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Recao de Puerto Rico

Get it from my garden to your mail box. Get 5 leaves for $2. Super Fresh.

Culantro or “recao” (Eryngium Foetidum) is a flavorful herb used in caribbean cooking. Puerto Rico uses it extensively in all kinds of stews, soups, beans, asopao, etc. It is a more flavorfull substitute for Cilantro for all your culinary creations. It is definitely NOT EASY to come by the seeds for this fragrant herb until now. I have available these seeds packed hermetically sealed to last you for some time. Another name for this herb in Puerto Rico is RECAO. In Asia it is also known as Long Coriander. Culantro is also known as: ngo-gai, spirit weed, long coriander, false coriander, black benny, recao de monte, Mexican coriander, and well over 65 more names in different parts of the world. Now for $2 cash you may have a few leaves for your cooking. Directly from Puerto Rico. Send $2 to:
Reina de los Angeles, D-15 Calle 9, Gurabo PR 00778 USA
Para tu sazón boricua, si estas en Estados Unidos y quieres la frescura del recao acabadito de arrancar. Envía $2 cash a esta dirección:
Reina de los Ángeles D-15 calle 9 Gurabo PR 00778
y recibirás por correo un macito da hojas de recao fresco o tu dinero devuelto si no hay disponible.
email at

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