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The Story
This website will record the lives of two werewolves: Remus and Taren Lupin. Using camera snapsnots from the Sims 2 computer game and the Sims 2 University expansion, I will be telling the story of their lives and the lives of their three children: Samantha, Ulbrecht, and Valerie.

Remus Lupin and Taren (Nichols) Lupin are two characters from the Harry Potter universe. Remus is a canon character, while Taren is an orginal character. They are played on an Alternate Universe Harry Potter role-playing message board set in the future when Harry and co. are in universtiy, by Julie and Eileen, respectively.

Disclaimer: All character biographies, quotes, etc. belong to their respective player and may not be reproduced without the permission of said player. All names of characters, places, spells, potions, etc. are copyrighted to J. K. Rowling. We do not claim to own these characters; just that we take a bit of artistic license here and there when the need arises.