"You'll get no sympathy from me!"

"That was good. Now try it with a little more bravado. Like as if you already made up your mind. Only you don't want him to necessarily know that. A statement like this it's a posturing not a gesturing. So your character is trying to get this guy to realize what he's done and not trying to show compassion."

"You should totally be teaching this stuff. You are like the greatest reading partner I have ever had."

"No way, I don't want to teach acting. There are too many teachers in this town already. I am just helping out a friend."

"Hmm...I like being your friend."

The petite Auburn bombshell slinks her body closer and as Slamm's eyes stroll down to the exposed gold, over tanned skin where her belly shirt tightens and the micro mini-skirt slides down off her size 1 waist. A couple of her perfectly French manicured fingernails dance daintily across Slamm's shoulder blade.

"How much of your time do you spend working out?"

"About an hour."

”No way.”

Slamm steps around the desk and stands right in front of Janelle who sits in her office chair wearing her typical sexy business suit. Slamm is wearing his signature "Truly Intercontinental" black t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Slamm lifts up his T-shirt, pulls up a dollar sized bandage and exposes a nasty gash.

Janelle sits up.

”I don’t believe it. She did that?”

”Yeah! This is the story of my life. I can fall three stories off the side of the Jester’s Pyramid, land on a table top, and actually bust through it with out a scratch on me but when I let some bimbo actress go down on me, her fingernails rip right through my love handles.”

”You’re lucky that's all she gave you. I keep telling you let me set you up with a nice attorney or doctor. These two-bit want to be famous hussies are all the same.”

Janelle exaggerates her lips into a pout, curls a strand of her hair twirling within her finger, and releases a couple of high pitched giggles.

(In a mocking little girl voice) "Oh Curtis you are so big and strong and smart and funny, hee-hee."

Janelle bats her eyes and flashes a devious smile.

”Stop it. They are not all stupid."

Janelle scolds Slamm.

"Okay, okay, so most of them are the same girl but I am a man and not dead right?"

"You are better than that though."

"No, I am not. I just want to have fun from now on. Tori's the last girl I ever loved.”

”I know but you said it yourself you aren't dead."

"Can we talk about something else?"

“Okay, how about the Mime?"

"Ugh! Talk about being the same. How many of these "dark, disturbed" guys do I have to wrestle before they finally go out of style?"

"You need to be careful, this isn't the kind of guy that just goes away and you know this isn't what THEY wanted, so the Mime may not be the only thing you have to worry about."

"Look I didn't start this. The Mime attacked me remember?"

"Yeah you didn't start it, going to Atlanta, Edmonton, Calcutta, and where ever else, calling the guy a paper champ and The Roman Gladiator's bitch?"

"Pretty good, aye?"

"Again, this is not the kind of guy that just rolls over and goes away."

"Well then I'll just have to make him go away."

As Slamm hops off her desk and wanders to the window Janelle gets up and steps towards him. She grabs his arm and makes sure they have eye contact. She flashes a look of concern, the tears almost welling in her eyes.

"How far do we go back? A long way right?"

Slamm nods.

"We have been through so many of these wars Curtis. I have always been by your side."

"I know you have been like a big sister to me and you grew to be Tori's best friend."

Janelle turns away.

"She hated me."

Slamm steps in front of Janelle and gently taps her chin so that Janelle is looking right at him.

"She didn't. She didn't understand our relationship, at first, but she got it eventually. At her lowest point who was it that she turned too?"

Tears race down both sides of Janelle's face.


"That's right and when she was gone, when everyone either made sure they kept their distance or came after me you were the one that stood by my side. I promise you I am not going to let anything happen to you. I'm actually glad The Mime did what he did because for the first time since coming back THEY can't hold me back. Our plan is in motion now and there is no going back."

"And The Mime?"

"What about him? Look if he thinks I am easy pickings, that he can come after me, let him come. He doesn't realize what he's done. It will be the last mistake he ever makes because I don't go away either. I'll take that precious belt he covets and shove it down his throat. . This isn't about the money, or buy-rate, or even the title. I am going to fight till I'm dead. If he wants blood...he's got it. I just hope he can handle seeing his own because if he thinks The Roman Gladiator is something, he'd better be ready for the only guy that the Gladiator has ever run from."

Slamm grabs Janelle, pulls her up against him, and gives Janelle a hug.

"I need to go get ready for the Awards show."

Before exiting Slamm turns and smiles to Janelle.

Janelle reciprocates but the concern is still there. She waits till Slamm leaves, picks up the phone, and dials.

“Hoss, I need to talk to Shane. Right away.”

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