The Introduction

Hey there Ella, and welcome to my request for Ryokomey, the male baby quiggle. I know you have been waiting anxiously, so yeah. Well anyways, I hope you'll enjoy this request as much as I have enjoyed making it for you, now if you'll move onto the next section, it'll be greatfully much much better! =3

Oh, and I almost forgot, if you want to skip to any other parts because they might be boring (o_o hope not) then I have made a navigation for you on the right hand side on the bottom ^_~ And.. thats all for now! (=

About Me

My name is Tiffany, and my nickname is Tea! (; I am 12 years old, turning 13 in June. (= Also I am in 7th grade. n_n Hmm.. what else is there.. I have been playing neopets for over a two years now too, and my internet time is about 2 hours or longer.. the most is probably 8 hours? o.o; It depends. x) I usually roleplay for about an hour a day, I guess you could call me an advid roleplayer. (= I also learned html and css about 3 months after I joined neopets. SO I am pretty experienced in them. My main account is strawieberrie. I have 3 wonderful pets on strawieberrie and they are: Anuokie, the female baby peophin, Ikarishi the rainbow krawkess, and Jachquae the female baby acara. As you can see, I only have females on this account, and I think that in Rye 'twere to join our family, he'd be the most spoiled one, since he'll be the only male. ^^ And that means, if I adopt him he'll ob' course be put on my main account, strawieberrie! ^^

I am in LoR, and have been in there the very first day it 'twas created! I think I was member # 37? (; Tee-hee not so sure, but around the 30 section. (; I have fostered already quite a few pets, and some have already been adopted. (= I try and stay as active as I can in LoR and I think I have already posted over 300 messages? I had already donated quite a few neopoints too. Oh, and I am currently a Courtesy in LoR aswell. I have made lots of friends at LoR, and of course, I'd never be willing to leave! I just love this guild ever-so-much *nods* (;

My Pets

Well, ever since my pets had found out that I was requesting Rye, they have just became crazy, and kept on begging me to let them say what they have to say to you Ella. d= And I finally decided to let them go ahead and say what they want, so here they are:

What Anuokie has to say: Me? What is there to say!!! JUST GIVE RYE TO TEA!!! She's a very good owner of course. But anyways.. It would be really nice if Ella was to be getting Rye because he can go underwater, like me!! We can play underwater together, and play pretend!! Jachquae and Ikarishi cant, so I'd really like it if he came to live with us!! (=

What Ikarishi has to say: Eh, another little one here? In this family? *glares at Tea* Well, I guess it'd be alright to have Rye in the family, Tea has my permission to do so. And well Anuokie and Jachquae have also convinced me to agree, and since they have been soo good lately, I just couldnt help but say yes. So please let us adopt Rye? He'd be the perfect once for the family!

What Jachquae has to say: Hi there Ella! I'm Jachquae, and if it wasnt for you, I wouldnt be painted baby! (= Well, we all want Rye to be in our family. Mommie says that she's applying for him because he is a whle lot different than the other baby quiggles she has seen up for adoption in PPP (when she was in PPP) but not to get you wrong she doesnt want him for his colour! It's just.. she says that there is something he can give to him, and sorrowfully cant to a whole lot of other pets out there in need, and she says that is love. I agree with mommie, because even though Rye isnt my brother, I still love him. (=

Plans For Rye

Well, if I do ever get the honor of adopting Rye, I'd first go off and die. (and then about 5 minutes later pop up back to life. ;) And then huggle/squeeze him. Then I'd huggle-tackle you and love you forever. o.o, ^^;; Haha, well since that part is over, then I'd be loving Rye forever too. ;) I'd then make him a beautiful, beautiful look-up! ^^ I then on my spare time would slowly but surely make Rye a petpage. ^^ Even if it may take quiet a while, in the end it'll be really really pretty! I'll then be giving him a neoroom too!! ^^ And he'd have a bed, pillows, and soo much more furniture! And I'll build his own bathroom as an added bonus. (;

Hmm.. he'd be spoiled every single day, and he'd be given whatever he wants! =) And well anyways, along with his own room and bathroom, he'd also be given his own garden! ^^ Close to his room that is. (; In there would be a pond, ghnomes, flowers, and who knows what else! =P Well, I could keep going on and on about plans for if I got him.. why? Simple. Because the possibilites are endless of course! =P

