Hello Fetus

hello fetus how are ya today? ya always had to get yourself in the way hows the weather i ask then you say

i dont know im just a fetus i need to grow because you breed us

crawl in the womb for a spot of tea little fetus is who i came to see veins a poppin like the roots of a tree

but you dont know your just a fetus you need to grow because you breed us

we make ya stronger with every thrust take a pill and then you turn to dust leave your mark as a vaginal crust

but you dont know your just a fetus you need to grow because you breed us


colors all begin to spin starting to have numbed skin ive never ever felt like this

i fell a little amphibious its a little mysterious i hope it never ever ends

i think ill drink a little more i think till be a dextro whore five bucks at the corner store ill say hell to the cold floor

and im latin in my bed DXM all in my head nothing ever will feel the same

we kept perfect document so that we could vert and so we'd never forget


it was most definately beautiful, inexplicably the best thing I have felt

and I felt it in entirety every bit of its majesty ill do it all the time


Art Of Abortion

I took her on the floor her insides stretches and tore we met our extasy we shook that SUV

call my name im coming its all a flooded shame now i know im crying and thats why im ashamed

the lack of a barrier means shes a carrier we're scared as scared can be from that time in the SUV


go out and take a trip buy a tab and piss on it look down and see plus signs what to do with so little time


go down to the clinic we're gunna scrape and skin it suck it right on down that baby is out of town


All Alone

i never asked for more than you could give me if you could would you surround me with love never have i felt so alone, all alone all alone. granted if i could just contain my thoughts it could all be better faster

ask me again if i have hopes for the future ask me again if i fell all alone ask me again if i consiter you a teacher ask me again if i enjoy the phone, all alone

spring it on me like im oblivious to truth im not that dumb contrairy to your belief i may be young but i still am human i can feel pain just like you you've seen me at my absolute worst too bad this just isnt quite the first


and even though my hearts still beating doesnt mean ill keep on eating this broken home is now my poison but i still look to the horizon and if you want then i can meet you just know that i will greet you all alone


If ever tommorow comes i guess i'll buy a rose if ever my mind runs dry i guess my concious will grow i have tried to tell I know that i have dirt on my nose this morning my empathy will diminish i suppose

we are losing them to television shows burn your gas away and throw trash out the window your apathy is hurting my ears we're gunna do this for all our teenage years


There she is laughin a long time ago, shes holding tight to someone she knows. She's always told not to think of the such, but then she discovered another girls touch.

I know she won't go. They know she's a ho. We cannot deny the problems in her life. In the end you know she's gunna have a wife.

Bisexualiy, with everything there to see. Open your eyes, forget all their lies. Someday we're gunna overpower them.

Back to her room where she lies in bed. Her best friend next to her holding her head. "Hey pretty baby i got something you need to see, oh yeah please make love to me."

I know she wont stay. They know that anyway. We can't understand whats flying in her head. In the end you know she'll probably turn up dead.

Give me a sign, are you on the line? Please talk to me, I wanna see what your crazys are saying to you.

Oh they will not let go. Their love is like a rose. When the pedals all go dry, both of them will die.


Ringing tones telephones nobody answers, nobodys home another time, another dime maybe this time this will rhyme

i dont wanna hear about your tears i guess i just wanna be your friend

so i bother too much to get ahold of you and i guess that im through with caring about you and i guess another time i;kk drop you a line but you know that ive been trying but i wont be trying much soon

I sit and wait and you are late i guess i cant expect too much more

i do the same then i complain that ive never done it before

another night another song about all the things i do wrong


so we'll rip out the tree and take away the air it dont matter to me i no longer care so if i am crazy then i know you cant be some kind of cure for me

Due Now

another damn day where the skies are grey another year, another fear just make it all go away

oppressed and under dressed behave your very best kill that dream, and drink caffeene you had to go and fail that test

oh no its too late its due today and i dont care enough about you

finding anyway to get us through the day buy a beer, for that teenage years and take it all away

we dont know anything we wear way too much bling buy name brands and shake some hands everything is just a fling