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All About Me
name-*- Sinclaire
birthday -*- xmas of '88
age-*- 14
background-*- hapa haole, Filipina, Chinese, etc.
gps-*- solana beach and carlsbad
looks-*-brown hair, brown eyes
astrological sign-*- capricorn
chinese zodiac-*- dragon
pet-*- canute

color-*- turquoise
store-*- Bloomingdales
music-*- rock, ska, punk, hip hop, some rap, and others
perfume-*- glow, happy, happy for men, happy heart, deep red
books-*- Of mice and men, anything by bronte sisters
soda-*- mix of lemondade and sprite
candy-*- centho chocolates in belgium
bands-*- Mad Caddies, No Doubt, Coldplay, White Stripes, Ramones
movies-*-Bend it like beckham, center stage, finding nemo, a mighty wind
brand-*- Marc Jacobs!!!

I ADORE; music, fredrik ljungberg, arsenal, football in england, reading, european guys, marc jacobs ready to wear, chanel ready to wear, valentino couture, shoes, my shoes, all cute shoes, 60's mod, white stripes, bob dylan, neil young
I DESPISE; donatella versace, clay aiken, drawn on eyebrows, cheap highlights, thick laces, greasy hair, slow computers