Rye's Partner

Well, after much consideration, and thought *wink wink nudge nudge* I have found the perfect petpet for Rye! His new petpet would be an Ona ob' course! I thought to myself.. Now, it'll have to be matching along with his colour, or else I think it'd be kinda funny! And well a blue kookith would be too much to save for me, and a blue baby fireball was too dark coloured... But then. I saw it. I saw the perfect pet for Rye. A cute little ONA! *squees* I havnt found out what kind of name to give it, and what it will be (male or female, thats why I am calling the ona an it. xD) Oh, but first I'll have to save to get it! xP I'm broke from my recent buyings of the paint brush. (; Though, I'll first save up for Rye's petpet first! Then all the other ones after Rye's. (;

Why I want Rye

I thought that since I am applying for Rye, I should give you a reason of why I want to request him.. I know this reason may sound pretty lame and I can see why not you would not want to be believeing this, but.. I really don't want Rye just because he is rare because he is a baby. I want him for something much more than that. If you had known there were also baby quiggles up for adoption in PPP, back when I was there, but I had no interest in them what so ever. All I though was oh they are cute. But I never applied. Why? Because I didnt feel anything much more deeper than them just being 'cute'. If you get where I am going at.

Well, just to make it simpler, I just dont go any apply for any 'rare' or 'baby' pets that just pop up in LoR. I dedicated myself to be different from others, to adopt the pets with my heart, not from my eyes. And with Rye.. ah yes, when you had first showed me Rye. That's exactly what my heart said. And the first glimps of him, I had melted away, and loved him to bits at once. I know you must be probably getting a lot of this, but really. This is what is really coming from my heart. If you dont believe me, I can understand that perfectly. There are a lot of lies in requests just so the people can get the pets they want. Me? No, I dont do that. I just hope you know what I am saying. That's all. (=

The Story

Whee! You have finally made it to the story! ^_^ I hope you enjoy! (;

.:Chapter One:.
Rye awakens

It was a beautiful morning out, the sun was more than ever shining brightly, and speckles of dew twinkled on the grass. On that very day, inside a regular sized house, lived 4 pet and their owner Ella. The youngest of the four was Ryokomey, also known as Rye. He was a handsome baby quiggle, and has striped markings underneath his eyes. The color of his skin was a unique color of blue, and his eyes and feet were very huge, making him look more adorable than ever. Well, as I continue, he was laying down on his fluffy pastel cot, eyes closed, and a hint of snoring about. He then stirred a bit, and then moved on his side, so that his face was towards the window in his room. The sunlight got into his closed eyes, and he then stirred yest again, but much more than last time. Finally, he slowly crept his eyelids up, and saw that it was finally morning. He then slowly sat upright on his bed, and opened up his mouth very widely, and give a *yawn*. He then lifted up his arms high in the air, as this was his daily stretch of the morning. Half awake, he got out of his cot, and sleepily dragged himself towards his bathroom. He then stood up on his little stool, which was infront of his sink. He then turned the knob that was to his right, and let the water trinkle down for a bit. Then he put his webbed paws (or hands, whichever you think maybe best suitable for him) underneath the trinkling water. When he had enough water on them, he hastily splashed them onto his face, waking him up to his fullest instantly. He then turned the knob again, making the water stop flowing out. He then hopped off of the stool, and went out, where he go towards the kitchen.

.:Chapter 2:.
Breakfast Time

As he approached the kitchen, he saw his older brother, and 2 older sisters. Todo, the eldest was reading the Neopian Times issue while drinking out of his favortie dark purple mug that contained hot coffee in there. As he has sipped out of it, he then looked up to see Rye there in front of him. He gave his usual grin and said, "Good Morning Rye! Did you sleep well?" Rye had nodded and put a smile on his face aswell and headed for the counter. He then hopped up onto his personnal high chair and reached for the cereal that was placed there by Ella, and poured about a half a bowl into his bowl of course. And then reached for the milk, and poured some aswell. He then smiled to himself happily and started chowing down. He munched and chomped, and it was loud enough so that Wickle could hear it. At first, she tried to ignore the loud, rude sounds coming from Rye so that for once he could have a peaceful meal without being asked to hush down for once, but after a couple of minutes, she had gotten irratated. Her eyes fuming, showing her anger, had then said, "Rye.. mind being a little bit more quieter??" she said, trying not to show her anger in her voice, as it was already showing in her eyes. (as I had said before) He then looked at Wickle, and obliged to her command, and nodded. Then eat the rest of his breakfast quietly.

