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Ryan Adams
2-18-01 San Francisco (2cd, SBD, A+)
12-5-02 Netherlands (2cd, SBD, A+)
Pinkheart Demos (1cd, studio, A+)
Suicide Handbook (1cd, studio, A+)

Richard Ashcroft
2-3-01 Knitting Factory, NY (2cd, AUD, A)

Badly Drawn Boy
"What a year! or so..." Bsides/Rarities (1cd, Varies, A+)
8-13-00 St. Malo, FR (1cd, FM, A)
2001 Redding Festival (1cd, FM, A)
4-30-01 "The River" radio show (1cd, FM, A+)
5-21-01 "Morning Becomes Eclectic" KCRW (1cd, FM, A)

White Album acoustic demos (1cd, SBD, A/A-)
Revolution (1cd, Studio outtakes, A/A-)

12-10-96 London, UK (1cd, FM, A-)
8-15-03 Salzburing, AUT (1cd, FM, A)
9-6-97 Sessions at West 54th (1cd, SBD, A)

6-23-03 Berlin, GE (1cd, FM, A+)

Bright Eyes
2-10-01 Minneapolis, MN (1cd, AUD, A-)
6-16-01, Seattle, WA **Solo** (1cd, SBD, A+)
5-10-02 ?? (1cd, SBD, A+)
5-12-02 Detroit, MI (1cd, AUD, A-)
4-10-03 KCRW, LA (1cd, FM, A)
11-20-03 Austin City Limits Fest (1cd, SBD, A+)

Broken Social Scene
11-16-03 Eugene, OR (1cd, AUD, A-)

Jeff Buckley
"Hallelujah" (1cd, SBD, A)
1995 Bataclan, France (2cd, SBD, A+)
7-6-95 Paris, France (1cd, SBD, A+)
2-4-97 Knitting Factory (SOLO) (1cd, SBD, A+)
2-9-97 Arlenes Grocery, NY (1cd, AUD, A)

Belle and Sebastian
10-5-98 Black Session, France (1cd, FM, A+)

Built to Spill
6-8-01 Boulder, CO (2cd, SBD, A+)
6-14-01 "Morning Becomes Eclectic" KCRW (1cd, FM, A)

Cat Power
2 radio shows (1cd, FM, A)

The Clash
New York, NY (2cd, SBD, A)

2-13-02 Peel Session, UK (1cd, FM/Webcast, A-)

6-26-00 Wiseeloord studios, Holland (1cd, BDCST, A)
7-24-00 Maida Vale (1cd, SBD, A+)
5-24-01 Boston, MA (1cd, FM, A)
B-Sides and Rarities (1cd, STUDIO, A+)

Death Cab For Cutie
4-14-00 Seattle, WA (1cd, SBD, A+)
3-1-02 Los Angeles, CA (1cd, SBD, A+)
3-23-02 Louisville, KY (1cd, SBD, A+)
10-23-03 KCRW, LA (1cd, FM, A)

The Decemberists
5-7-03 Minneapolis, MN (1cd, SBD, A+)

Dinosaur Jr.
6-14-91 Hollywood, CA (1cd, SBD, A)

Dismemberment Plan
11-8-01 Yverdon, Switzerland (1cd, SBD, A+)
2-22-02 Seattle, WA (1cd, SBD, A)

6-13-01 Boston, MA (1cd, FM, A+)

DJ Shadow
"The Shadow Files" **B-sides and remixes** (3cd, Studio, A+)
10-30-97 BBC London, UK (1cd, FM, A+)
De Benicassim Fest, SPAIN (1cd, FM, A+)

Nick Drake
Time Of No Reply (2cd, Studio outtakes, A/A-)

Drive Like Jehu
9-16-94 San Fran, CA (1cd, AUD, A-)

Jeremy Enigk
8-29-96 KNDD Live (1cd, SBD, A)

The Fire Theft
2003 Studio Demos (1cd, Studio, A++)
1-23-03 Hollywood, CA (1cd, AUD, A-)

Flaming Lips
KCRW studios (1cd, FM, A+)

