JUNE 10, 2012
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fiber focus : solaris
a soft, lightweight blend of rayon and linen with a supple drape


Admit it: you have spent a small fortune on a closet full of fancy summer tops, but when you reach into your closet you tend to pull out the same simple t-shirt that just feels good to wear. The creative team at S. Charles Collezione loves designing t-shirts. They go with everything from jeans to maxi skirts. They are not too tight but they still flatter your figure. They hide your upper arms but are cool enough to wear on the sultriest days of the year.

Our latest homage to the T-shirt is the KATE TEE, pictured above. The simple elegant design is knit in light-weight SOLARIS with sparkly stripes of paillette-studded CRYSTAL. Designer Rosemary Drysdale added textural interest to the stripes with a clever slip-stitch pattern known as the butterfly stitch. We know that you are going to reach past those shopping bags of new clothes and reach for this top every time you go to your closet.

DESIGN NOTE: In order to achieve CRYSTAL's mesh-like fabric, it is knit on the same needle size as the SOLARIS. Make sure to maintain a loose tension when knitting with CRYSTAL to prevent the fabric from puckering.

DESIGNER QUOTE: “I have a million cotton t-shirts but I have a few favorites that always make me feel really good as soon as I put them on. I literally traced my favorite t-shirt to get the measurements for this design. SOLARIS is such a soft yarn, it is perfect for wearing against your skin. And this tee looks too good to put away when summer’s over. Wear it into the cooler months under a blazer or cardigan”. – Rosemary Drysdale


by Rosemary Drysdale
KATE is one of 18 designs in the POP CULTURE Collection because knitting makes you feel like a queen.
The same two yarns combine in an arm-baring, simply-striped silhouette

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