(The scene opens up in the backstage area of a house show in the FCW arena. The camera is approaching a locker room door with a sign reading "X-tremists" on it. The camera man gets to the door and goes in and is catching Vid James in mid-conversation with his girlfriend Tracey, Trent Kincade, Missy Myers. they are all sitting around in a circle on steel chairs in the middle of the locker room. Trent is directly in front of Vid next to Missy and Tracey is next to Vid) Vid: ... It's like everytime this guy opens his fucking mouth he contradicts himself. He'd be doing himself a favor by shutting up for christ sake, P-dogg ..who the hell does this guy think he is, He treats me like Im some sorta newbie rookie who hasn't been through the hoops. 12 years in this business and I gotta put up with ingrates like this idiot. Mr. D-O double G which he stole from Snoop Dogg, How do Ya like me now which he stole from well... a fucking country singer... and all that hey Yo Odelay Bullshit, what the hell.. (Trent points up to the cameraman and coughs trying to get Vid's attention. Vid looks up and realizes that the cameras on) Vid:Oh, hey. I guess you couldnt get enough of me huh? came back for a new adventure huh? (The camera shakes up and down) Vid: Well, hate to burst your trouble bubble guy,But i aint got much planned I'm just here chillin out probably gonna try and get some rest before I have to fly into Dublin International Airport tommorrow. But I did catch P-doggs little promo he threw out, and I listened to what he said, and like always he said a whole lot of stupid crap that only gonna make me stomp him harder when I get my hands him. So, are ya willing to settle for that? (The camera shakes up and down) Vid:Good. Well, where do I start..Oh yeah maybe I should start at the fact that P-dogg is a complete and utter moron. He comes out there and asks me how I can go on when I don't have the fans behind me. Well, P-dogg it's actually pretty god damn simple, Im independant I don't need to leach and lie my battered head on the 12 thousand shoulders in that crowd and beg for their compassion, No..Hell NO! Unlike you I dont have to feed off of the fans like you said, I can feed off of my talent and I can do that because In this world I need no one else, I don't need my name screamed I don't need my t-shirts to be sold...I could give a shit less. Because All I need is to hurt people and thursday I'm gonna do more than Hurt you, Im gonna bust you open rip out your insides and show them to your fans so they can really see your intestinal fortitude. So to answer your question P-dogg, How can I go on? Perfectly Fine... (The cameraman begins to walk away but Vid starts talking again and the camera turns back around) Vid: And another thing, I don't know why or how you can come out here and say that The Hardkore title isn't shit. That it's not important. So, P-dogg was it important when you held it? Yeah, I know you held it, But you couldn't hack it because its too hard to keep this title. This is the hardest title to keep and only the best can do it. Think about it, any moment at any time someone can come out of nowhere and attack me trying to get my Hardkore title. Big deal you got a U.S. title, all your fights are scheduled and set and planned Mutherfucker I got to fight every hour of every day to keep my title not just once or twice a week But every single day i have to have eyes in the back of my head to keep the Hardkore title. And what do you have to do to defend the U.S. title?Just show up. Hell, by the time I show up to the arena I've already fought 3 people just trying to pump gas or get lunch. So the measure of a true man is how long he can hold onto this title. Now what title means sum'n? And as far as your,and my future, U.S. title..it aint gionna mean shit on Thursday because we're gonna be in IRELAND! Those fucking people don't give a shit about your god damn american patriotism, open your god damn eyes. And what the hell kind of nonsensical jabbering was that crap about the United European States championship... Hello? United European States? Do you realize that makes no sense at all? Nobody in Europe wants to be grouped with the americans and Americans don't want to be grouped with the Europeans. don't you know what a slap in the face that was to the American People in which you are said to be defending? And If you atually do wanna go through with that idiocy the least you could do is actually WIN the European title, You know...we do have one of those. And that would really prove that EuroPEAN-Ist. (Everybody in the room laughs at the play on words) Vid: and P-dong...ahh I mean P-dogg, For some reason your still sitting that in a nice calmwarm ball of joy at this match. You actually believe that this match is gonna be like the rest of yours...and You think Michael Cole is dumb? Ha....well, he is but thats beside the point. The point is that you can take this match lightly hell, I encourage you to because thats gonna make my job a whole lot easier. Your