Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Kool Haus, Toronto, ON 10/4/2006 (CD)
Gold Lion/ Honeybear/ Black Tongue/ Fancy/ Phenomena/ Mysteries/ Cheated Hearts/ Dudley/ The Sweets/ Y Control/ Miles Away/ Turn Into/ <Crowd Noise>Encore: Maps/ Warrior/ Tick/ Art Star/ Modern Romance/ Date With The Night
KROQ Weenie Roast,
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Irvine CA 12/6/2004 (CD)

Intro/ Y-Control/ Black Tongue/ Pin/ Rockers & Swallow/ Cold Light/ Rich/ Cheated Heart/ Miles Away/ Maps
The Fillmore, San Fransisco CA 16/3/2004 (CD)
Machine/ ?/ Rich/ Cold Light/ Down Boy/ Date With The Night/ Song Dedication/Crowd Appreciation Art Star/ Cheated Hearts/ Black Tongue/ Maps/ ?/ Miles Away/ Encore: Y-Control/ Tick/ Modern Romance
Øyafestivalen, Oslo, Norway 9/8/2003 (CD)
Down Boy/ Rockers To Swallow/ Cold Light/ Date With The Night/ Rich/ Art Star/ Y-Control/ Mystery Girl/ Maps/ Ten By Ten/ Machine/ Miles Away/ Modern Romance
Knaack, Berlin 12/6/2003 (CD)
?/ Cold Light/ ?/ Pin/ ?/ Date With The Night/ Rich/ Art Star/ Graveyard/ Mystery Girl/ Machine/ Miles Away/ Maps/ Bang/ Modern Romance/ Our Time
Le Trabendo, Paris, France 10/6/2003 (CD)
Shake It/ Rich/ Rochers/ Date With The Night/ 1° * 10/ Pin/ Kiss Kiss/ Art Star/ Y Control/ Mystery Girl/ Miles Away/ Maps/ Machine/ Bang/ Our Time/ Modern Romance
Rock City, Nottingham UK 27/2/2003 (CD)
Shake It/ Kiss Kiss/ Cold Night/ Date With The Night/ Band/ Rich/ Art Star/ Mystery Girl/ I'm a Man/ Count Down/ Maps/ Blow Hard/ Miles Away/ Our Time
Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH 5/2/2003 (CD)
Modern Romance/ Rich/ Cold Light/ Date With The Night/ ?/ Pin/ Art Star/ No No No/ Mystery Girl/ Miles Away/ Machine/ Maps/ ?/ Y-Control/ Black Tongue/ Our Time
Meredith Festival, Meredith, Victoria, Australia 14/12/2002 (CD)
Rich/ Black Tongue/ Bang/ Pin/ Countdown/ Artstar/ Graveyard/ Mystery Girl/ Miles Away/ Modern Romance/ Our Time/ Tick
The Palace, Melbourne 13/12/2002 (CD)
Machine/ Miles Away/ Maps/ Cold Light/ Bang/ Date with the night/ Shake It/ Y-Control/ Art Star/ Rich/ Mystery Girl/ Our Time
Irving Plaza, New York 16/10/2002 (CD)
Black Tongue/ Pin/ Bang/ Rich/ Art Star/ No No No/ Y Control/ Machine/ Miles Away/ Maps/ ?/ Tick
Irving Plaza, New York, 15/10/2002 (CD)
Intro/ Shake It/ Cold Light/ Man/ Bang/ Pin/ Rich/ Art Star/ No, No, No/ Y-Control/ Machine/ Modern Romance/ Maps/ Tick/ Our Time
The Showbox, Seattle CA 24/9/2002 (CD)
Cold Light/ Yeah! New York/ Bang/ Date with the night/ Shake It/ Rich/ Art Star/ Machine/ ?/ Miles Away/ Maps/ Tick
Coney Island Siren Festival, New York 20/7/2002 (MD)
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The Shelter, Dublin, Ireland 24/4/2002 (CD)
Our Time/ Miles Away/ Rich/ Man/ Bang/ Black Tongue/ Shake It / Art Star/ Pin/ Y-Control/ Boogers/ Mystery Girl/ Tick
WFMU, East Orange, New Jersey 22/2/2002 (CD)
Cold Light/ Bang/ Black Tongue/ Rich/ Machine/ Art Star/ Mystery Girl/ Our Time/ Miles Away/ Tick
Radio 1 2002 (CD)
Tick/ Rich/ Bang/ Pin

B-Sides (CD)
Cold Light/ Black Tongue/ Rich/ Machine/ Our Time/ Tick