)
VA: We're a Happy Family: A Tribute to the Ramones (Columbia)
Voivod: Best of Voivod (Noise)
Paul Weller: Illumination (reissue w/bonus disc; Yep Roc)
Gary Wilson: Forgotten Lovers (Motel)
Withces: On Parade (Fall of Rome)

Monday, January 13, 2003

I Will Seriously Pay You to Shut Up
No, really, I will. Alright, maybe I won’t but the guys in Ten Grand will according to track number five of their upcoming album, This is the Way to Rule. They used to be known as The Vidablue and The New Year got them onto the Southern label so isn’t it fitting that they tour the south after the new year? Well, the south, the north, the west, the east and um, everywhere in between but that’s beside the point... see them live and look forward to the album coming out sometime this spring. Most dates with either Murder by Death (formerly Little Joe Gould) or Grand Ulena.

Tue 1/14: Omaha, NE @ Power Pad
Wed 1/15: Witchita, KS @ Citivan
Thu 1/16: Tulsa, OK @ Seasick Records
Fri 1/17: Dallas, TX @ Bar of Soap
Sun 1/19: Phoenix, AZ @ Modified
Mon 1/20: Tucson, AZ @ Skrappys
Tue 1/21: Las Vegas, NV @ TBA
Wed 1/22: Los Angeles, CA @ Head Line Records
Thu 1/23: Goleta, CA @ Biko House
Fri 1/24: San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe
Sat 1/25: Oakland, CA @ Club Hott
Sun 1/26: San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
Tue 1/28: Spokane, WA @ Post Haus
Wed 1/29: Seattle, WA @ 2nd Ave Pizza
Thu 1/30: Vancouver, BC @ Astoria
Sat 2/1: Portland, OR @ Blackbird
Sun 2/2: San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern
Sat 2/8: Colorado Springs, CO @ High Life House
Mon 2/10: Oklahoma City, OK @ Green Door
Tue 2/11: Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
Thu 2/13: Iowa City, IA @ Gabes Oasis
Fri 2/14: Chicago, IL @ Fireside Bowl
Sat 2/15: Menomenee Falls, WI @ TBA
Tue 2/18: Greenville, NC @ TBA
Thu 2/20: Washington DC @ Treeswing House
Fri 2/21: Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
Sat 2/22: New York, NY @ ABC No Rio
Mon 2/24: Boston, MA @ TBA
Tue 2/25: Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr Roboto Project
Wed 2/26: Bowling Green, OH @ Howards Club
Thu 2/27: East Pointe, MI @ Hot Hot House
Fri 2/28: Ft. Wayne, IN @ The Freedom House
TinyMixtapes News
album review: The Microphones - Mt. Eerie (K)

The Top 20 of 2002 Individual lists have been posted! Check them out here. Oh yeah, and Picasso is back in action! For a little while at least.

Friday, January 10, 2003

BuddyHEAD New Year
BuddyHEAD records is bringing in the New Year with giant giveaway. I guess they're calling this the “WELCOME TO 2003 MOTHERFUCKERS!” giveaway contest. They are giving away just about everything they've ever released to one lucky winner! I don't know why I'm spreading this news, being that I'm slimming my chances of winning, but that's ok! Here's what you'll get:

- 1 Burning Bridges / The Icarus Line Split 7 inch
- 1 Burning Bridges “Fall Of The Plastic Empire” LP
- 1 The Dillinger Escape Plan “Irony Is A Dead Scene” 12 inch e.p.
- 1 Radio Vago “Black & White Photo Enterprise” CD
- 1 Radio Vago “Black & White Photo Enterprise” LP
- 1 Your Enemies Friends “The Wiretap Ep” CD
- 1 Your Enemies Friends “The Wiretap Ep” LP
- 1 Shat “Best Of” CD
- 1 Ink & Dagger CD
- 1 Text CD
- 1 Buddyhead shirt of their choice
- 1 Buddyhead hat of their choice
- 1 Buddyhead Hooded Sweatshirt

Anyway, all you have to do to enter is send an email to with the subject reading: "BUDDYHEAD 2003 CONTEST." In related news, tour dates for Burning Bridges (with Division of Laura Lee and The Catheters) have been released:

