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Raul's Page

Can you here me?

this is a self portrait I made last year. its so life like.

This is a picture that was taken by Jodie out side of my room one morning like 2 years ago.

This is a close up of the new hair style. Check it out.

A twist on an old classic.

I picture of me in my 3k race at UH.

I bleed for no one ,but me. ~raul

gin and juice

#'s ad

You read it!

So i have a big head, I know I look good.

I dont know

Its suppose to look like this.right?

Say girl, does your Boyfriend know about me

I skate, there for...Im better than you.

look at what i've become

im so lonely, in the bathroom.

my version of Aha

yeah, I just don't know.

I want to look sexy picture..

Help me mister! pleese, i'll suck your d*%k..


just read it....

yeah, well i like bathrooms , ok!

same only black and white...

sniff sniff ...

Long livth me!

picture perfect..(see darkart)



yes, im a natural purple...



lime green desperation.

purple desire

orange lush

blue perfection

pink haze

grey cool

look at me advertising.

looky, looky..........

I fell a sleep