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Ruby's Tuesdays, Site 2
Disclaimer - this site has no connection to any restaurant whatsoever.

Welcome, friends!

I became comfortable on the Web on Angelfire, but I've moved Ruby's Tuesdays to

Please follow me there

I left the "origin story" on this site if you just found me and you'd like a quick sample.

I've used this site as a free-form online journal where I can grab hold of my past before it slips away from me, and as a place for me to confront my fear of being known.

I seem to have told most of my stories I'm eager to tell. It looks like I'll be posting less frequently now, with more photos and fewer tales.

My friend Dawn's Encourager Site inspired me to experiment with backgrounds. You'll see the results of that!

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My e-mail (no spaces) rubyj29 @
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