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Tapestry of Brett

The mother hurried through the crowd swiftly as steam hinted with the slight scent of a freshly roasted bird filled the room and cast an overpowering sense of happiness throughout it . She hunched over a young girl as she prepared to place the turkey on the neatly folded table clothe that was so carefully spread across the dark surface. The steam leaped off the crispy skin of the bird then slowly danced it’s way into nothingness as it evaporated. The little girl, whose green eyes were the only thing in the room that could be compared to her glowing hair focused on something across the room, passed her uncle whose scruffy white beard covered most of his puffy red cheeks. Even farther then her father who might have had too much to drink already and was waving his hands in some kind of gesturing motion as he told some story about his younger days. What she saw was something big, it took up most of the wall it sat on and gathered the attention of anyone who would care to look in it’s general direction.

“ what is that thing ?” She asked it in an almost disapproving tone. The mother set the turkey down and looked at her. It seemed no on else at the table had heard her question over their own ramblings of this and that. “ well…why don’t you come over with me and take a look at it a little more closely” They got up and maneuvered their way around the many guests. This corner of the house was much quieter then the rest of it, where everyone was chatting, laughing and yelling. The smoke from all the cigarettes seemed not to float in this direction. And as the young girl gazed upon the large tapestry she could see that in the center was a large seam. It connected two different pieces of clothe, one very dark, the other seemed to jump of the wall. “ your great grandfather made this, in many different times in his life”

The top left corner of the tapestry was of very bright color. Although it was to tattered to tell which one, it was something of a green or blue. Regardless of the color she could tell that it held a picture, and that that it depicted a smiley baby boy being held by two slender hands. She assumed those hands belonged to the mother of the child. Looking at the boy was a man with thin brown hair. She couldn’t see his face because his head was turned away from her looking at the child.

As she scrolled down the tapestry it seemed odd to her that the next scene shown an older child by at least a year, this didn’t put up any red flags it just seemed a bit strange. This picture showed what seemed to be the same boy. He was learning to walk as the man with the brown hair and the women with the slender hands looked at him with amazement and joy. It also seemed that he was saying something as he took those first steps, perhaps his first words.

She looked down to yet another picture, this time she knew something looked very out of place. The toddler grew to a much, much larger boy. What happened to all that time in-between ? She guessed it didn’t matter too much, after all the man couldn’t illustrate his whole life. The picture was one of a boy of about 6 or 7 smiling and laughing, playing like boys of his age should. When she looked into his face it seemed that their was not a care in the world to this little guy. His great smile showed his uneven amount of teeth, obviously he was still loosing them.

Once again his age miraculously shot up. He was now a teenager, doing things on his own. The women with the slender hands and the man with the thin brown hair weren’t around as much. They were somewhere in the background of the picture. Accept the mans hair was a little thinner and a little less brown and the women hands were a little more wrinkly. But the boy with the dark hair seemed to still not have a problem, weird most people have problems, where are his ?

Finally he came to manhood, although he got their very fast considering he was just a teen a few inches above. He had a little child of his own and of course a loving wife. Everything was perfect, and it seemed to the young girl, that it was fairy tale ending.

But the she looked up and scrolled across to the right side of the tapestry. It was much darker, perhaps even black and the artwork was much sketchier, it looked angry even. These were the missing scenes of his life. The whole right side showed the dark, angry, sad and scary times of his life, they put together the pieces of the puzzle. As a baby he would cry for food and attention. And as a young child the boy would sniffle over skinned knees. When he hit his teens the pictures were of him shutting himself in his room for hours, locking himself away from the world. But the lower right side of the tapestry was shredded. She could barley see the man weeping, the first time he did so since earlier child hood. Perhaps the loss of a friend ? Family member? Maybe even a child.

She stepped back from the huge clothe covering the wall. She started to come back to where she was, a family dinner. But for a while there she was lost in the world of her ancestor. “ You see he did different parts of his life at different times in his. Then put the bad and the good together to make a whole. Just like life is.”