Well, although we haven't exactly broke through into the mainstream quite yet we still have a little devoted following. Its about the only recognition we get but our small group of fans is a loyal group of fans and if that group grows by only one person each show then so be it. But we have a few loyal fans and friends that we'd like to recognize for giving us the small recognition we have.

We'd like to say whattup and thanks to:
All of our ex-girlfriends and future exgirlfriends that gave us so much inspiration to write our songs about hahaha now who's laughin? And Brady and Tracey for being at more shows than anyone else, You guys made sure that there was atleast 1 person in the crowd at our shows! Thanx to Sean from Shower Enema for helping us out so damn much over the years. Thanx to Spyder Vein and Everyone But Dylan for playing shows with us. Thanks to all of the parents who let us invade your homes to play our shows and destroy your nice relationship with your neighbors (sorry and thanx I guess), thanx to anyone who ever let us or actually (for only god knows why) wanted us to play one of your partys... You're who keeps us going. Thanks to anybody ... AND I MEAN ANYONE! whoever showed up to one of our partys even when you knew we were playing.. and If ya didn't I'm sorry, I hope your okay. Thanx to our familys for giving us the oppurtunity to play in this band. thanx to our parents for "Knockin Boots" so we could be here. Thanx Peavey Equipment & Basses, ESP/LTD Basses, B.C. Rich guitars, Crate equipmment, DrumWorks equipment, D'adarrio strings, Dean Markley strings, GHS strings, Shure Microphones, P.H. Music center, Music-Go-Round, Huber&Breeze,Vic Firth Drumsticks, And DOD & Morley Pedals for making such bitchin eguipment that keeps us going... but I don't thank Marshall (blew up too much of their equipment), Ibanez (shitty guitars), or Pacific (cheap shit), and Guitar Center becuz Yo shit Fuct us! Most Of All THANX LITTLE DEBBIE AND FAYGO COLA FOR KEEPING US ALIVE!!!!