- I'm sure i'm forgetting a few but these are the ones that I remember.


23.-12/20/02- Played @ Guadalupe Mission w/ Ashen Clover
22.-12/7/02- Free Show at the Armory on Dove Road played with Everyone but Dylan, Elmwood and others
21.-9/20/02- Show at the Hayloft Liquorstand with Impalement, Hornswaggle Jones, and Of Beaten Silver
20.-8/24/02- Benefit Show on Ashley Road for Trenton Blackmer who was Diagnosed with Hodgkins disease.
Other bands that played there: Spyder Vein, Impalement, Limbo, Army/Navy and Hadronic
19.-8/9/02- Show at the D.A.V. with Smackmadam, The Boldness, Mystery Chicks, and the Leghounds
18.-7/26/02- Creapmuffs Show@Grotto
17.-7/19/02- Grotto Show w/ Impalement, Pejorative and T.C.A.D.
-7/13/02- Capac Dayz w/ Spyder Vein.
-6/14/02-Ksu's Going away party.
14.-5/25/02-Grotto Show w/ EBD, SHower Enema, Hornswaggle Jones & Spyder Vein
13.-4/20/02-Spyder Vein B-Day Party w/Spydervein
12.-3/09/02-Impromptu Grotto Show w/ Spring,Teknikill, 999 Gods, Shower Enema, & Alien Conspiracy Theory 11.-2/09/02-Ksusha's Birthday party. W/Everyone But Dylan.
10. 1/25/02- Spyder Vein Birthday Bash. W/Spyder Vein (Twisted Fates Old Place)
9. 10/20/01- Halloween Costume Party (Tracey Dobbs' house)
8. 8/10/01- Birthday Bash (T.,N.&D's Birthday)
7. 6/20/01- Bethany's House Party
6. 1st week of May- Harry's Birthday Party w/Twisted Fate
5. 12/31/00/1/1/01- New Years Eve Bash w/ Twisted Fate (Ashley Rd Studio)
4. 12/2/00- Just for the Hellovit Party (Tommy's House
3. 10/18/00- Halloween Party (David's House)
2. 9/22/00- Heather Shannons Birthday Party
1. 8-5-00- Tommy's Birthday Party