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~ f . R . i . E . n . D . s ~

Sarah: Pocahontas, Mother Nature, Tree
  • Looks Indian, but is Italian. Has hair down to her waist, and a gap between her front top teeth.
  • My roommate at school.
  • Has an ex-cokehead, 21-year-old boyfriend named Nick who works at Tim Hortons.
  • Likes the Indigo Girls & Dar Williams, but won't admit it to anyone.
  • Has an old conversion van called The Elk Van that is literally falling apart... piece by piece.
  • Favorite store is Old Navy. Favorite band is The Beatles.
  • Her parents were hippies. The first time she and I smoked pot, she acted like she had it running through her veins.
  • Once she had a turtle named Shamus, who escaped twice, finally meeting his demise in the hot summer sun.
  • I met her in grade nine, in global studies class.
  • Once, she stabbed me in my left foot with a pen.
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    Justin: Guido, Hogwood
  • He is 88% Italian and proud of every last skin flake. Speaks fluent Italian and has a tattoo that says "Italia" on his arm.
  • Is obsessed with 80's music and the Brat Pack.
  • We met in middle school, and dated for a short period in grade nine.
  • Nearly all of his friends are girls.
  • Favorite thing to do is shop.
  • Second favorite thing to do is go clubbing.
  • His pet golden retriever, Reggie, weighs nearly 200 pounds.
  • He doesn't like soda.
  • Favorite color is baby blue. Also likes pink things with sparkles.
  • Likes to rock and roll all night, and party every day.
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    Lauren: Tankass, Lorin
  • Met her through Sarah in grade nine.
  • Shops at thrift stores and dresses like a "nymphet".
  • Is attracted to older, married men.
  • Works at Blockbuster.
  • Favorite band is The Beatles.
  • Loves Stanley Kubrick and Wes Anderson films.
  • Once had a boyfriend who was possibly the most annoying man on the planet.
  • Will be a famous writer/director someday.
  • Does stellar impressions of Cher, Sonny Bono, Bill Clinton, Jodie Foster, Yogi Bear, and various teachers from our high school.
  • Collects plastic little-girl-type jewelry.
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    Rose: Rosie, Raushe, Rouche, Hooty McBoob
  • First one of The Lot to get their license.
  • Has her hair cut like Tina Turner.
  • Always signs her name with a picture of a rose next to it.
  • Loves Lord of the Rings, elves, and all things involving vampires.
  • I met her in middle school. She gave me my very first maxi-pad.
  • She has massively large, voluptuous breasts.
  • Therefore, she resembles Jessica Rabbit a la Roger Rabbit.
  • Is attending SUNY Brockport with Sarah and myself.
  • Works at Regal Cinema 16 -- a movie theatre.
  • Calls me Chunk.
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    Rachel: Pawley, rachelpawley, Principal Blackman
  • An "extended Lot" member.
  • She is a very bad, very annoying, very loud drunk person.
  • Moved to hicktown, AKA Spencerport, after grade nine.
  • We call her "rachelpawley". It's never just "Rachel".
  • Is obsessed with John Cusack.
  • Favorite phrase is "blahh".
  • Has taken on the name "New Tasha", because she acts like Natasha.
  • We have many-a-memory watching "Strangers With Candy" together.
  • Had a birthday party at Lauren's house in grade nine, where we all walked through the woods and witnessed little girls smoking weed.
  • Lives on a farm. With cows. And hay.
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    Amanda: just Amanda...
  • My girlfriend.
  • Met her at Roxy's Green Room in Buffalo on 1/8/03.
  • She works for Verizon Wireless, doing customer service.
  • Is going back to college for a degree in computer programming.
  • She has a roommate named Amy, who is a scientist.
  • Has two cats named Janis and Joplin. Joplin is my little girl.
  • She is an awesome cook, and makes the best homemade macaroni & cheese ever.
  • Her drink is Bacardi.
  • Loves Donnie Darko, Ani DiFranco, and steak sandwiches.
  • I am very much in love with her, and wish to spend my life with her.
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    Maria: M, Curly-Sue
  • Used to be my superior at my former place of business.
  • I had a crush on her for about a year.
  • One of the most interesting, creative, talented people I have ever met in my life.
  • Has naturally super-curly hair that goes "BOING!" when you pull it.
  • Loves comic books, "Xena", and handcuffs.
  • She's my Puerto-Rican ghetto-fabulous chickypoo... :-)
  • As stated, she lives in the ghetto.
  • I once witnessed a girl's hair weave get stapled to a tree in front of her house.
  • Has a nephew named Mighty and a niece named Liberty - possibly two of the cutest little kids ever.
  • Her mom makes the best Spanish food. And pancakes.
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    Lynne: Lynnie
  • Known her for about two years.
  • She was the first girl I ever made out with.
  • Used to work with Lauren at Blockbuster.
  • Her boyfriend, Jeff, lives in California and is like a big brother to me.
  • She's a vegetarian.
  • Originally, I met her through Lauren to try and hook her up with Maria.
  • Is bisexual, and also has two mommies.
  • Occasionally works in theatre and sings.
  • She likes Dar Williams.
  • My foot really likes her.
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