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The Art of Giving


Our Mission:

Based in Hamilton Ontario (that's Canada folks!), we have recently started toward our goal of infecting the world with generosity and kindness. We believe that the current state of society has been polluted and that people forget basic human decency on a far too regular basis. We have decided to start a community that believes in caring, generosity, kindness, and giving rather than receiving, in the hopes to spread this attitude world wide. We encourage you to become a member by sharing your own stories of giving, by sharing videos, pictures, or written articles. We are especially fond of renegade-gift giving, as seen in our video that is soon to be posted. The video demonstrates how today's society has turned giving into a crime. We hope to correct these errors.

 "Giving is contagious- infect the world."

-Kel-El & Lady M

The Team

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