Pedrohead’s DVD list.



4-28-03           Pro-shot           A+       London, England                      NTSC   (Perfect quality, menus, chapters, solo acoustic set)



9-22-02           Pro-shot           A         Toronto, CA                            NTSC  (Much Music I&I, great video, good audio)


Foo Fighters

11-15-95         Pro-shot           A-        Brixton, England                       NTSC  (MTV>VHS>AVI>DVD, video good, sound is ok)


Mars Volta

8-29-03           Pro-shot           A-        Lowland’s Festival                    NTSC  (great chapters/menus, AVI>DVD, video good, sound is ok)



12-13-93         Pro-shot           A         Pier 13 WA                              NTSC  (SVHS>DVD from MTV’s “live and loud”, better quality than STG release)


Pedro the Lion

7-2-99             AUD                A-        Cornerstone, Bushnell IL          NTSC  (from master DV, people’s heads in way for some of show, good sound/video)

7-8-00             AUD                A-        Cornerstone, Bushnell IL          NTSC  (from master DV, acoustic show, mostly covers)

3-11-98           AUD                B+       Raleigh, NC                             NTSC  (from VHS>DVD, lot’s of people talking, but good show)



8-27-94           Pro-shot           A+       Redding Festival                       NTSC  (25 minute show, full set, last song cut)

5-27-95           AUD                A         Providence, RI                         NTSC  (Great AUD shot!!)

5-27-96           Pro-shot           A-        Pinkpop Fest                            NTSC  (VHS>DVD, played “Lift”, that’s all you need)

7-4-97             Pro-shot           A         Euroknees, Belfort, France       PAL     (Great quality, FM sound on most songs)

8-24-97           AUD                A-        Philadelphia, PA                       NTSC 

12-19-97         Pro-shot           A         NY, NY (MTV 10-spot)          NTSC  (Full concert, chapters/menus)

4-2-98             AUD                B          San Fran, CA                           NTSC  (OK video 2-cam AUD, great audio, “Big Ideas”)

4-12-98           AUD                B          Toronto, CA                            NTSC  (OK video, good audio)

6-14-98           Pro-shot           A         Tibetan Freedom Fest               NTSC  (Chapters/menus)

4-28-01           Pro-shot           A+       Canal+ France                          NTSC  (Great show!! “Amnesiac in Paris”)

6-9-01             Pro-shot           A+       Jools Holland Show                  NTSC  (Great show!! About 1 hr in length)

6-21-01           Pro-shot           A         Rock-AM-ring Fest                  NTSC  (great chapters/menus, great quality)

5-26-03           Pro-shot           A+       Sheperds Bush Empire              NTSC  (SAT>DVD, from DirectTV broadcast, has interviews, bonus 10-spot footage

                                                                                                                          MTV2 broadcast didn’t, better quality than MTV2 one)

6-28-03           Pro-shot           A+       Glastonbury Fest                      NTSC  (Perfect!!, THE must have RH DVD, “Go to Sleep” bonus video)

6-2-03             Pro-shot           A-        Musique Plus                            NTSC  (Acoustic performance, video good/sound a little fuzzy)

6-5-03             Pro-shot           A+       Beacon Theatre, NY                NTSC  (MTV2 footage, not full show)

6-5-03             Pro-shot           A         Beacon Theatre, NY                NTSC  (Full 2 hour show, VHS > DVD, great chapters/menus)

7-3-03             Pro-shot           A+       LeResivoir, Paris, FR                NTSC  (Perfect!!, EQ’d out harsh upper end, full motion chapters/menus)

7-4-03             Pro-shot           A         Euroknees, Belfort, France       NTSC  (Great vid!! chapters/menus)

8-18-03           Pro-shot           A-        Camden, NJ                             NTSC  (Great video captured from side screens, audio/video out of sync on later tracks)


Sigur Ros

9-22-01           Pro-shot           A+       Philadelphia, PA                       NTSC  (Great video and sound, chapters/menus. From HBO reverb, 30 minutes)

11-7-02           AUD                A-        Columbus, OH                         NTSC  (Close shot, 2 DVDs)


Sonic Youth/Wilco

??-2003           Pro-shot           A+       PBS Soundstage                       NTSC  (satellite capture, great chapters/menus)


Smashing Pumpkins

4-18-94           AUD                A-        RACC, NY                              NTSC

4-7-96             Pro-shot           A         Düsseldorf, Germany                NTSC  (great chapters/menus, DAT audio)

1998                Pro-shot           A         Adore Compilation                   NTSC

10-19-00         Pro-shot           A+       Bercy                                       NTSC




??-1981           Pro-shot           A         Belfast                                      NTSC  (low-gen VHS>DVD)

6-15-81           Pro-shot           A         East Rutherford, NJ                  NTSC  (low-gen VHS> DVD, ‘The Police’ footage, too, great chapters/menus)

5-30-83           Pro-shot           A         US festival                                NTSC  (low-gen VHS>DVD)

11-21-84         Pro-shot           A         Dortmund, GE                          PAL     (low-gen VHS>DVD)

11-18-87         Pro-shot           A         Los Angeles, CA                      NTSC  (great chapters/menus, great show!!)

8-16-92           Pro-shot           A         Washington, DC                       NTSC  (great chapters/menus, great show!!)

??-1998           Pro-shot           A         Las Vegas                                NTSC  (ABC ‘Year in “POP”’ special)

1-31-98           Pro-shot           A         Sao Paulo                                 NTSC  (great chapters/menus) 

3-21-98           Pro-shot           A         South Africa                             PAL    

12-5-00           Pro-shot           A         Irving Plaza                               NTSC  (one cam pro shot)

1-14-01           Pro-shot           A         MTV Netherlands Day             PAL     (Story)

1-14-01           Pro-shot           A         MTV Netherlands Day             PAL     (Essentials)

1-14-01           Pro-shot           A         MTV Netherlands Day             PAL     (Diary)

10-10-01         Pro-shot           A         South Bend, IN                        NTSC  (“Bono-Cam” capture, pre-webstream)

12-2-01           AUD                A-        Miami, FL                                NTSC  (great for an AUD show)


White Stripes

11-2-01           AUD                A         Detroit, MI                               NTSC  (great shot, front row at Detroit Institute of Arts show)

12-6-01           AUD                B+       London, England                      NTSC  (decent shot, ok sound)

9-23-03           AUD                A         Hollywood, CA                        NTSC  (great shot and sound for AUD recording, tripod, but panned camera with show)



6-6-03             Pro-shot           A+       Nuremburg, Germany               NTSC   (menus, chapters, satellite > DVD)

4-9-2003         AUD                A-        Florida                                     NTSC



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