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Click on the links to check out photos of The Possibilities with guests like Mike Mills and Jack Logan

Come See Some Photos

*Doug Haines Benefit with Mike Mills of REM. This is the first time Mills ever performed Texarkana live, and it's with us.
*More benefit show shots at the 40 WATT, the background is from an instore in Chicago Illinois.
*strange looking promo shots of us
*more pictures of us and Mike Mills, and the background is from the first live show as a five piece band.
*Live shots from Schubas in Chicago
*photos and links to other sites
*What getting bored will drive you to do.
*music and old photos
*review of the secret REM show in Athens that appeared in Billboard.
*Logan article on CNN website
*The Possibilities review on All Music Guide
*article on the Doug Haines show on an Athens website
*article on us on the same website
*Creative Loafing Atlanta
*Monkey Paw reviewsin German
*Splendid E-zine
*another Athens connected website
*Evil Sponge
*Evil Sponge again
*Evil Sponge thrice
*Evil Sponge cuatro
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click here for a write up in chicago

photos and streaming music

more songs to be downloaded

See and extensive list of the music that has influenced and inspired The Possibilities