.:Chapter 3:.
Lost in his thoughts

Rye was back upstairs, lounging around in his room. He then plopped lazily on his red beanbag chair with that crumple crumple noise coming afloat as he layed on it. He closed his eyes then thought for awhile. Why am I different from the others? he said in his mind, dumbfoundedly. Because you are special. a voice came. But from where? Wh-wh-who's there?? Rye said. His voice had a tremble in it. Why.. it's me. Turn around. said the voice. It was much nearer than last time. Rye turned his head (but not physically, but mentally) and saw. It was him! But. There was something different about himself. Rye had gave a good look at himself. (what an odd phrase!) His stripes were a bit darked than what he has now, and the colour of his skin was a darker shade of blue aswell. Am.. Am I dreaming? Rye asked. The one that looked like him shook his head. This is truely no dream. Your eyes are just closed. That's all. I am you, and you are me. We have the same name, though different nicknames. Mine is Ryo. said Ryo as he stepped up closer to Rye. But.. how can this be? asked Rye, quite utterly amazed as of what he had just heard. Ryo smiled and said, You shant know yet. Not now. It is too soon to know. Rye was just about to argue but then Todo had just came into the room, "Rye are you okay?" Rye had opened his eyes and looked at Todo, with a queery feeling inside his head. Rye nodded, and Todo left the room. The click sound of when the door closed meant that Todo had really closed the door, unlike what he does sometimes whenever he checks up on Rye. Rye then gave a deep long sigh. He closed his eyes again to see if Ryo was there or not, but all he saw was darkness.

.:Chapter 4:.
The Depressing Truth

It was already mid day, and Rye and Heart were playing out in the fronyard. The dew from the grass 'twas long gone, as the sun's rays had made them into water vapor. They were both playing tag, and Rye, was the tagger for the time being. Heart swiftly doged the reached paw of Rye as he tried tagging her. She then hastily ran around the yard, trying to dodge each and ever move that came by from Rye. But then she had made one mistake, her back was accidentally turned right in front of Rye because she had turned much more than she had wanted to. Rye had a glance of a smile, but about 5 microseconds later, his paw was against Haerts light blue furr, and she was finally tagged. "Ah-ha!" Rye said as a big grin approached his face. And he stood there, beaming with pride. Heart gave a smile aswell and said, "Wow Rye! You actually got me!" Rye nodded triumphantly. As they were talking, Ella had opened up the front door and grinned. She then called the two in for an urgent announcement she had to make. They both went in, and headed for the living room. When they got there Todo and Wickle both sat on the couch. Their faces looked different than before. Their eyes seemed full of sadness. Rye pondered. So did Heart. Ella sat onto her nearly worn out chair and asked Rye and heart politely to sit down on the couch next to Todo and Wickle. They obeyed and both sat on the couch. Ella gave a sigh and said in a depressed voice, "I'm afraid that I have done something to one of you. My darling pets..." Todo sighed helplessly, and ye looked up at him, though with puzzlement now. And Ella continued, "I have done this.. because I cannot be taking care of all of you at once.. and the thing I have done is.." Wickle started getting water eyes. She looked like she was about to cry. Rye then looked up at Wickle, so helplessly, for in a few seconds they would find out what their owner, Ella, so kind and gentle could have done to any of her precious pets. And Rye knew that they were the most important things in her life. Because she had told him that, one day. "...The thing that I have done is.. I put Rye up for adoption.." said Ella finally finishing her sentence, but with a tear streaming down her cheek. Rye tilted his head a bit and saw the tear twinkle. It looked for a second like a diamond. He didnt react to what she had said at first, because he didnt know what 'adoption' meant. He then blinked twice, and then asked, "Mama, what's 'adoption' mean?" Ella looked at Rye mourningfully and said, "It.. it means.. that you'll be given away.. to another person." She had then whimpered as if she was in pain and went over to Rye and hugged him, "I.. I'm soo sorry, but.. I just can't take that good care of you anymore.." Rye looked up at Ella, and hugged her back, not really knowing what she had meant, but sooner or later.. will find out.

.:Chapter 5:.
The Search Begins

It was already night time, and Rye had already ate dinner. He was getting ready for bedtime and started brushing his teeth. His toothbrush tickled his teeth as he went back.. and forth.. back.. and forth.. vertically, that is. After a couple of minutes, he then began doing the circle motion. (As you can tell, he loves his teeth very much! And would like it to be as clean as possible) After he was done, he rinsed his mouth with water, and went into his soft skyblue with cute little water droplets.. pajamas!! He then yawned sleepily and climed up onto his neatly arranged bed. (since he makes his bed every morning! What a good little quiggle! :3) He then softly layed down, and snuggled himself in comfortably, and fell asleep.

