The following takes place between 6:00AM and 7:00AM EST...

"We're back on the Over The Top show. I'm Butch, the Axeman is with me as always, and we are being joined right now by one of the best there has ever been and still is in the squared circle, the one, the only, our FHW Intercontinental Champion and for all extensive purposes should be wearing the big belt if not for the typical dirty-handedness of The Mime, Curtis Slamm. How's it going Curtis?


"Great guys thanks for having me here again."

"It's been a while. I think since you took one of the sickest bumps we both have ever seen at Jester's Pyramid. What's the deal with that, are they ever going to have another LWA Memorial Tournament?"

"If they do I'll let you know but I don't think we will see one for sometime. It just takes too much to put all that together. I think they were talking about making that like the Olympics, every four years, but Martin hasn't called me to tell me if he will ever do another yet."

"Now we need to point out because most of our listeners these days catch us on the I-tunes podcasts, that we are broadcasting live on XM Satellite radio here in New York at around 6AM and Curtis Slamm is sipping on the biggest cup of coffee I have ever seen."

"Caffeine, I got to have it."

"I know you have a long day. Janelle, your business manager was showing us the itinerary and it is booked almost for the next 24 hours. When do you find time to train?"

"Well I am going to start training the next day and then I go do that almost 24 hours, as well for the next few days. Then I got a couple house shows and signing appearances. So I am always going 100 miles an hour but today is the media day because of the movie and the Exodus PPV coming up."

"We are going to talk about all that since we have you here for a bit. Stop, no one can hear you? Idiot, talk into the mic Axeman."

"Yeah, sorry, I was just thinking Curtis is this youíre first Exodus?"

"It is. Well I supposed to be at '05 show but I got hurt at the Jester's Pyramid and wrestling with that injury instead of letting it heel finally forced me to shut it down."

"You have been the top guy in some many of the greatest organizations around. When did the FHW come into play for you?"

"Well Brown and I had always been in talks but those ended with a number I could have pulled in at any Indy promotion for half the effort or a dispute over something stupid. So ultimately when the LWA made the best offer I went with them and said goodbye to the possibility of FHW for a while. After so many no's they just stopped asking. But time had passed, the new regime at FHW was hurting for new blood, and I got the call. Then I made my debut at Slaybells '04."

"Who could forget the trophy shot? So this time you've managed to stay pretty healthy and be around a while."

"Yeah, knock on wood, it's been a good run. FHW is one of those places though that you feel like that you can always go back too. It's been around a long time and I am proud to be a part of it."

"So as part of your first Exodus you get Stu Price, as he gets his...what...100th title shot? Anyway, we'll get to the UK CREW in a moment. I want to go back to FORESAKEN. I mean we all saw it, we all thought, this is Curtis Slamm's time. Then that no good snake in the grass Mime found a way to get out of there with the title."

"You know he can keep it. As far as I am concerned he's just a paper champion now. Everyone saw the match and how it was going down but if he can live the fact that he couldn't beat me, then that's on him. he can decide if he wants to take another chance with me. I'm not going anywhere. I will wrestle him anywhere, anytime, with any stipulation, in any type of match and if he still is wearing that belt then that would sweeten the deal for me but I suspect Bobby Cage will turn him into a real life Mime in the box and he will finally get what is coming to him. If by some miracle he walks away with his belt then I suspect as long as he has that thing he will stay as far away from me as he can. I beat him and beat him badly, so I got nothing to prove and thus I am moving on. Maybe when I defend my title it will show him a thing or two about how to be a champion but it doesn't matter to me what he thinks or does. He knows where I am at and if he can be a man and tell that skank of his to let him fight is own fights, then I'm game."

"Wow, awesome and as far as the Axeman and I are concerned you are the highest ranking Champion in FHW but I want to talk about the newest champ. This looks like possibly the best chance for the most anticipated dream bout with the one they call The Threat."

"Shane is not a paper champion. I have all the respect in the world for Brandon. He's cocky, he's brash, and at times a bit careless but he is one of the finest workers I have seen in my time in this business."

"The two of you draw a lot of comparisons."

"Well even more so outside of the ring because we both have had our troubles. Most arrogant guys who do stupid shit do. You see that's why I don't worry about The Mime, what comes around goes around, but as far as Brandon, he is waiting for his moment. He's smart like that and believe me I will watch my back but for right now because I don't have what he wants, I can trust him. The fans will get the moment they have been waiting for, maybe next Exodus but it will happen. We both know it will. My focus right now is on Stu Price."

"Yeah let's talk about the UK Crew's last remaining refuge. He might be the cockroach of wrestling period."

"Yeah Stu is the 30 year old Twinkie of wrestling, stale but with one hell of a shelf life."

"You've crossed paths before?"

"Oh...yeah. Let me tell you Stu Price is to wrestling what Auto racing is to sports. You want to say you appreciate the art form and skill they all exhibit but let's be honest we are only watching to see that one gnarly, fiery crash. He's verbal vomit and the UK Crew is like the band geeks of the wrestling world. They think because they stick together that they are a tough crew but up against the most popular crowd they will always be just a bunch of band geeks."

"Sounds like you expect an easy night?"

