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The Best Show ON WFMU 2004 Marathon pictures

The following snapshots were taken by me from the live webcam of radio station WFMU from the show "The Best Show On WFMU". These were taken on March 16, 2004 during WFMU's winter marathon to raise money to support the station. It was a great show to watch and it was a lot of fun picking out good times to take a computer snapshot. I will probably do the same when TBSOWFMU has it's next live webcam.

And The Show starts! Let the pledging begin!
Tom is being attacked by the evil floating treble clef... and he likes it!
Tom gives a "peace out" to all his homies and dawgs, yo!

I'nt Tom a handsome guy?
And the "phone slaves" slave away!
Give pledges for this great man, your God!

Headphones? Or not...
The Slaves were hard at work taking calls.
Another shot of the photogenic Tom Scharpling...

... And one of my clearer snapshots.
A mass of muscle VS. a mass of hair!
The Cop and the "Creep" face off!

Ringleader Tom announces the first fight!
The first green-fisted punch is thrown!
Motion = blurriness

Tom bends down to admire the Toblerone on his desk.
Daddy like Toblerone...
Check out those hulk-hands!

Purple kisses OT for a mouse pledge from Jason!!
The Aftermath: The inflictor seems happy. Ot seems ready to use those hulk-hands!
Tom pumps his fist and chants "THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST!" for pledges.

Slaves clap and chant "The Passion Of The Christ!" with Tommy.
Our faithful Leader demands pledges
OT shows of his FOT shirt before the 2nd fight.


Purple stands on the table, getting ready to inflict a massive slam!
OT is smashed!
Purple Shirt's grimacing bloodied face after the Cop strikes back!

The contestants throw a fury of fists as Dogmo goes insane!
Something to frame...
The note on the wall that the camera-man isisted on filming for 5 min.

Choice to make
Reflecting on today's events?
Tom entertains by swinging his mic around before the 3rd fight.

Officer Tom SMASHED on his bald head!
What's with the waving dude?

CHEW, chew, MEAT, meat CHEW!!
The spectators converse on today's events
I forget which dj made it...

...It's a one-of-a-kind vynal toy...
...being given as a prize...
...Tom does not promote smoking, but he does promote Kaz, The Smoking Cat!!

Tom paces the studio
Did you know those are Officer Tom's real hands?
The third fight begins with a POW!

Black and green blurs - and Tom is in awe at the brutal violence!
The 4th and last fight was the most brutal!
OT sent to the floor!

Comical, comical grean rubber gloves!
Officer Tom cowers in pain!
And the final ruthless punch is thrown to the face of Purple Shirt!

Purple Shirt is sent right to the floor!
The camera pans out to reveal his blood-stained face!
Tom Scharpling's hand soiled by the blood of the defeated.

OT celebrates his "victory".
And Purple gets up and celebrates his victory too, because in the end everyone wins when you help to support free-form radio!

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Hope you liked this little documentary! It was a lot of fun to make! Feel free to email with comments.