gonna go in loaded for rabbit and your gonna get a bear. Take me lightly if ya want Poo-dong but Im gonna warn ya just like I warned you before I'm not some pussy off of the street and the others before you took me lightly..and look what happened to them, man. They ended up on their backs hearing the bell ring. And either way your gonna hear the same thing the only difference is how easy is our match gonna be.If you walk in thinking you own the jointthe match will be done quick but if you come in here with a little bit of a mind set on whats gonna happen to you, Ya might actually survive for a few minutes. But either way the outcome remains the same. Vid James: Hardkore United States Champion. P-dogg: Bottom feeding moron. You asked me if I knew that I was going to ose. And I was thinking about that rhetoric comment...even thgh a crack-dealin Thug bitch like yourself wouldnt know what that is, And Icame to this conclusion: A wise man once said that its only after you've lost everything that your free to do anything, So the real question is P-dogg ...are you prepared to lose? I hope so. because Denial and Exceptance are only different in ind set but the truth always stays the same. And the truth is that as much as you fight it P-dogg, I'm walking out of Dublin The Hardkore United States champion but just like you said pal, Your not gonna leave empty handed..No..oh no..You probably gonna leave with a fractured spine, two busted eye sockets, a broken nose and a free ride home in the ambulance. You can hope for the best and prepare for the worse but when the bomb gets dropped there aint no protection against it, and BAM! Your Skins in the Wind pal. P-dogg, If i've said it once I've said it a million times. When Ya Fuck With The Best.. Ya Get smoked like the rest. (Just then a man in a gray suit walks into the locker room followed by two police officers. The X-tremists stand up. and The man in the gray suit looks at Vid) Man: David Michael James? Vid:Vid...Vid James...but yeah. (The man looks at the two officers gives them a nod and the two officers begin to put handcufffs on Vid. Vid gets a shocked look on his face) Man: Vid James you are under arrest for Breaking and entering and arson. Vid: What the Hell... (One of the police officer begins to read Vid his rights. Trent, Missy and Tracey start freaking out. Vid just sighs in a pissed off kinda way.) Tracey: What do you want me to do, hun? Vid: Hell, I dont know. Call Mr. Longbero in Detroit. tell him the situation. damn, this can't happen, I gotta go to Ireland tomorrow. Trace, just go back to the hotel make the usual phonecalls. And I'll call you there. Shiittt.... (The police officers, lead by the man in the suit, take Vid out to the car. The two officers get in the front and Vid and the Detective get in the back Vid is cuffed with his hands behind his back and the car pulls away. One of the officers begin to speak) Officer1: So your Vid James huh? You got a match against P-dogg comin up, But you've been pissin everbody off man. Vid:yeah thats what I do best. Ya want anautograph man? Officer1: Hell Yeah! Vid: Ok, just take these cuffs off real quick so I can sign it. (The officer searches for the keys to the handcuffs) Detective: No! You idiot just keep driving, can't you see that was a set-up. Are you stupid? this man is dangerous. Officer1: Right, boss. Sorry. (Vid looks at the detective and smiles at him) Detective: You think your funny boy? we'll see who's laughing when we get to the station. (Vid just ooks down and smiles shaking his head. The car stops and the police officers get out and take Vid out of the car. They ar at the station and they bring Vid in. The one officer un-cuffs Vid and puts him into a holding cell with all the Drunks.) Vid:Mutherfucker.... (One of the drunks walks up to Vid,well trys. But the an is physically enebriated and can barely walk correctly) ,font color="pink"> Drunk: Your Vid James man. Yeah I know you man, Your Vid. You like kick the *Hicccup* shit out of that one guy couple weeks ago man, that was bad.. Your bad dude, Your gonna beat the hell out of that P-dogg bch. He thinks he's a thug man, You da thug. Your crazy man, You like burned down that dudes house man, that was nuts dude... Vid: ya mind keepin that shit down dude? and could you back up..you smell of Bourbon and Urine...