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ACW - "Alternative Championship Wrestling"!


Fundraiser for the Randolph County Knockouts! Girls 18 & under fastpitch softball.

Alternative Championship Wrestling & Gouge presents:

7th Annual Seagrove Supershow

"A Night with the King"

Saturday. Jan 31st 2009- 7:30pm

Seagrove Elementary School

Seagrove NC

WWE Hall of Famer & RAW Commentator Jerry "the King" Lawler in ACTION!!!!!!!!

plus Mr. #1 George South, Beastmaster Rick Link, Malia Hosaka , Brandi Wine, Scrap Yard Dog, 1st Ric Converse, Lumbee Warrior, Rob Killjoy, Semour Snott, Count Grog, Cowboy Willie Watts, Leroy Green, Otto Schwanz and others.

Tickets : $15 Gold circle VIP (Rows 1&2)

$12 Ringside

$10 General Admission

Vendor tables available for Legend Guests. call 336.991.0237 for more info.

Malia Hosaka in action at the Seagrove Supershow!!

The Stars of GOUGE are ready to invade Seagrove - Sat. Jan. 31st!!

"Beastmaster Rick Link will take on Scrap Yard Dog in a Brass Knuckles Title match

Tim Blaze slaps the taste out of the mouth of "Arrogant" Alan Smithee

"Pretty Boy" Pat Friday will take on ACW US Champion Jack Spade at the Boys & Girls Club!!

Take a look at 2006 Seagrove Supershow!!

ACW's "A Night of Legends"- 5th Annual Supershow- Seagrove NC @ The Elementary School- Official Results Attendance: 673

LA Wild One & Jason Jones defeated ( Method 187) Shaun Meyham & Jason Machado in 9:53.

Rob Killjoy beat Scrap Yard Dog in Hair vs Hair Match, with Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant as the special referee in 13:42.

Count Grogg Came out to put a $25,000 Bounty on the head of Scotty Mathews. Harley Race came out and told Grogg that "he was the only one that puts out bountys on anyone, and that he would make sure NO BODY WOULD TAKE THE DAMN MONEY!"

Ricky Morton defeated George South Jr in 11:13

Ivan Koloff Beat George South in a Russian Chain Match when Nikita Koloff Russian Sickled Scrap Yard Dog trying to interfere in 14:21

The Barbarian & The Orginal Masked Superstar beat The House of Holiday ( Jack Spade and Bam ) Managed by Doc Holiday in 16:53 in a non title bout. House of Holiday still ACW Tag Team Champions.

Scotty Mathews managed by Harley Race beat The Bounty Hunter managed by Count Grogg in 2 out of 3 falls match in 32:15.

After the 3rd fall Bam & Jack Spade tried to collect the bounty, but Harley Race cleared the ring. Next, George South tried to enter the ring and again Race stopped him from collecting. Race then took it upon himeslf to put Scotty Mathews out with a series of punches, then collected the $25,000 and left the ring with Grogg, South, and The Bounty Hunter.



Scrap Yard Dog gets a shave from Rob Killjoy, as Boogie Woogie man looks on.

Ricky Morton applies a top wristlock on Geoge South Jr. at Seagrove.

George South Jr. is not breaking the count.

Ricky Morton shows that he can still be a high flyer.

Ivan Koloff and George South are ready for the Russian Chain.

George South ties Ivan Koloff up on the ropes as Tommy Young looks on.

Nikita Koloff gives SYD the Russian Sickle!!!

Bam and the Barbarian hook it up in a test of strenth & Bam gets the advantage.

The famous Russian Leg sweep to Jack Spade, from The Masked Superstar.

Jack Spade get's a nose job thanks to Superstar.

ACW Live Images!

Scotty Mathews VS Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter meets Scotty in the middle of the ring...and it didn't take long for the action to explode!

Count Grogg is warned by Tommy Young to get away from Mathews.

(L)Harley Race raises the hand of Mathews....(R)right before collecting the $25,000 by giving him the famous "Race Punches"

Race accepts the Bounty from The Evil Count Grogg.

Superstar & Barbarian check on whats left of Mathews.

A.C.W Down The Road


Shaun Mayhem gives L.A Wild One a spin wheel kick for his troubles.

Killjoy T-bones the SYD in the Hair vs hair match!

The Barbarian slams Jack Spade to the mat in tag team action.

Bam still has a knot on his head from this kick.

Alternative Championship Wrestling - Official Contenders

As of November 10, 2008

ACW United States Championship

    Jack Spade(Champion)

  1. Jerry Lawler
  2. Otto Swanz
  3. Jerry Lawler
  4. Rick Link
  5. Leroy Greene
  6. Scrap Yard Dog
  7. George South
  8. Willie Watts
  9. Corey Edsel
  10. "Dirty" Jose Sanchez

ACW Tag Team Championship


  • Tim Blaze & Jose Sanchez
  • Demolition Ax & The Barbarian
  • George South & George South Jr
  • Method 187 (Mayhem & Machado)
  • Les Parker & Pat Friday

    ACW Eastern Title

      Rob Killjoy (Champion)

    1. Sgt Sniper
    2. Scrap Yard Dog
    3. Bobby Fulton
    4. Phillip Grant
    5. "Dirty" Jose Sanchez
    6. Alan Smithee
    7. Shiek of Araby
    8. Dick Foley
    9. Shaun Mayhem
    10. Les Parker

    A.C.W Official Results

    Greensboro NC - May 13th 2006 @ Bessemer Centers- Special Events Center

    Bounty Hunter & Leroy Greene ( formerly known as "Seven") beat Scotty Mathews for the ACW Tag Team Titles in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match.

    Mike Lee Beat Jimmy Jack Funk Jr.

    Shiek of Araby beat American Superstar

    Rob killjoy beat Mike Lee & Scrap Yard Dog in Guantlet Match to win the ACW Eastern Title.

    Ooga Booga Beat Damien Cage

    Jack Spade beat "Fantastic" Bobby Fulton & Bam in a Triangle Match to become the new ACW United States Title.

    Seagrove NC - Feb 4th 2006

    George South beat Mike Lee

    Sheik Of Arabia Beat Rob KillJoy

    Seagrove Tornado beat Scrap Yard Dog

    LA Wild One & Pat Friday Beat George South Jr. & Canadian Bulldog

    Damage Inc beat Jason Machado & Jose Sanchez

    American Eagle Jackie Fulton beat Sheik of Arabia

    LOdi & Scotty Mathews (The Hy-Brids) beat The Barbarian & Bounty Hunter to win ACW tag team titles.

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    All photographs are taken by ©Slamfest Bob (Wayne Culler) or ©ACW promotions. They are NOT public domain and may they be used without expressed permission and a reciprocal agreement in place. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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