the current issue of ‘shallowful,’ which features art by shallowful and some musings by tyler from his journal during the summer of 2000—when he was working as a pizza delivery guy, met his girlfriend stefanie and traveled to new orleans, denver, st. louis and chicago following the cure during the ‘dream tour’ in support of ‘bloodflowers.’ if you love the cure enough to read through tyler’s wish list of songs he hopes to hear, read in-depth and very personal reviews of each show (including nerdy setlists) this would probably be quite a treat for you. otherwise there are other show reviews, funny on-the-job stories, on-the-road musings, and meditations on listening to and creating music, and growing up as well as a wonderful conclusion that takes place the week before tyler left for a study abroad program in london (which is, of course, the next issue). The cover looks like this:

for ordering info please email shallowful at shallowful@hotmail.com the zine will cost $2 and it won't be printed until you order it.