Wed 01/15/03 Brooklyn, NY South Paw
Thu 01/16/03 New York, NY Mercury Lounge
Fri 01/17/03 Washington, DC Black Cat
Sat 01/18/03 Cambridge, MA T.T. The Bear's
Sun 01/19/03 Philadelphia, PA The Khyber
Mon 01/20/03 Montreal, QC Cabaret Music Hall
Wed 01/22/03 Toronto, ON Horseshoe Tavern
Thu 01/23/03 Detroit, MI Small's
Fri 01/24/03 Chicago, IL Double Door
Sat 01/25/03 Minneapolis, MN 400 Bar
Sun 01/26/03 Lawrence, KS The Bottleneck
Mon 01/27/03 Boulder, CO Tulagi
Tue 01/28/03 Salt Lake City, UT X-Scape (Formerly DV8)
Thu 01/30/03 Vancouver, BC Richard's On Richards
Fri 01/31/03 Portland, OR The Satyricon
Sat 02/01/03 Seattle, WA Crocodile Cafe
Mon 02/03/03 San Francisco, CA Bottom Of The Hill
Tue 02/04/03 Pomona, CA Glass House
Wed 02/05/03 West Hollywood, CA The Troubadour
Thu 02/06/03 San Diego, CA Brick By Brick


Thursday, January 09, 2003

Yoshimi Picture Disc
Available now (exclusively) on the Flaming Lips' official website is 7-inch vinyl picture disc. Side A contains the album version of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots and side B has the AOL Sessions version of the track. It's apparently a cut-down acoustic-like version of the song with a sadder feeling... that's because in this cutYoshimi is defeated! The painting on the vinyl is painted by Wayne Coyne himself. If you can wait, the record will be released in stores on January 14th.

The Microphones in the Mountains
The Microphones new album Mt. Eerie, not due out until January 21st, is already available for purchase at the K mail Order Dept. It’s titled after a mountain on Fidalgo Island where Phil Elvrum of the ’phones grew up and described as a drama in five parts that has the “boundless beauty and vision” we know they are capable of producing.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Mates of State Tour with Rainer Maria
Co-headlining the Polyvinyl Records' 2003 Winter Tour, Mates of State and Rainer Maria have assembled a massive 40-date tour for the U.S. Rainer Maria will be supporting their forthcoming full-length, Long Knives Drawn, to be released on January 21st, while Mates of State have just finished a split EP with Dear Nora, with a February 18th release date. Various Polyvinyl acts will support the two bands throughout the tour.

01/30 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
01/31 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
02/01 Cambridge, MA - Middle East
02/02 Lancaster, PA - Chameleon
02/03 Pittsburgh, PA - Attic
02/04 Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom
02/05 Detroit, MI - Magic Stick
02/06 Madison, WI - Luthers
02/07 Chicago, IL - Metro
02/08 Urbana, IL - Courtyard Café
02/09 Bloomington, IN - Rhinos
02/11 Grinnell, IA - Grinnell College
02/12 St. Louis, MO - Creepy Crawl
02/13 Lawrence, KS - Bottleneck
02/14 Omaha, NE - Sokel Underground
02/15 Denver, CO - Bluebird Theatre
02/16 Salt Lake City, UT - TBA
02/18 Seattle, WA - Graceland
02/19 Portland, OR - Meow Meow
02/20 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
02/21 San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
02/22 Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
02/23 Pomona, PA - Glass House
02/24 Tucson , AZ - Solar Culture
02/27 Austin, TX - Emo's
02/28 Fort Worth, TX - Ridglea Theatre
03/01 Houston, TX - Mary Jane's
03/03 Baton Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon
03/04 Tallahasse, FL - Florida State University
03/05 Tampa, FL - The Orpheum
03/06 Orlando, FL - The Social
03/07 Miami, FL - Polish American Club
03/08 Gainesville, FL - Common Grounds
03/09 Atlanta, GA - Echo Lounge
03/10 Columbia, SC - TBA
03/11 Chapel Hill, NC - Cat's Cradle
03/12 Richmond, VA - TBA
03/13 Washington, D.C. - Black Cat
03/14 Philadelphia - First Unitarian Church
03/15 Brooklyn, NY - North Six

