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This Roleplay was written by Dylan Randy Orton's Handler. The layout itself including the pictures was created by the current  Steve Corino's Handler Ste at all credit for the layout goes to him and if you would like a layout please contact him and do not steal my one thanks

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Victims of a legend killing Next Match Accomplishments Fueds Record



>>>The New Commish Speaks<<<




[The scene Opens up backstage at a TCW House Show... A Car pulls up and the camera follows then the door swings open and out gets the Legend Killer Randy Orton... He smiles towards the camera then begins to talk...]

['Your Next Commissioner' Randy Orton]

" Hello to all my orton-a-holics out their... The Tcw saviour has arrived... Now i see i've been put in a match against "The Coward" Mick Foley. Not just any normal match mind... It's for the commish job... which is great... Because i'm carrying a knock so i will not be in the ring alot... But i will fight through the injury this friday you'll be glad to know!! I mean i aint a coward like Foley... I can beat him injured or not... I mean the doctor said i shouldn't be wrestling for atleast 3 months... and i won't need to after i beat foley.... Believe the TCW will never be the same again after i randy orton becomes the top dog here. But unlike foley... i will work well with our Boss here Mr. Bischoff. And Eric I will work closely with you... and TCW will rise above these other crap ass E-federations. And i will sort out the riff-raff from this roster... starting with people like you Kurt Angle... Your past it and need to be R.K.O'd

['Your Next Commissioner' Randy Orton]

"Anyway back... on to the fraud Mick Foley... Now once you may have been great. I can't deny that all these idiots liked you... but that was the past foley. You should have stayed in retirement when )( )( )( beat you. But no you had to hog the lime light 1 last time didn't you... Well that's fine by me... Because The Legend Killer... That's Me... Is going to Beat The So called Hardcore Legend. That's you. Which it will be a pleasure doing... and then finally you might realise just how much you suck...I mean come on foley... this isnt 1995 Anymore... It's 2004. Time to move on from punks like you... And let new talent rise to the top. Now this friday Mr. Bischoff has given me a new Interview Show Called 'Friday Night With Orton'Now on this first edition i will have 2 guests... Steve Austin and my old Evolution Buddy HHH. Now unlike some dodgy show hosts i wont shy away from the questions people want asked... Cause Never Fear Ortons Here!! Now Rocky.. You may very well win this tournament on Friday Night... but you will get R.K.O'd in due time punk... maybe the march PPV!!! Who no's any way gotta date so i'll be leaving you losers for now... This Has Been 'The True Hardcore Legend' Randy Orton... Good Night!!!"

[He jumps into the car and it speeds away and TCW goes to a commercial!!!]