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Los Angeles Hardcore
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Artist Name:H-Rock
Real Name:Victor
Birthdate:Aug 5th, 1985
Location:Sacramento, CA
Years Dj'ing: 3/4
Years Producing:2/3
What you spin/produce:Hardcore of all styles and U.S hard house
Mixtape/CD Releases:Vankmen: Mission A.P.R, Salt And Vinegar Madness, The Crunkcore Sampler Vol.1, DT mini cd 01 and tons of other DIY cdrs.
Tracks Produced: n/a
Affiliations: DT, NBR, Crunkcore, Domestic Disturbance
Favorite Track: Nosferatu and Endymion - all the way up, dragonforce-heart of a dragon, Manowar- carry on
Favortie Producer:jonathan smith, joey demaio and j.streunding
Influences: everything and everyone
Shoutz:All hardcore supporters everywhere
Booking Contact Info:aim: gabber916 feel free to email or aim or if you see me, jump on my back and we can circle pit!