Steve Iannetti makes music and takes music wherever he goes. Attracted in his teens to playing instruments, he has learned to play enough of them to become the one-man band that has produced six popular and critically acclaimed CDs.

He only took three professional lessons since he first dabbled on the family organ at 14. And he learned to play lead-guitar riffs before he knew a chord. In this unorthodox manner he eventually mastered the guitar and learned to play keyboards, mandolin, bass, harmonica, trombone, drums and marimbas.

By 1977 Steve was singing and picking with a bluegrass band, The Gertz Mountain Budguzzlers. The group put out a four-song E.P. that was favorably reviewed in the U.K.’s popular Melody Maker music newspaper. By 1979 he was playing New Wave roughshod with The Leisurematics. By that time he was writing his own songs and The Leisurematics were playing all around the East Coast at popular spots like CBGB's in New York City.

Steve began a relationship with recording in 1980, and began to document his music, playing all of the instruments, on state-of-the-art home gear. However, his versatility had a price and caused The Leisurematics to break up. Steve honed his recording skills by building a studio and working with other artists. He engineered and even wrote some music for Ben Vaughn (The Prehistoric Ben Vaughn), who went on to score TV shows like Third Rock. He also recorded, played most of the instruments and collaborated on the CD The Spent Souls, for David Louis.

Steve also began playing live again, this time with a Country-Western band, as he continued to record his own material and other artists. But in 1983 he settled down, taking a steady job in another walk of life. However, the music kept coming and through the ‘90s he wrote and recorded his own material every chance he got. Then, the new technology came calling and Steve opened shop at, an on-line music distributor offering internet artists a home. The productions of this material and the tight one-man band approach, coupled with new studio equipment and a fresh outlook, put Steve on the indie-music map. The newfound popularity and camaraderie he found ignited a number of CDs, including The Genius of Nasty, which got him a publishing deal with Lightning Capitol Music.

Other CDs he has released are Zizzors, Steve’s Big Ass Cat E.P., The Terror of Tiny Town, Couldn’t Be Happier… and a best-of compilation, Music for the Miserable.

Steve says his goal is “to have people hear and hopefully enjoy my music. Though it is not very ambitious, I admit, I refuse to conform to fads and formulas. That would stifle my expression. Considering this, I couldn’t be happier.”