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Welcome to my Resident Evil Costume Resource.

For cosplay for you, a doll or even a chubby cat, I hope this will be a good place to find what you need.

Here you will find pictures of various Resident Evil costumes, from both games and films.

These pages may contain plot spoilers, so beware!

Please use the site map below to navigate to the various sections.

1st March 2010 - This site has moved to Blogspot - Please update your bookmarks.

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I've added another picture to the cosplayers gallery, thanks to Klepto as Brad Vickers.

28th December 2007

I changed the layout for Advent and Christmas this moth, if you missed it you can see it below:

1st November 2007

I changed the layout for Halloween yeaterday, if you missed it you can see it below:

26th September 2007

We've added some pictures from the Las Vegas Premiere of Resident Evil: Extinction
to the Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter galleries over at Prawn Cufflinks.
Click the banners below to visit their pages.

20th September 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction is in cinemas tomorrow in America! :)

Release dates for other countries are:

United Kingdom - 12th October 2007
Australia - 11th October 2007
Spain - 31st October 2007
Italy - 12th October 2007
Japan - November 2007

For a full list of release dates, see the official Sony site.

7th September 2007

I've added a section for cosplayers in the extras section with some great costumes.

I've also recently seen Emigrate's My World music video, which is from
the Resident Evil: Extinction soundtrack and features clips from the film.
You can watch it right here:

29th August 2007

I've added many promos from Resident Evil: Extinction to the pages for Milla Jovovich and Alice.

27th July 2007

I've just watched the new Resident Evil 5 trailer from XBox 360 Marketplace, and
the rumours were true - Chris Redfield is the man in the previous RE5 trailers.
You can also view the extended E3 trailer, in gorgeous HD,
at IGN, along with a few other RE5 trailers and images.

17th July 2007

A Resident Evil: Extinction photocall was held in Munich yesterday.
You can read about it and see the pictures of Milla Jovovich over at our sister blog, Prawn Cufflinks.
I've also added 12 promos from the film to the page for Alice.

Resident Evil: Extinction will be released on September 21st 2007.

6th July 2007

I've found some great 3D models of the Resident Evil Remake characters on YouTube.
The models all rotate so they give a great view of all the costume details.
I've embedded videos in the pages for Jill, Rebecca, Chris, Wekser and Barry.

16th April 2007

I've linked all the Milla Jovovich pages to the Prawn Cufflinks Galleries,
which are celebrity galleries run by me and my partner.
You'll find loads of male and female celebs over there if you care to take a look! :)

6th April 2007

I've changed the layout for the Easter weekend, which you can see below:

31st March 2007

I've added a Music section in Extras, with info on various musical puzzles in Resident Evil.
I've also added some new large promos of Alice in Resident Evil: Extinction, the third RE film.

29th March 2007

I've added a picture of my Resident Evil action figures and the covers of
the RE novels that I own in the Resident Evil & Me section in Extras.

19th March 2007

I've added 3 new adorable chibi figures to the Dolls section of Fan Art.
There's Steve Burnside, Carlos Oliveira and Enrico Marini.

15th March 2007

I've reorganised the Fan Art section in Extras because it was getting a little full.
There's one new artist in the Hand Drawn section, one in the Computer Drawn/Coloured
section and a new adorable chibi Cerberus in the Dolls section.
For any DeviantART members, I'm about to start an Easter competition on my
Resident Evil Art group to win a Featured Artist slot on this site.
If you've got a piece of Resident Evil artwork that you'd like to submit to the site, please email me

13th March 2007

There's a teaser trailer out for Resident Evil: Extinction.
It doesn't have a lot of costume details, but it's worth a look! :)
You can see it in a lot of places, but I watched it over at Yahoo Movies

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