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11.03.04 :: Wednesday :: 8:37pm

New layout, wanted to replace it before I "left". This will be my last update to Forgotten Words and my other sites for awhile, unless I decide to update tomorrow morning or somehow sneak in a few logins while I'm grounded. *sigh* Wish me luck....

Asfet Mau :: 8:41pm

11.02.04 :: Tuesday :: 6:03pm

In knowing that I will be grounded after this Thursday, and this being my day off, this really blows. I didn't get to do anything for Anaheim, I got to see the guys but I didn't get to do anything, y'know? And I wanted to do something, anything, today because I know I won't be able to for 9 weeks now. Even worse because Eva was wiling to do a shoot today, which is a rare occassion anymore. And I'm pretty sure Shawn wanted to do something too. *beats head on desk* But no, dad has to go and fuck it all up as usual, thus proving himself to be a giant ass yet again. Even worse, I was actually having an okay time with him today, not great what with him being dad and all, but okay, and he has to keep shoving it in my face that I can't do anything with anyone today. As if it wasn't bad enough that he set the rule in the first place, is it really necessary that he reminds me every 5 fucking minutes in a sarcastic remark that was always completely uncalled for? Ass.... Urgh, I'll just shutup before I get myself too upset....

Asfet Mau :: 6:12pm

10.26.04 :: Tuesday :: 9:39pm

What to do what to do whatever shall I do.... *beats head on computer desk* ....Well that certainly wasn't it.... *thinks* O yep this is never going to go my way, but will it go anyone else's? Jeez, it'd best at least go someone's way if it won't go mine. @____@

Asfet Mau :: 9:41pm

10.20.04 :: Thursday :: 10:55pm

And for a day, it was good.

But now I'm confused (again) and slightly depressed (again). Life just has it's way with me, doesn't it?

Asfet Mau :: 10:56pm

10.19.04 :: Wednesday :: 10:35pm

In the middle of something yet nobody sees me

Asfet Mau :: 10:36pm

10.15.04 :: Friday :: 8:13pm

*twitch* *twitch* *twitchtwitch*

no more to be said....

Asfet Mau :: 8:14pm

10.12.04 :: Tuesday :: 6:42pm

To lighten the mood....

Hey my name is Regina
And I rap all the time
But I'm really white
So my words don't.... Uhhh.... Sound the same

I love you 'Gina @_____@

Asfet Mau :: 6:43pm

10.11.04 :: Monday :: 10:14pm

Now was that really necessary?

Of course it wasn't, but you went and did it anyways. Does this make me sympathize? Does this make me feel guilty? Does it make me want to cry my heart out, throw myself at your feet and beg your forgiveness? No. This makes me angry, this makes me think that you aren't half the person I ever thought you were, this makes me think that maybe you never heard a word I said.

Do you think I can control my feelings? You must, though when I explained to you my situation you said you understood completely. How coincidental it was that you happened to be getting exactly what you wanted. Am I upset with you, persay? No, I'm upset with who you are being. I don't know this person, I did not befriend, trust, and incorporate this person into my life. No, I want you back.

Don't turn into the person everyone warned me you were.

Asfet Mau :: 10:20pm

10.10.04 :: Sunday :: 11:57am

Eyes widen in fear as she takes a step towards the door and hears the structure creak and moan in complaint above her. The first mistake. Glancing up she brings in a careful and slow breath and contemplates her next move. Closing her eyes she lifts her foot and takes the next step. The second mistake made clear as the cieling begins to crumble, the plaster making a careful symphony on the cold cement floor. Taking an agonizingly slow breath she wonders whether to go slowly towards the exit or to simply dart through and hope for the best. Taking another slow and careful step she sucks in her breath while the foundation begins to crumble beneath her feet as larger portions of the cieling fall. The third mistake. She closes her eyes and calmly breaths out. Contemplating her course of action, knowing that this could be it, she brings in another slow breath and opens her eyes. Bringing her foot behind her, she waits for it all to collapse in upon her.

Asfet Mau :: 12:23pm

10.03.04 :: Sunday :: 9:23pm

Uh, wow I haven't updated in awhile.... Well, not really much to say I suppose. Band, school, band, friends, band. *sigh* Stupid drama life thing....

Asfet Mau :: 9:24pm

09.25.04 :: Saturday :: 7:01am

Hey, y'know what? Human emotions suck the bigtime. Have you ever been torn between two people? Whether it be friends, lovers , anything, have you ever been torn?

7:06am :: Asfet Mau

09.24.04 :: Friday :: 4:18pm

Yay! I get to go back to school Monday! 'Bout damn time....

4:20pm :: Asfet Mau

09.22.04 :: Wednesday :: 7:19am

Bleh, I sure do love this layout....

7:20am :: Asfet Mau

Ouch my neck fuckin' hurts.... Shawn's layout is practiacally finished though, just have to get it all up now. *sigh* I really wanted to do the thing with the tree, but it didn't happen . O well, can't always get what you want.... Great, now the song is stuck in my head....

Hey I made an icon for FW, I'm using it on AIM though, I don't usually do the icon-on-every-blog -entry thing. It gets kinda annoying, I think.... I know it's low quality, but I had to make the file small enough to use in AIM. And that's pretty damn small.

Listening to Toby Slater right now, I forgot how much I loved this band. *sigh* My launch yahoo radio thing won't play anything good so I gave up on it and went elsewhere for my music. :P Bored bored bored.... And my neck hurts. It's weird, just being on the computer doesn't hurt my neck but whenever I do any html work it does. I wonder how that works....?

PS- This layout is like, the bitchin'est! I lurff it!

1:49pm :: Asfet Mau

09.21.04 :: Tuesday :: 9:58pm

Still out of school "sick". Not like I'm staying home and saying I'm sick because I'm lazy as hell, more like holy-fuck-I'm-bored -as-hell-please-someone-get-me-out-of-this-house-I-feel-fine.

Well, new layout. You like? I love it, It's so black and so green, LUVVIT. Now, I love green, but contrary to popular belief , my favorite color is actually purple. It's odd though, because I happen to have alot of green-ness. My room is completely green, my favorite pair of pants are green, I wear alot of green, alot of stuff I use is green, I just have alot of green. But my favorite color is actually the opposite of green. How ironic. *blink*

I need to put up links and stuff, my last layout didn't have a section for links and I never really got around to making one so I forget what I had there.... O well, I'll just put stuff there and if I forget anyone then they'll yell at me if they care. *gasp* STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN! *has slight musical orgasm*

OK I'm done. ^^;;; OK no I'm not.... Bwahaha....

10:04pm :: Asfet Mau