-Impure Machines-

{verse}Please, mother help me to the chemicals.
I've seen my own demise
Please, mother help me to the chemicals
To break these physical ties.
Everything I know is impossible
My thoughts have grown unclean
These nightmares are unstoppable
We're all Impure Machines
{Chorus}And the shadows creep around, So lathargic
The light contradicts the sound
What the Hell is wrong with me, so pathetic
Is this is real or really sick
{verse}I haven't slept in about a week
and I don't know why
I'm so tired I can't even think
Jesus, I wish I could try
What the hell am I afraid about
I guess it's worse than it seems
Just another lack-of-heart attack
We're all Impure Machines
{verse}Please Mother help me to the chemicals
I see under the sink
Please mother help me to the chemicals
So that I may get a drink
I've lost touch with the physical
My thoughts have grown obscene
Our conditions turning critical
We're all Impure Machines
Please Mother help me (4x)

Lyrics 2000-2002 David James All Rights Reserved