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|[072502:1039AM]|[we're back, son]|[reflection]|
I guess we're back again. Hopefully later in the morn' Ill add some reviews I had saved from the polk cadence. but for now I need to brush my teeth.

|[072502:0422AM]|[some updates]|[silentium]|
so I fucked with the layout a little, and I'll probably make an updated banner soon. made a few temporary buttons, they suck, but they're just for the moment. feel free to link me with them, and if you do, make sure to email me and I'll link you back. for now I'm going to sleep, and either rj or myself will get some content up later today.

|[072502:1237AM]|[oh snap dawgs]|[silentium]|
back by popular, non-existant demand!... shut up. anyway, me and my ever life mate silent bob rj opened up this piece of horse dung again- who knows we might even keep it open for a month or two! I'll put up sections later today or something, I'm too lazy to do it right now, so lay off.
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