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The Blazer Cover Shots

The following pictures were meant to be cover shots for the first issue of The Blazer. Even though we weren't able to print, we're still able to put these photos on the site. We think they're pretty clever and funny. Enjoy.


Our BSS-Orr's house scandal parody. Everyone talks about doing a photo for their house for CT, like WH-WEDDS or WH-MARTLANDS, but no one ever gets around to it. Well, we did, and it was pretty funny doing it. We hope you can understand the joke here.


Again, we chose to poke fun at the BSS fiasco. We only hope you understand the joke. This was intended to be the back cover of the issue.

Day with his pants off

You might be asking yourself why this photo is here. Your guess is as good as mine. For some reason, Alex just couldn't keep his pants on. He thought it was funny, we thought it was funny, and we hope that you think it is funny. It wasn't really meant to be a cover, and we're not trying to make fun of the BSS fiasco. It was just at the end of the photo shoot where Alex Day suggested we do a photo of him with a sign with his pants down.