"No, there is a reason he is still around and why he does get so many title shots, Price can wrestle. Only this time he will be going up against the Most Popular and unfortunately for him that means he's getting stuffed back into his locker."

"Well before we stuff this show back in it's locker, let us tell you, like you don't already know, Curtis Slamm will defend the FHW Intercontinental Title at Exodus. His movie, "Saving Grace", which we were lucky enough to see an advanced screening of, and it kicks ass, comes out July 4th weekend. You also will be getting a key to your hometown of Burbank later this afternoon, nice. So for all our West Coast listeners who get up real early in the morning and get our satellite feed live, that's happening at the Burbank City Hall at 2PM with California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in attendance. Wow that will be cool."

"Yeah the Governorís a cool guy."

"Curtis Slamm I know you got to go but thank you for sitting here with us."

"Thank you for having me."

The following takes place between 7:00AM and 8:00AM EST...

"And now back to the CBS Early Show with Harry Smith and Julie Chen."

"You know Julie there's a sign behind me, Doug see if you can get a shot of this, it says, Curtis Slamm's down with Harry Smith and the Early show. I certainly hope so because standing right here next to me and he is one big guy. As we stand amongst all the screaming fans here is one of Pro Wrestling's legends, Curtis Slamm."

"I am definitely down with the Early Show Harry. If for nothing else to meet the beautiful Julie Chen."

"Oh, thank you, hello Curtis, nice to meet you."

"Now you must see all kinds of great signs when you go out to wrestle. I mean this is part of the wrestling culture, right?"

"It definitely is." "So what's the best sign you have ever seen about yourself?"

"Well it's always so dark when you enter the ring and then of course when you are in the ring you are pretty focused but I have to say I'm a classics kind of guy, so "Curtis Slamm Sucks," always get's chuckle out of me or "Where's your walker?" Those will always be amusing to me but I have seen some good ones, some real well thought out ones. That's the great part of our business, maybe the best part, the fan interaction. Nobody is more passionate than Wrestling fans. Well except maybe the CBS Early Show fans."

"They are passionate, all 4 of them. Now you also have a new movie coming out?"

"Yeah, it's called Saving Grace and it's about a ex-assassin who left his old unit because they tried to get him to kill a little girl. So now it's years later and the little girl has grown and she is played by Paula Garces who is just awesome in this and everything she does, so my old unit kidnaps my daughter Grace and tries to force me to kill the same little girl who is now grown. I lose anybody, lots of stuff I'm leaving out, and some great twists and turns."

"Sounds like there is going to be a lot of good action scenes in this?"

"Oh yeah it's going to be very entertaining, an action movie in the old 1980's vein. When action films were cool."

"Now you are also going to be getting a key to Burbank, your hometown, and one of America's favorite action stars and now Governor of California is going to be there to present it."

"That's right, me and Governor Schwarzenegger are personal friends and he agreed to come and do that for me. He will probably be at my match at the Pay Per View as well, shaking hands, kissing babies, and signing autographs as usual."

"Maybe he can be your tag team partner?"

"No, I don't think he wants to do that this time but he probably could if he wanted to. He'd be a great partner."

"We should also mention that you can order the Pay Per View, FHW's Exodus where Curtis Slamm will be defending his title, and you can catch "Saving Grace" when it hits theaters July 4th weekend. Curtis Slamm thank you for joining us."

"My Pleasure."

The following takes place between 8:00AM and 9:00AM EST...


"Sorry sir, morning commute, what'cha gonna do?"

"It's okay, we have time."

"Regis is at 9, then we do Mike and Maddog, Stephen A Smith's show, then we get on the plane, call into Chris Myers show, and get in to LA at 1PM. We will get over to the ceremony, then we go over to E! and do the Daily 10 at 5:00PM."

"Dear God, I'm going to need a bigger cup of coffee, better yet it seems like I have a 30 minute time frame somewhere in there, why don't you see if you cram a Starbucks autograph signing session in. At least then I can get free coffee."

"Some star you are I got them to expense mine."

"The Roman Gladiator doesn't have to do all this shit, why am I the press whore?"

"Well if the Roman Gladiator could string a sentence together or didn't have the personality of wet mop then maybe he would be able to pick up some slack for you. He also doesn't have a movie that the studio projects to be the biggest thing on 4th of July weekend ever."

"What the Gladiator's bit part on Mad About You did get ratings? Seriously though that's what the studio said?"

"Got a fax this morning asking how can we get you to do a sequel and that they had 5 other scripts they wanted you to read."

"All right then Regis here we come. I bet Brandon is pissed that every channel he clicks on has my face this morning. Oh that reminds I need a favor. I need you to get an autographed picture of Gelman for me, it's for Hoss."

The following takes place...oh fuck it...Jack Bauer's a pussy!

" I... with greaat pleasure in-tro-duce a great Kali-fornian, my friend, CURTIS..SLAMMMMMM!

"Thank you Governor and thank you Mr. Mayor for this great honor. Burbank has been my home for a long time now. I guess I would not be Curtis Slamm and this entire crazy day would have been for not if I didn't say I want to make sure that you all go see my movie Saving Grace out July 3rd, order my pay per view Exodus, and get as many T-shirts, especially the new Mime This middle finger shirt, as you can. I love you all and thank you again for this great key."


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