.:The Next Morning:.

The next morning the sun wasnt as bright as before, and little dew 'twas on the grass. Ella had been recieving tons of mail for her precious Rye, and Rye stared in amazement, his eyes, much wider than ever. He then sighed and headed back upstairs and back to his room. Scuddling on his beanbag chair, he closed his eyes. You do not know will happen to you, do you? said Ryo, as his appearance showed forth. What will happen to me? I'm soo confused, and soo lost.. said Rye, in his saddest voice ever. Ryo frowed and hugged him. Do you really want to know what will happen to you? Do you want to know it.. right now? asked Ryo making sure Rye really wants to know. Rye nodded, and sighed. Then I shall tell you only but the truth. Ryo exclaimed, and he went on, Ella as of this moment is reading requests for you, Rye, and soon. She will find the perfect person to take care of you. But.. just to make it simpler, she is going to give you away. Rye gasped in amazement and said, So.. that is what adoption means? Ryo nodded sadly. Rye had by then put down his head and from Ryo's distance, you could tell he was crying. Ryo went up to him and hugged him again, but much long than before. Rye then asked Is she doing this... because she loves me? Or hates me? Ryo replied She is doing this... because she loves you. And please... always remember that. And suddenly Rye opened up his eyes, and ran out of his room, hurridly to the living room 'twere Ella was at. She was halfway done with reading all of the requests for that day, and her eyes were getting droppy (not from old age, but from tiredness) Rye then hopped up onto her lap and squeezed her with all his might, weeping as he did so. "i..i.. i dont want to go mommie..." said Rye, drowning his words with tears making it hard to hear. Ella looked down at Rye and frowned, and she knew that he found out, what adoption meant.

.:Chapter 6:.
Ryo Tells a Surprise

Days past, and each and everyday Rye became more and more depressed. It had never shown at first, but then each passing day is shown a tiny bit more. Ella was getting worried, and sad. Rye slowly went up to his room and slouched down onto his beanbag chair and asked to himself "Why I am like this all of the sudden?" Because you are depressed. Ryo said, in Rye's head. Rye then closed his eys. Whats depressed mean? Rye asked curiously. Ryo was sitting down on a small wooden stool, colorings with crayons. He replied It means that you are always feeling down. Like you lost all hope. Rye looked downwards and sighed. I guess you could say that Rye said with a sigh. Ryo put a grin on his face. Dont worry Rye, your mom will decide soon, and your new mom.. ah.. she's wonderful. Believe me. Rye forced a grin on his face, and replied You really think so? Ryo nodded. I saw her, and saw what she does for a day, and she's just.. incredible. So, dont you be looking depressed when she sees you, kay? Rye nodded and said But how do you know she is com--- Rye opened his eys and saw Ella there. She grinned and said, "There is someone I would like you to meet." Rye pondered and thought Might this be the one.. who Ryo was talking about?

.:Chapter 7:.
Rye is happy again

Ella and Rye both came downstairs, Ella was holding onto Rye's hand tightly, and she whispered quietly to Rye, "You'll really like her, trust me!" And Rye looked up at Ella, puzzled. When they had arrived at the living room, there was a girl and 2 pets around her. THe girl was not too tall, but yet not too short. She looked like she was 12 years old. She had big brown eyes, and long dark brown hair, with beautiful streaks of blonde, light brown, and bronze in it. She had quiet a few freckles on her face, and seemed very cheerful. Her 3 pets were a baby peophin and a baby acara, and a rainbow krawk. They all seemed like females. From the way they acted, at least. Ella and Rye sat down on Ella's chair, Rye sitting on Ella's lap. Ella then put her hand on Rye's head and said, "Well, here's Rye! Isnt he a cutie?" The girl then looked at Rye and smiled, "Always and forever, yes." Rye blushed a dark red colour and the girl laughed. "It's alright, no need to be nervous, my name is Tea. Nice to meet you Rye." Rye then looked upon the girl called Tea yet again, replied, "It's nice to meet you too Tea.." And Ella grinned with excitement.

