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A Stoned mans diary

Hello and welcome my name you need not know but enter my lil diary ...heck i'm stoned right now and this is what it's all about...hence the title, so yeah.. it's starts today

Thursday, September 2, 2004


now the fact that it took me 2 mins to put in the date is a problem i yeah...i just got up at like 3 pm and watched the last half of farscape it was wasn't stoned then's even crazier when you are haha.. so i decided to have a lil morning pick me up...did a parachute bong with just a lil bit of weed...i'm feeling pretty good ...not wasted lol but yeah ;......stoned that all one word? or should i seperate yeah anyway...time for another i'm just sitting here ...stoned with my two kittens...they are sooooo cute...well one of em is my roomies the other one is mine..we have a male and female cat and the female is mine..i named her cherry..she the CUTEST!! are like babies to me tho...they meow for attention all the time and are always around me...just love em! yeah there's i was gonna put this on my original personal page..but decided to create a while new page..maybe it'll catch on and ppl will enjoy me as much as i do when i'm yes .....i am having a stupid moment right now........gimme a min... wow my brain just feels liek a floating orb....and this cigarette is soooo good...i just wish it wasn't my last i'll want more!!!..NOOOOO......this sucks....i want to have more after this.....there's a lil pot there...but i wanna hold on...have it later when i start coming down off this buzz..and get really wasted and fucked trees outside are so bright!'s realllly nice outdoors....coould you imagine touching that's glowing would be like touching a million fireflies or maybe it's radiation!!....ahh...or a sun inside a tree...that would be freaky.....fuck i'm a lil morestoned then i thought...holy shit yeah...hahahahahahahahahahah...anyway i think i'm gonna go..this is taking up to much brain power right anyway..that's it for now..

Thursday, September 2, 2004

9:11 pm

well i just did another parachute..more pot in this one...phew...i'm feelin good..a lil horny i'm gonna get a shower now...the best's crazy when ur stoned..i loveit..i'm off to enjoy the later..

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Music (bands/singers etc) i love when i'm stoned..