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The Audition is made up of Bob Morris, Ryan OíConnor, Joe Lussa, Evo Soria, and Dan Lucking. After their forming in Febuary of 2002 members Evo Soria, Ryan OíConnor Joe Lussa, Bob Morris and Dan Lucking began writing songs. The Audition brings to the table a hybrid of 2 genres predominant in the music world today upbeat emo and rock. This band from Elmhurst, Illinois combines Lead singer Evo Soria's heartfelt lyrics and the backup vocals of guitarist of bob morris and gut wrenching screams by bassist Joe Lussa, with Ryan OíConnors force-to-be-reckoned-with drumming that brings pop sensibility to the mix. Make no mistake that the music projected along with The Audition's excellent stage presence isnít any kind of preconceived, bubble gum rock. With songs from their Demo such as "Lies in Allies" and "The 20 Dollar Party", any new crowd with an ear for talent after one listen, especially live, is immediatly a fan of their sound, like so many before them. Guitarists Bob Morris a nd Dan Lucking slam the door on any question relevant to quality guitar playing. Without fear, the 2 are patrons of their respective overdrive pedals, which coincide with their emotionally energetic music seamlessly. The Audition is sure to coerce many new fans in the following years. Their upcoming LP, "Every Scar Tells a Story" is bound to please the masses beyond many standards of talent.