And so, all of them started talking, trading off questions and answering them all one by one. About an hour and a half past, and Rye laughed at one of the remarks made by Jachquae, the baby acara. Ella smiled in happiness because she hadnt seen him laugh in days. "Ohhh.. I'm sorry, but we have to go now, we have to run some errands really quick!" said Tea looking at her watch. "Aww.. you'll come back soon, wont you?" said Ella sad, but only a little. Tea smiled and said, "Of course we will! It tomorrow a fine day to come again?" Rye smiled and nodded, "That would be a great day to come!" "Oh.. and Rye, would you mind coming over here, I need to tell you something.." said Tea, sounding mysterious. Rye pondered and came over to Tea. She cupped her hand and put it right next to her mouth and whispered softly, "I know what you are going through, I can see it in your eyes. Your depressed, I'll tell you a little secret, I am too." And she took away her hand and then hugged Rye. Rye, shocked at first by what she had said, but then later hugged her back. "I hope you come back soon Tea." said Rye as he waved them goodbye. And finally.. Rye was happy again.

.:Chapter 8:.
Tea and Rye become closer

The next day Tea came all by herself to Ella's house, and most of the day they played around, and just had pure fun! Ella could see the sparkle in Rye's eyes whenever they were together, and knew they were just a perfect match. The afternoon came, and Tea said, "Oh.. would you like to come with me to do some errands.. Rye?" Rye's eyes widened from the sound of that, and he nodded eagerly. "Oh! But first I have to ask my mom to see if it is alright with her, I'll be back in a minute!!" said Rye, almost forgetting to ask for permission. He came back after a couple of minutes and said, "Mom said I can go with you to do your errands!!" And he hopped up and down in excitment. Tea gleefully smiled and said, "Alright then let's go!!"

.:At the Supermarket:.

"Alright then Rye, in you go!" said Tea as she lifted up Rye into the cart. "Oh my! Rye, you're feet look like big blue jello!" And Tea had laughed. Rye laughed too because that is what Ella always says to Rye whenever Ella remembers to say it, that is. (; And so, for about an hour, they were going on Tea's errands, and Rye had became much close to Tea than he'd ever imagine. "Ah, well, that's all for my errands Rye! I'll drop you off home now?" said Tea with a tired look upon her face. Rye smiled, "Yeah, I'm wickedly tired out." and he gave another yawn and rubbed his eyes. Tea smiled. When they got to Rye's house, Ella thanked Tea for taking good care of Rye while they were out. "No need for thanks, we had lots of fun together!!" said Tea as she waved goodbye. Waving back goodbye, Rye had a splendid day. Probably one of the most happiest days of his life? (So far at lest *wink*)

.:Chapter 9:.
Descion Time for Ella

Well about a week has past, and every other day Tea came by to see Rye and Ella. But today was the day that Ella would decide who Rye would be going with. Rye was very nervous, and very scared. He forgot to ask Tea if he had even requested him or not! Probably she was just a friend of Tea's to cheer me up.. said Rye feeling a little down. Now that, I cannot answer, as well.. You have become too attached to her, you'll find out on your own. said Ryo as he started playing with chips. (gambling chips that is. xP) But... Why not? You need to tell me! Rye demanded. Ryo stopped playing with his chips and looked up at Rye. I already said it. I cant. Nothing further. And he vanished back into the darkness. Rye opened his eyes and was now angry. "HMPH. Why wont Ryo tell mee!??!" shouted Rye. "Who's Ryo, and tell you what?" Ella inturrupted. Rye turned around and saw Ella standing there right next to him. "Uhmm.. no one. My imaginary friend." said Rye trying to think of something smart. Ella grinned and said, "Okay, but I have just decided who your new owner will be." Rye's eyes bursted wide open. "Who is it?!!?" asked Rye, panic striken. Ella shook her head, "You cant find out till tomorrow! They'll be coming over to see you." Rye sighed in sadness and said, "Alright.." And so Rye waited in his room until it was the tomorrow. (that never came.. hah! joking! IT DID! =3)

.:Chapter 10:.
Rye Goes to his new home

On the day it came, the day when Rye would finally be going to his new home, Rye had awaken very early. He started packing up his things, and stuffed everything he could into there. His bed would be moved over there aswell, but the things that could be packed were going to go with him while he moved. When he was done packing, he went downstairs to where the rest of his family awaits. There was all three of his silbings. Todo, Wickle, and Heart. They had a greiving look on their faces. Each and everyone of them. Rye frowned and went to hug them their last hug one by one. Tears shed as they were hugging, as they all loved each other very much. Then, Rye looked over at Ella. He could tell that she was hold in the tears, and she kneeled down to his height, and hugged him very very tightly. Rye hugged her back. When they were done, the doorbell rang. Ella put a grin on her face, and opened the door. There was a girl, but she didnt look anything like Tea. Rye sighed heavily as he knew that Tea never applied. He dragged himself over to the girl and said, "Hi.. my name is Rye." The girl giggled a much familiar giggle and took him home. Ella giggled aswell and waved goodbye.

