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Just the Lyrics

Album: "the reunion has been called off"

track 1
the streets are narrow but i am wide

track 2
oohh yeah. uh. i can't go to school. the kids laugh at me. i can't go to school ever again.
i can't go to the john, if i was saofsnfs.. i can't go ever again. ever again. ever again. ever. a. k'n.

track 3
not again. our summer plans have been called off. the summer leafs have all falled off.
i threw a rock into the lake, it jumped off
the waves they all topped off, i take my top off and i get off, the bus when it's my stop but it's not my stop. yet.

track 4
it's mumba time, it's never time to mumba time. it's never time, it's mumbazime.

track 5
i listen to the plans that you made with me
i'm afraid it fell on deaf ears this time
the reunion is called off this year.

track 6
sometimes i wonder, sometimes i wonder. sometimes i care for the younger ones, sometimes i don't.
sometimes i feel ilke crying, sometimes i put on fresh underwear sometimes i don't
i can't keep on this way , anyone this way
sometimes i eat fresh meat sometimes i eat stale bread
sometimes i make my bed sometimes i clean the chair
but i. won't. need you around the corner, around the street cars, i won't, no. oh.

track 7
i'm sorry for what i did i was wrong to doubt
i'm sorry for what i've done, but i can't cook you trout
i'm sorry. cuz i fell on i did, to your whorey best friend's grave. i'm sorry.

track 8
this one's for all you new yorkers. oh yeah.
i put on a fresh pair of pants just for you
i brushed my hair and woozed my new shampoo
i cleaned myself so well i even cleaned behind my ears
i don't think i've been this clean in years
i quit drinking the other day
i don't think i've ever quit this much of drinking before. you came along

track 9
sometimes i speak just to hear myself talk. sometimes i take the bus, sometimes i walk.
i don't know what to say

track 10
i speak through the crowd, there's noone to hear me.
i sleep late at night and noone's around me
the clouds surround me, there's nothing to do with, there's noone to do with, there's no reason not to screw it
i try to close my eyes, the effortless glances in to your room is shining glow, it flows into.

track 11
the ashtray spinach in the ashtray grows
i don't have any time for you
there's no more amplitheatres that can hold my sound
i got the casio kickin it up
there's no way for you to compete with me
on my level. i'll get a shevel and dig you a hole and i will bury you in it. ooooh. like this mad solo.

track 12
i wish i had something to say but i don't, i don't
i wish i could afford a piano but i can't, oh i can't
i wish i could tell you how i feel but i won't
i won't. no. because i don't know.


Track 13
ooh yeah. uuuuhh, tru tru. you know it's come true. i
put makeup on your face so i can disguise your
race, i know that you'll never repay? hsidofh
sin, it's the out. i'd sing but i can't sing
loud. i can only sing in paid, only in. the. i
refuse to say rain. because it hurts too much, i
can't do it if it's not in a bunch, like bananas.

track 14
heather how's the weather down in crazyland. were you
commited for being crazy or was it just your
general demeanor? i hear you can't carry scissors
anymore, i hear you have to lock your door.

track 15
this is a bonus track with 2 vocals for a change. you
walk alone, walk alone.

track 16
there's not much to this i'm afraid. tis a strange
brew. there's no place for a miner like
me in your heart. there's no place for an old man
like me in your heart. Leah is the one who makes
the younguns run whole in the wind. oooohhh...

track 17
who wears pants under a dress? don't you know it's one
or the other? it's like that band you like
who is really bad.. which one is that?
oh wait it's all. of. them.

track 18
Iíve wasted half an hour,
trying to cook this piece of bread
Iíll go to the park,
pretend to be a bird

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