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Mogwai Unveils New Album, Pat Morita
Mogwai is releasing their forthcoming album in early summer. The album, tentatively titled Bag of Agony, is currently in the works with producer Tony Doogan. We have not been able to confirm anything, but there's a good chance there'll be minor chords and somber melodies. And yes, they still hate Blur.
The Fire Theft Plays Two Shows, Hoerner Pissed
According to, Sunny Day Real Estate sans Dan Hoerner are playing two shows this month. One in Seattle and one in LA. If you go to the official website, you can get exclusive tickets there. Tourdates:

January 21 Graceland Seattle - All Ages
January 23 Troubadour LA - All Ages

Poor Dan, he absolutley loved playing all-ages shows.
Shiner: R.I.P.
After DeSoto's announcement of its own demise, it looks as though they'll be taking Shiner down with them (bastards!). Here's a snippet from "After much difficult deliberation, we, the gentlemen of Shiner have decided to end our working relationship together and pursue new projects. This was not an easy or quick decision. 10 years is a very long time to work together and we're very proud of what we've done, and all want to build off of the momentum that Shiner has created." And so forth, in typical departing fashion.

Shiner has always been at their best live, so if you're near Kansas City, make a TinyMixtape effort to go check out their FINAL show, conveniently pasted here:

Jan 25 Kansas City, MO @ Madrid Theatre w/ Houston and DirtNap
Satanstornade, Satan
Masami Akita, better known as Merzbow (Satan incarnate), has teamed up with some dude named Russell Haswell for another noisy excursion into the beautiful sounds of quasi-static. The album is appropriately titled Satanstornade and is available on Warp Records (catalog code 666). Coincidence? These things happen.
Interpol On TV!!
Interpol's dream has finally come true: Come tomorrow, the trendy New Yorkers will be hitting it big on ugly David Letterman's talk show.
New Releases for January 7th, 2003
Atomic 7: Gowns by Edith Head (Mint)
Brad Shepik: Drip (Knitting Factory)
Calla: Televise (Arena Rock)
Dillinger: Cocaine in My Brain (Sanctuary/Trojan)
Few and Far Between: Three (Elkion)
Go Fish: Parade (InPop)
Hot Rod Circuit: Been There Smoked That (Triple Crown)
Miasis: In and Out of Weeks (Undecided)
Music Lovers: Cheap Songs Tell the Truth (Marriage)
New Order: Retro (Warner Brothers)
Niacin: Blood, Sweat and Beers (Magna Carta)
PAS/CAL: The Handbag Memoirs (Le Grand Magistery)
Scarlet: Cult Classic (Tribunal)
Tom Verlaine: Tom Verlaine (Collectors Choice)
Uriah Heap: Very Eavy Very Umble (Castle UK)
V/A: Elevation (Razor & Tie)
Frank Zappa: For Collectors Only (Disky)

Monday, January 06, 2003

Jim O'Rourke Releases Limited Edition 12", Art for Sale
The eccentric Jim O'Rourke has recently released a one-sided 12" vinyl titled He Who Laughs. The 18-minute album was released on Neon Gallery, a newly erected label from the Swedish art gallery of the same name. Expect Jim in his experimental skin on this one. Oh, and better hurry; the album is limited to only 500 copies.

In addition to the 12", you can find a limited T-shirt as well as some art of his for sale. As far as I can tell, they are selling 10 signed copies of the art for about $280. Check out this link for scanned pictures.

And finally, if you dig the album covers for Eureka and Insignificance, you can buy some postcards by artsist Mimiyo Tomozawa, the person responsible for the strange album covers.

Purchase all of the above here:
Matt's Groening's All's Tomorrow's Parties' Lineup's
As previously reported, Matt Groening (The Simpsons creator) will be curating the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in LA. The event will be held in June 18-22 this coming summer. Here are the confirmed acts, thus far:

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead…….
Blonde Redhead
Brave Combo
Neko Case
Danielson Famile
The Fall
Daniel Johnston
Jah Wobble
The Magic Band
The Melvins w/ Cameron Jamie
Melt Banana
Moris Teper
Yo La Tengo
Alien8 reissues Francisco Lopez Album, Gloats
Highly prolific experimental composer Francisco Lopez is re-releasing his "most astonishing work yet," according to Alien8. The album, titled Addy en el país de las frutas y los chunches, was originally released in a limited edition run of 500 on the ND label in 1997. Field recording afficionados take note: "This could very possibly be one of the most important ambient records of the last 10 years and truly reinvents the concept of field recordings," claims Alien8. I believe 'em.
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We are back in action folks! Hope everyone had a good break.

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