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The Stolenporntorium uses exclusively the Casio SA-7 keyboard. Located in Dartmouth, NS, CAN if you care. Recorded entirely in my underwear. ADDED TODAY! StolenPornTarium has decided to call it quits while we're still ahead. Here for your consideration is every song we've ever done, both good and bad.
ADDED TODAY! StolenPornTarium is having a reunion/cd release tour! We're back! ADDED TODAY! there's a site for the second album, CLICK HERE

The entire album, "the reunion has been called off", is here. Enjoy:


SIDE A (the bad side)

Track 1 The streets are narrow, but I am wide

Track 2 saofsnfs

Track 3 plans have been called off

Track 4 it's mumbazime (beware!)

SIDE B (the ok side)

Track 5 the reunion is called off

Track 6 sometimes i clean the chair

Track 7 sorry for what i

Track 8 new yorkers

Track 9 robot/freakdown medley

SIDE C (The Good Side)

Track 10 i sleep late at night

Track 11 the ashtray spinach song

Track 12 i wish i could afford a piano

SIDE D (Bone Us/Unreleased tracks)

Track 13 i'd sing but i can't sing. It's NEW!

Track 14 heather can't carry scissors. It's NEWer!

Track 15 walk alone. It's NEWest! Also, we're in Glorious stereo!

and finally...

Track 16 Chant for freedon. Our reunion song! Last song ever.

Track 17 Leah wears too much. Our second reunion song! Last song abolutely ever.

and finally...

Lyrics can be founded here

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