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The Radish is a nonprofit radical bookstore,
community center, and infoshoop, operated cooperatively
on a volunteer basis. As a distributor of written materials
and a convergence center for the activist community,
we seek to educate & agitate for a world free from all
forms of oppresion and exploitation.
As a bookstore, The Radish provides books, magazines,
and zines that are otherwise not available in Springfield.
As a community center and infoshop, The Radish not only
provides free information (in the form of infosheets,
a reading room, and a lending library), but also functions
as a movement hub, providing free meeting space and educational
opportunities for groups and individuals working for social
& enviornmental justice & true democracy. We are located on
417 North Boonville Springfield, MO
and our phone number is

Open Tues-Thurs 3p-9p, Fridays 3p-late, & Saturadys noon-late.
Free coffee and tea (bring a mug)