mike tuley
mike has always been a member of shalloboi in some way or another. in some ways he still is. he has been the main person to play drums on shalloboi recordings, even stepping in to accompany tyler at his final kansas city show. mike is also one of tyler’s best friends and was the backbone and brain behind the short bus kids. he currently resides in kansas city playing guitar and singing in ad astra per aspera, a semi-screamy semi-dreamy and totally brilliant band.

billy speer
billy has been a part-time member of shalloboi. he has contributed cello parts to many shalloboi recordings and hopefully will contribute more in the future. billy also played drums on a cover of the cure’s ‘this twilight garden’ that tyler recorded for the pink pig project (a boxed set with covers of every single cure song by fans) in 1999. billy is the other of tyler’s best friends and served as the crucial backbeat behind the short bus kids. billy currently resides in st. paul, MN where he works as an insurance claims investigator.

brent lind
brent served in shalloboi longer than any other former member. he played guitar and some bass from 1995 until late 1998 after tyler returned from chicago. formerly of the sebadoh-influenced short-lived kansas city band 60 cycle hum, brent’s band would play with the short bus kids when they were called blue jesus quite frequently. he currently resides in kansas city when he isn't on tour with various bands (including the get-up kids) doing their sound and tour managing. living proof that good things can happen to good people.

michele winn
this is michele. i'm not sure why she's on here, she didn't really have time to be in the band, but was asked and accepted- it just didn't work out as things often do. we hope that any mean stuff that was written in this space previously has been forgotten (or at least forgiven). she recently spent time going to school and living in london.

andy tuley
once brent and michele left the fold, tyler attempted to lead shalloboi as a trio. during this time there were three or four practices with mike on drums and his little brother andy on bass while tyler attempted to teach matt darrington the repertoire of songs. since tyler’s songs were written with a five-piece format in mind at that time they sounded ridiculous in a trio setting with tyler trying to do too many things at once by himself. adding to the pot the fact that tyler still didn’t own an electric guitar and used his acoustic electric with effects on it (which worked fine at his shows at mildred’s which he was playing regularly at the time) and all in all the band sounded hideous as mike and andy were still in the madd scientists. it is at this time that tyler gave up trying to form a band for the first time even after moving back to kansas city from chicago for the purpose of returning to a community where he knew musicians to ask into his circle. doh!

matt darrington
bless matt’s heart he tried to learn tyler’s songs but he kept forgetting to come to practice.

i don’t know jeromy’s last name, which probably indicates how long he was part of the shalloboi contingent (one month exactly). jeromy played bass for shalloboi during for a month in 1999 which included the life of lamborghini—the pitifully named ‘power violence’ turned dirge metal band that included mike, tyler and daniel goldman. the two bands would practice at the same time which became a bit of a hassle, leading to the ultimate demise of both due to creative tug-o-war. jeromy has been in many bands including sinn fein from topeka, KS, and a short-lived straight-edge hardcore band called sobriety check in lawrence, KS and is currently a member of the lawrence band hook and ladder with former short bus kid guitarist and fill-in drummer joe noel. the band was formerly named (excellently might i add) camarosmith until another band of boners showed up with the name and told them they’d sue them if they didn’t change their name.

daniel goldman
daniel served in shalloboi at the same time as jeromy playing guitar. as is said above, he served in lamborghini at the same time. daniel first played with mike in the legendary kansas city skunk band the madd scientists. daniel currently resides in kansas city, KS and serves in a sort of screamo band without a bassist called new morning changing weather playing drums.

brian adams
yes, that’s right. brian adams played in shalloboi, you will notice that there is no ‘y’ because it’s not the bryan adams from canada who is a boner. brian adams served in shalloboi also extremely briefly (probably about three weeks). a former member of 60 cycle hum, with whom he played bass mostly, and the hideous pop band that mike and tyler were in called harvey’s leg, where he played guitar, brian played bass in shalloboi for a few weeks in 1999. brian used to be known for playing the bass with both hands while grant monroe (see below) rhythmically hit the strings with drumsticks and was also known to play the guitar for upwards of 5 hours a day. tyler first met him in middle school. he currently resides in a house in olathe, KS and works for sprint.

grant monroe
grant served in shalloboi playing drums just as long as brian adams did. grant was the veritable whiz who lent his extremely diverse drum talents to 60 cycle hum. tyler first met grant when he was in high school on the swim team with grant’s older brother ryan. i've heard that grant lives in portland now and does some kind of work with computers, but i'm not entirely sure.