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Los Angeles Hardcore
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Dj Loki


Artist Name:Loki,Project SeeD
Real Name:George Robles
Location:La Mirada CA
Years Dj'ing:3
Years Producing:2
What you spin/produce:All Styles of Hardcore
Mixtape/CD Releases:Misc Demos
Tracks Produced:Bang the drums,Get the fuck up Remix,Bass,One Beat,Weak or the strong,
Taking over,Its over Remix,Dark Feelings Remix,Lucid Dream (incomplete),Do you want it?(incomplete)
Affiliations:Red Drum, NBR
Favorite Track:1.The Future-Nosferatu 2.Butterfly-Ophidian 3.Do it like Rik-D-passion 4.Pressure on the fakes-Promo 5.Drunk with a gun-Nosferatu & Endymion
Favortie Producers:Promo,D-passion,Endymion,Noize suppressor,Ophidian,Nosferatu,H-Rock,Dione,Shadowlands
Influences:All of my fav producers,AFI,Offspring,The Used,Incubus,and to many other sources
Shoutz:To all my friends and family and people who mean so much to me, you know who you are
Booking Contact Info:562 972 7879