Foo Fighters
6-8-00 Marietta, GA **Acoustic** (1cd, SBD, A)
Bizzare Fest 2000 (1cd, FM, A+)
Brussels, BE (1cd, FM, A+)

Fountains of Wayne
3-26-02 Cambridge, MA **Acoustic** (1cd, AUD, A-)
12-12-03 Sayreville, NJ (1cd, AUD, A-)

Godspeed You Black Emporer
4-3-00 London, England (1cd, AUD, A)
3-16-03 St. Louis, MO (1cd, AUD, B+)

6-30-00 Stockholm, Sweden (1cd, FM, A+)
4-22-01 Carborro, NC (1cd, AUD, A)
The Windfall Varietal (1cd, Studio bsides/outtakes, A)

David Gray
9-24-00 Boston, MA (2cd, AUD, A)
11-8-00 Hamburg, Germany (1cd, FM, A+)

Guided By Voices
11-2-94 New York, NY (2cd, SBD, A)
3-20-1999 Austin, TX (1cd, AUD, A-)
4-28-00 Ashville, NC (2cd, AUD, A)
3-22-01 Milwaukee, WI (2cd, AUD, A-)
9-18-03 Hamburg, GE (2cd, SBD, A)

??-1997 European Fest Performance (1cd, SBD, A+)

The Hives
7-26-01 Storsjoyran Festival, Stockholm, Sweden (1cd, FM, A+)

8-4-95 St. Louis (1cd, SBD, A+)
4-23-98 Pittsburg, PA (1cd, AUD?, A)

4-3-01 Maida Vale, London (1cd, FM, A-)

8-27-02 Black Session (1cd, FM, A)

Jimmy Eat World
3-14-99 Boston, MA (1cd, FM, A)
3-23-99 Chicago, IL (1cd, SBD, A)
11-10-01 La Scalia (1cd, SBD, A+)
Clarity Demos (1cd, SBD, A/A-)

Norah Jones
1-29-02 Caimbridge, MA (1cd, SBD, A+)

Damien Jurado
1-30-98 Vancouver, BC (1cd, SBD, A+)
10-14-00 Western Washington U (1cd, SBD, A+)
Austin, TX (1cd, AUD, A)

4-6-99 Bennignton, VT (1cd, SBD, A+)
11-2000 John Peel Show BBC (1cd, FM, A+)
3-20-01 Paradisio, Amsterdam (1cd, AUD, A)
1-2-02/1-30-03 Peel Session (1cd, FM, A)

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
2-1-01 Stockholm, SW (1cd, SBD, A+)
3-28-03 Rotterdam, NL (1cd, SBD, A+)

Manic Street Preachers
3-2-99 Stockholm, SW (1cd, AUD, A-)
7-5-01 Kristiansand, Norway (1cd, FM, A+)

10-29-98 Riverside, Newcastle (1cd, FM, A+)
3-14-01 Reykjavick, Iceland (2cd, FM, A+)
5-15-01 Melkweg, Holland (1cd, SBD, A+)
5-21-03 Maide Vale, London (1cd, FM, A+)

2-25-94 Milan, Italy (1cd, AUD, A)

10-15-94 Chicago, IL (1cd, SBD, A+)

"Sounds of Syncopated Ecstasy" (B-sides) (2cd, STUDIO, A+)
"Stuff Up The Cracks" Various Radio Shows (1cd, FM, A)
9-11-92 Chapel Hill, NC (1cd, SBD, A-)
12-14-92 Brixton Academy +MORE (1cd, FM, A)
4-21-97 Missoula, MT (1cd, SBD, A+)
5-14-97 Baltimore, MD (1cd, AUD, B+)
6-23-99 Atlanta, GA (1cd, AUD, A)
6-25-99 Glastonbury Fest (1cd, FM, A+)

Pedro the Lion
10-29-99 Seattle, WA (1cd, SBD, A+)
11-18-99 Langley, BC **SOLO** (1cd, SBD, A+)
3-28-00 Seattle, WA (1cd, SBD, A+)
7-6-01 Cornerstone Fest, Bushnell, IL (2cd, SBD, A+)
9-17-01 Philadelphia, PA (1cd, SBD, A)

