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The Blazer

Thank you for coming to the site for The Blazer, our school's only comedy publication. Because of censorship, we decided to go directly to the web so it would be easier for you guys to read the material that we've worked so hard on. Please understand that this material is in no way meant to be malicious. It is just some satire (yes, it's satire, despite whatever Ms. Robertson might tell you) humour put together by members of the Leaving Class in an attempt to give something back to the school. Tireless work was put into this year's issue, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we were not able to release an issue. Basically, it's because of Ms. Robertson, and her refusal to allow our material to the community. You be the judge. Respond using comments on the blog sites or email us. We look forward to your comments. The following articles are already published on the site: - Modern Languages - Darwinian Study - Top Tens Check back for more articles. Tell no one about this site. Leave the publicity to us. Thanks, The Blazer


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