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Monday, October 10, 2005
Radishals Unite!
Dearest Radishals
First for those who havenít heard, The Radish received
as a super donation a brand new computer. We also had a phone
line and dial-up connection installed. The phone number is
866-7903. **Happy Dance**
Next A quick rundown of all the great things happening during
the coming week. The Radish space isnít going to waste this
week. Feel free to come in and sign your event up for the
coming weeks! (There is also still room for a group or
discussion on Friday night. Any ideas?)

Tuesday, the 11th Radical Cheerleading Practice 3pm
Come join the fun! We will be meeting at The Radish at 3, and
then finding a grassy place to practice. is a good site if you are
looking for the basic idea of what we are all about.

Tuesday, the 11th Anarchy Discussion Group 6pm These
have been great in the past. This will be a general discussion
of Anarchy, both historical and current. Be sure to check out
the lending libraries section of Anarchist Lit.
There are a lot of great books in right now.

Tuesday, the 11th Womyns Night is planned from 6-9.
This event will NOT be at The Radish.
Call Jenny at 496-3782 for details.

Wednesday, the 12th Raymond will be here at 7:30.
Music and Discussion. This event is free, and open to all ages!

Thursday, the 13th - 7:00pm World Can't Wait Sign and Noise
Maker Making Meet-up. The upcoming protest on the sqaure Nov. 2
is building momemtum. If you have poster board, tarps, puppets,
tin cans and milk jugs to put rocks in for noise makers,
or just plain old fashioned ideas. Please come and join the
creative fun!

Thursday, the 13th Raymond will be in again at 7:30.
If you missed him the night before, be sure to come check
him out.

Saturday, the 15th Net Radio Cafť from 8-11 AM -
Come and listen to some of the best Net Radio airing right now.
We will have coffee brewing to take the edge off the morning.

Saturday, the 15th Film Fire in the Eyes - at 4 pm -
This is a great documentary. It is an emotive portrayal of the
pepper spray torture of non-violent forest defenders.

Well kids, if you didnít see an event or discussion you would
like, feel free to swing by and mark it on our calendar.
This is a community space, and you are the community.
If nothing else, come get your (Zapatista grown) caffeine,
and leave with a great book! The lending library is constantly
changing and growing.

Yours through the revolution,
The Radish
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