(pauses for name) Drunk: Bill.. Vid Bill, Well Bill clean yourself up man, quit being a drunken loser. You think I got where I am by being a loser like P-Dogg. Drunk: well, No. Vid: I mean look at P-dogg the loser and look at myself. P-dogg is a nobody who is going to getkilled in a few days. And I'm on the way up, I'm gonna be The Hardkore United States champion by the end of tommorrow and P-dogg is going to be in a hospital. So who do you wanna be Bill? A Winner Or a Loser? Drunk: Uhh*hiccup* I wanna be a winner Mr. Vid. Vid: Then quit being a drunken idiot. Straighten up for christ sake. and Take a god damn shower..FUCK thats nast Bill! Drunk: Sorry...... (The drunk drops his head in shame and walks away from Vid. Just then one of the officers come in and grab Vid and bring himto the detective with the gray suits desk Vid sits down at the desk and notices a picture on the detectivesdesk. The picture is the exact same picture that was in Eclipses home, in the picture The Detective is standing next to Eclipse in a family-like photo. Just as Vid realizes who the detective is he drops his head with a sigh) Vid:(under breath)Jesus Christ i'm screwed. (The detective comes out froma different room and sits at the desk with Vid, He crosses his legs and stares at Vid) Detective: Is it still funnny Mr. James? Vid: Call me Vid, and no actually,I think the humour has lost it's edge. Detective: I thought you'd feel that way when I got you back here. We aren't sure if we're gonna let you make bailor ot hell, I see your aking friends with some of those drunks in there.Your a loser just like them Mr.James a nobody a nothing a disobediant vigilante. who likes to set fires. Well, your the one whos gonna burn now Mr. James. Vid: Now is that right? I don't know what would give you the inclination that I start fires or break into peoples homes for that matter. Detective: Don'tplay dumb with me Mr.James, your not fooling anyone. Iknow ou did it, and I know you know that I know you did it.... Vid:What? Detective; SHUT THE FUCK UP! You smartass. The point is quit playing your games because they don't fly here. And niether will you, so you cankiss that match goodbye in Ireland boy. Vid:Have You heard from my attorney, Mr. Longbero yet? Detective: No I haven't maybe he.... (Then the phone on the detectives desk rings and cuts him off. He answers the phone and begins to speak) Detective: Hello.... Yes I am holding him... Yes, of coure. For Arson and Breaking and entering....well, no not any actual Physical evidnce, there was only one witness and he was hit by a car and he's in a coma... No I'm not an idiot sir... Yes I did pass the fifth grade...No, I haven't been denying him his rights. Vid: Is that him? John..John.. they haven't given me my phonecall yet man. this is bulshit.! (Vid trys to scream so his attorney could hear him on the other line, So the detctive gets one of the officers to give Vid his phonecall, so he'd stop distracting him whle the detective talks to Vid's attorney. Vid gets to a phone and dials a number then sits and waits) Vid: Hello? Hey... Nothing babe, Calm down... everything is gonna be allright. The detective is talking to John right now.... No I don't think they'll keep me heremuch longer. I'll probably just go to the hotel after I leave here......No i don't think they'll force me to stay in the country.... well, they might have to let me go.... I think the detective is Eclipses Brother or Uncle or some shit because he's the picture with Eclipse on his desk....yeah thats crazy...No I dont think they're looking for you. Well, I'll catch up with you laer. Don't worry I'll be allright. (Vid hangs up the phone and an officer leads Vid back) Officer: So do you still wanna give me that autograph? I mean, I think your gonna kick the crap out of that Criminal thug pety hoodlum P-dogg. Vid: Think? Officer No, I know you will. Your hardkore, man. You got the Hardkore title your the leader of the X-tremists even your crimes are Hardkore. That bitch gets nabbed for selling crack and stealing gay porn. I hope you beat the shit out if him. Vid: Don't worry, I will. He doesn't know what he's gotten himself into. I was just tellin Trent today, that this guy is way out of his league. Officer: Damn right. (The officer pulls out an inkpen and the latest copy of the FCW magazine with The X-Tremists on the front with the capion "pissing off the world one person at a time". Vid takes the pen and signs the magazine and hands it back to the cop. The cop looks excited and brings Vid back to the detectives desk. The detective is off the phone and looks extremely pissed off, Vid sits down with a cautious look on his face_ Deective: Well you low down little sonovabitch, Your free to go. No bail no nothing , and yes you can leave the country. But wehn you get back Im gonna have this pinned on your ass Mr. James. I swear your goin down for this. Vid: The only thing 'm gon down on is your wife, Bitch. (The detective explodes and comes across the desk at Vid, a few officers detain the detective as Vid laughs right in his face, another officer grabs Vid and directs him to a police car, where Vid gets in the passenger side still laughing. You can hear the detective screamin obscenitys from inside the station) Detective: Im gonna kill you Vid! Vid: Is that what it took for you to get my god damn name right?? Well, kiss my ass jerkoff, And tell you wife thanx! (The cop gets in the driver seat of the police car.) Vid:To the Hariott Hotel,on the double.I want a little sleep before I go to Ireland and win a United States title. (Vid leans his head back laughing as the cop car plls out of the parking lot and down the road. The scene fadesto black)