6-12-89 Vienna (1cd, FM, A)
8-8-89 London (1cd, SBD, A)
4-13-04 Minneapolis, MN (2cd, SBD, A+)

8-15-98 St. Malo, FR (1cd, FM, A)

Promise Ring
3-23-99 The Metro, Chicago, IL (1cd, SBD, A)

12-1-95 Stockholm, Sweden (1cd, SBD,A+)
4-13-96 Boston, MA (1cd, SBD, A+)
6-24-97 Urecht, Holland (1cd, SBD,A+)
7-4-97 France (1cd, SBD, A+)
12-19-97 New York, NY MTV 10 spot (2cd, SBD,A)
4-2-98 San Francisco, CA (2cd, AUD?, A+)
12-10-98 Paris, France (1cd, SBD, A)
7-4-00 Berlin, Germany (2cd, SBD, A+)
9-16-00 Nijmegen, Holland (2cd, FM, A+)
10-2-00 Warrington, UK (2cd, SBD, A+)
4-28-01 France, CANAL+ (1cd, SBD, A+)
6-1-01 Germany (2cd, SBD, A+)
6-23-01 George, WA (2cd, AUD, A-)
7-7-01 Oxford, England (2cd, FM, A-)
7-30-01 Atlanta, GA (2cd, AUD, A-)
8-8-01 Cleveland, OH (2cd, AUD, A)
8-14-01 Boston, MA (2cd, AUD, A)
8-1-02 San Sebastian, Spain (2cd, AUD, A/A-)
10-26/27-02 Bridge School Benefit, San Fran, CA **Thom Solo** (1cd, AUD, A)
8-7-02 Salamanca, Spain (2cd, AUD, A+)
3-7-03 Music Planet (acoustic) (1cd, SBD, A)
6-3-03 KCRW, LA (acoustic) (1cd, FM, A+)
10-6-03 Atlanta, GA (2cd, FM, A+)
11-27-03 Earl's Court, London (2cd, XFM, A)
12-8-03 London, UK (acoustic) (1cd, FM, A+)
Amnesiac bsides (1cd, Studio/SBD, A+)
Unplugged (1cd, input varies, B to A+)

6-8-79 San Fran, CA (1cd, SBD, A)

Red House Painters
1-7-96 Seattle, WA *Mark solo* (2cd, AUD, A-)
6-14-97 Hutsfield Festival, Sweden (1cd, FM, A)
8-23-98 McCabes, Santa Monica, CA *Mark solo* (1cd, AUD, A)
2-25-01 San Fran, CA *Mark solo* (1cd, AUD, A)
5-7-01 Dublin, Ireland (2cd, AUD, A)

6-4-98 Umea, SW (1cd, FM, A-)

4-28-91 Mountain Stage, WV **Acoustic** (2cd, FM, A)
1-17-01 Buenos Aires, AR (2cd, AUD, C)
1-13-01 Rio De Janeiro (2cd, TV, A-)
5-12-01 Cologne, Germany (2cd, FM, A+)
10-29-03 LA, CA (2cd, FM, A+)

The Shins
11-15-01 Houston, TX (1cd, SBD, A+)

Sigur Ros
8-28-99 Reykjavik, Iceland (1cd, SBD, A+)
4-13-01 Vienna, Austria (2cd, FM, A+)
10-16-02 Vienna, Austria (2cd, SBD, A+)
2-12-03 London, UK (2cd, AUD, A)
2-20-03 Berlin, Germany (2cd, AUD, A/A-)

Sixpence None the Richer
9-17-98 "Morning Becomes Eclectic" KCRW (1cd, SBD, A+)
3-20-99 Richmond, VA (1cd, SBD, A+)
??-2001 Unknown Festival **new tracks** (1cd, AUD, A)