When they got to the girls house she said, "Oh Rye... I have a surprise for you.." Rye looked up at the girl wide eyes, and thought she has the same voice of Tea?!? The girl then took of her face, and Rye screamed. "No no RYe, you can look! No harm done!!" said the girl. Rye turned around and saw that right there, before him, was none other than.. TEA!!! (of course =3) He grinned widely and jumped on her to give her a hug. Tea lughed. "Dont you scare me like that! I thought you werent you!" said Rye happily. "I know I know.. your mom would never give you to someone who you havnt seen before, didnt you know that?" said Tea, with an almost evile grin on her face. Rye replied, "I guess so.." "See!! Now come on, the others are waiting to see if you are with me, so come on!!" said Tea anxiously. They both went insaide the house, and they all lived happily ever after. =3 (Quite a thrill, huh? xP)

.:The End:.

A Poem

I dont know if I am that good of a poet, but I tried. ^_^

Ever since I saw you
I knew you were the one
Who would lift up my spirits
Who would make me happy again

No other pet can replace you.
Because you are special
You are like no other pet
I love you now, and for always

Dont forget, when your lost
and alone, I'll always be there
Right there, by your side.
All of this, if for you.


Because I love you this much.


Here are some other thing I thought of, while during the request. ^_^ I hope you dont mind!

I'd make Rye a LJ (livejournals) so he can have a real journal! ^_^

I would roleplay him as much as possible!!

And also, I'd make him an e-mail address! Since I think they are much better than neomails. o.o So His friends could e-mail him, and he could e-mail them back ^_^ Isn't it a wonderful idea? *beams*

And last, but not least, he'd most likely have an... obsession! *dun dun dunnn* And well, his obsession would be.. *thinks* Green froggie plooshes! xP Well, yep yep, It would be. ^_^;;;

Diary Entree's

I thought having some diary entree's would be pretty cute for this request. (;

April 18th,

YAY!! Ella chose Tea to become my new mom! And today, Tea gave me this book, so it can become my new diar-- I mean journal!! Diaries are only for girls and are sooo over reated. =P Well, I think that'll be all for today, so bye!!

P.S. I am really really happy!! (=

April 19th,

Wow, this new house of mine is quiet interesting. Even though I am the only boy around here (quite odd if you tell me O.o), it sure is great! Cause I'll always be spoiled the most!! =DD Oh and today Tea-- I mean mom told me she really really loved me. =^_^= I feel soo special. Maybe because I am special? (= *evil grin*

April 20th,

Guess what? Guess what? Mom said she is going to save up to buy me, yes me a... PETPET!!! *twirls around in circles uncontrollably* She says it's going to be an Ona! ^^ I have never seen one before, but hopefully when I do, I'll lve it? *twirls around in circles again and then gets dizzy* e.e Maybe I should lower down the twirling.. *nods*

My Promise

This is my promise to you, if I adopt Rye:

Ella, I promise to you that I, Tea will always care for Ryokomey, your male baby quiggle no matter what. I shall always love him with my heart, no matter what. He will never be neglected or abandoned. He will not be given to any friend, no matter how close of a friend they are to me. Ryokomey will always be my number 1 priority and will always try and make him happy. If he gets sick, he will be cured immediatly. If he becomes unhappy, I will do everything I can to make him happy again. If a random event occurs and changes his colour, I will do everything I can to make him go back to his original color. If he species change, I will do everything I can to change him back.

I promise, that I, Tea will never re-paint him, or change his species. No matter what. I will never change his appearance or personality. (Whatever it may be) And I promise, no matter what, that if I ever decide to quit neopets, I will return him back to you, so that you may put him back up for adoption for him to find another owner, or just keep him in your own hands. Though I assure you I wont be quitting as long as neopets, or I am alive. ^^

The End

Well, my request has finally come to and end. ^_^ I hope you have liked it very very much, and I hope thet you will consider me as Rye's new owner. ^_^ Thank you soo much for even coming over here to read my request. (= My AIm screen name is: klloudnine just incase you had forgotten and all. (; Thank you soo much again, and even if Rye doesnt join our family, I'll still be loving him forever and ever. (=

-The End

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