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Thunderclap Designs, Ltd.
a limited liability company registered under the laws of Aeden Aqueous

The Thunderclap Philosophy
To bring an out-of-game reference to light, Bill Clinton was right when he used the slogan, "It's the economy, stupid" to win the US Presidency in 1992.

Sure, there's a lot to be said for running around killing stuff. But for us, that's mostly because you can harvest some really cool things for resale or crafting from the big nasties. Or it's because they're simply guarding the best mining veins on the planet. We believe that one day the winners and losers in battle will be largely determined by those who have the most money--and therefore the best toys to play with. We don't craft so we can go to war. We craft so we can control the battlefield. It is our firm intention to build a company (or, if you will, Guild) of the finest artisans and harvesters on the planet who will be able to control whole markets. We live for a day when every gun, every bullet expended, every armor that resists a blade, every magic amplifier that saves a life, will bear the Thunderclap logo. So if you're the kind of player that wonders, "What good does it do me to be a high-level Lakeland Forager?", or "Why would I want to bulid autolaunchers when everyone complains about how inefficient they are?"--we have an answer for you.

Strength, we believe, comes through trade. Not the sword.

The Thunderclap Outlook
Our roots lie in Aeden Aqueous, but our vision is much broader. We operate under a strict non-discriminatory policy. As such, we intend to create a workplace environment in which your skills as an individual are of greater importance to us than your gender, religious affiliation, or racial background. We encourage our employees to always advance their crafting and foraging skills, regardless of the client requesting our assistance. As a result, we may find members crafting for both Kami and Karavan clients, or for parties on both sides of any armed conflict. Bullets, we believe, have no political affiliation, and we think that the only way to stop armed conflict is to ensure that both sides have so much firepower that eventually neither side wants to start a war. Should the unfortunate occur, however, we intend to be there to lend a helping hand to both sides. Our firm moral stance is that while we're happy to sell you what you want, our fine, handcrafted offerings will not be your secret weapon. Likewise, our company will not be a pawn in the larger struggle between Kami and Karavan forces, so individuals seeking to live a "pure" life on either side of that great dichotomy are well advised to seek employment elsewhere.

Employee responsibilities and rewards
What can you expect out of the Thunderclap Experience? A nurturing environment for advancing your skills in harvesting and crafting, as well as many adventures to gain materials dropped by the fiercest creatures on Atys. We are seeking establish outposts on every continent, so those with wanderlust can always have a place to call home. Still, this is a business. We expect, therefore, that any communication amongst employees be treated as "trade secrets"--not to be divulged to anyone outside our welcoming doors. Negotiations with certain parties might be wholly ruined if information were to bubble out into the wrong hands. We also expect that you will dedicate yourself to one particular area of crafting or foraging, and concentrate on studying that one thing. Whether it be smashing ammo or Lakeland resin foraging, we want each member to be particularly good at one single thing. This diversification of skill will allow us to meet very particular contracts with speed. When another guild needs 100 units of Supreme Dung Resin at Q90, we want to have an employee that can quickly meet that client's demands.
Board of Directors

Turai Fen'tarra
Owner and CEO

(BA, Ranged Weapon Crafting, University of Hobwelly. Working towards MA in Lakeland Foraging, Avendale School of Economics. Dissertation subject: Aerodynamism of ammo casings found in Aeden Aqueous. Also received grant from the Windermeer city government for research entitled, "Attracting Trade: How to Run Guns Through Your Outpost Legally.")

Director of Recruitment

(BA, Practical Weapons Testing and the Healing Arts, Matis Technical Institute. Working towards second BA in Bullet and Ammo Casing mining from the Fairhaven City College. Received the Musemere Prize for his best-selling work of fiction, "The Stranger Walks Amongst Us", a compelling testimony to the survival instincts of a lone Matis forced to retain his integrity when forced to live in a colony of Tryker women.)

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