Smashing Pumpkins
8-14-93 Chicago, IL (2cd, FM, A)
10-23-95 Chicago, IL (2cd, SBD, A)
4-7-96 Duesseldorf, DE (1cd, SBD, A+)
1-8-97 Vancouver, BC (2cd, FM, A-)
8-4-98 Atlanta, GA (2cd, SBD, A+)
2-17-00 Atlata, GA (billy solo) (1cd, FM, A)
Sacred and Profane Tour Sampler 2000 (1cd, SBD, A+)
Unplugged (1cd, Input varies,B+ to A+)
Billy's home demos (1cd, SBD, A-)
Machina acousitc demos (1cd, SBD, A)

Elliott Smith
4-12-97 Princeton U (SOLO), (1cd, SBD, A)
4-17-98, Washington DC, (1cd, SBD, A+)
6-2-98 Stockholm, SW (SOLO), (1cd, SBD, A+)
7-4-00 Gothenberg, SW, (1cd, FM, A+)
11-2-00, Newport, KY, (1cd, SBD, A)
2-1-03, LA, CA, (1cd, AUD, A-)
5-3-03 Austin, TX (SOLO), (1cd, SBD, A+)

7-12-03 San Fran, CA (1cd, SBD, A+)

10.29.01 Birmingham, UK (1cd, FM, A+)
12-6-01 "Morning Becomes Eclectic" KCRW (1cd, FM, A)

The Strokes
2-2-01 London, UK (1cd, FM, A)
5-7-01 Stockholm, Sweden (1cd, FM, A+)
10-30-03 Lowell, MA (1cd, FM, A+)

Sunny Day Real Estate
10-5-94 Knitting Factory, NYC (1cd, AUD, A-)
10-21-00 Rochester, NY (1cd, FM, A+)

Super Furry Animals
7-30-01 Steve Lamaq Session (1cd, FM, A+)

1999 Glastonbury Festival (1cd, FM, A+)
2001 Leeds Town Hall (1cd, SBD, A+)
9-19-03 Oslo, Norway (1cd, FM, A+)

Turin Brakes
5-9-01 "Morning Becomes Eclectic" KCRW (1cd, FM, A)

4-29-87 Chicago, IL (2cd, SBD?, A)
8-28-93 Dublin, Ireland (2cd, SBD, A+)
12-5-00 Irving Plaza (1cd, FM, A+)
3-XX-01 Miami, FL (2cd, SBD?, A-)

Unwed Sailor
2000 Oklahoma City, OK (1cd, SBD, A+)

1-10-1997 Glasgow, UK (1cd, AUD, B+)

1-4-00 The Exclaim Party (1cd, ???, B+)
6-3-99 Toronto, CA (1cd, ???, B)

The White Stripes
7-25-01 London, England (1cd, FM, A+)
12-6-01 London, England (1cd, FM, A-)
9-14-01 Houston, TX (1cd, SBD, A+)
4-4-02 Providence, RI (1cd, AUD, A)
5-19-03 Berlin, GE (2cd, FM, A+)
11-16-03 New York, NY (1cd, FM, A)
B-Sides (1cd, studio, A)

11-5-99 Cincinnati, OH (2cd, SBD, A+)
1-2-00 Lounge Ax **Jeff Solo + Wilco Filler** (2cd, SBD/MP3, A/A-)
3-12-01 Minneapolis, MN **Jeff Solo** (2cd, AUD, A)
9-26-01 Washington DC (2cd, SBD, A+)
10-5-01 Detroit, MI (2cd, SBD, A+)
6-12-02 Abbey Pub, Chicago **Jeff Solo** (2cd, AUD, A)
11-2-02 Tampa, FL (2cd, SBD, A+)
1-6-03 Chicago, IL **Jeff Solo** (2cd, SBD, A+)
1999 Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos (1cd, Studio, A+)
2000 Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos (1cd, Studio, A+)
Outta Print, Outta Site (Rarities) (1cd, SBD, A+)

Pete Yorn
6-14-01 Hollywood, CA (1cd, SBD, A+)

Zwan (ex-Smashing Pumpkins)
11-16-01 Pamona, CA (1cd, AUD, A-)
4-14-02 Chicago, IL (2cd, AUD, A/A+)
2-14-03 Maida Vale, UK (1cd, FM, A+)
4-7-03 Atlanta GA **Acoustic** (1cd, FM, A+)

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