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PWR-Psychotic Wrestling Revolution: TwiZted
The PWR camera's open up to the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts where TwiZted goes on air. A small video package is shown of how PWR came about and some clips of all 3 co-owners PKA-Patrick Kay Anthony, 'The Thrill' Sean Hill, and "The Phenomenal" Jesse Banks.

Seconds later and fireworks go off at the entrance way. The arena is fully packed with a lot of viewers looking to see what the new promotion is all about. Things are good and it is time for the show to start as all is ready. The camera's are then sent down to commentators Joey Styles and Paul Heyman.

Joey Styles: "Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to the first edition of PWR's TwiZted!"

Paul Heyman: "It's good to be here, I cannot wait until the event starts."

Joey Styles: "The crowd seems pumped tonight. I am Joey Styles, and this is Paul Heyman beside me."

Paul Heyman: "We both will be your commentators for this evening and for PWR's events."

Joey Styles: "Shall we get started?"




The camera pans around to the fans who were all given PWR t-shirts for the introductary show. The fans came with their own PWR signs as well. We then head down to Howard Finkel in the ring.

Howard Finkel: "Ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, i'd like to introduce to you, two thirds of the PWR ownership. "The Phenomenal" Jesse Banks and "The Thrill" Sean Hill!!!"

"Mic Check" by Juelz Santana hits the PA system with a heavy first beat...then the words start as Jesse Banks and Sean Hill step from behind the curtain. Jesse is wearing a "playa'z club bitch" t-shirt and blue jeans while Sean is wearing a "f**k off...i've got work to do" t-shirt and black jeans. They make thier way down the ramp and shake the hands of fans on the way. They then get into the ring and Sean grabs a mic...

Sean Hill: "PWR!!! PWR!!! PWR!!!"

The crowd chants with him...

Sean Hill: "Hell yeah! AND welcome to TwiZted!!!"

The fans erupt...

Sean Hill: "WE came out here just to make it known that we are starting the revolution tonight, and we thank each and every one of you for coming out and supporting us tonight. We plan on putting on an awesome show for you guys tonight with 5 explosive matches, plus a few "twiZts" and turns that will leave you breathless. Now let the show..."

Jesse takes the mic away from Sean...

Jesse Banks: "No...YOU came out here to say that. And while i think we all sincerely thank everyone who is out here tonight. Let me first and foremost say that those who have chose to come with us have made the right choice. If you've joined with Steve, Vince, Shane, Eric, or anyone else, this is the moment of friends, is the moment of war. However, i do not make myself real clear because i have someone else here who wants to do it for me. So...without further ado... it is my pleasure to welcome, a fellow Wichitan, a friend of mine for years...he is...."The Ultraviolent Perfectionist"....HE is...Patrick...Kay...ANTHONYYYYYY!!!!"

Just then the lights dim and Three Days Grace’s “Just Like You” hits the PA System. The stage entrance flashes between red and black, and PKA walks out, head down, hair wet. The lights continue to alternate as PKA lifts his head and raises his arms into the air, fists touching. He drops his arms and begins walking down the ramp. He wears black jeans and black shoes, as well as a casual black Headstrong Wrestling t-shirt. On his shoulder is a shiny, gold belt. He makes his way down the ramp, and walks up the steps to get to the apron. From there, he holds onto his belt so it doesn't fall, and he enters through the middle and top rope. PKA requests a microphone, and is given one by the ring announcer. He holds the mic in the air and his music dies down, as do the fans.

PKA: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome.. to Pychotic Wrestling Revolution. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to P..W..R."

The fans cheer and chant "PWR! PWR! PWR!"

PKA: "Now that's what I'm talking about. You all are going wild for a promotion you've only hard hype about. Let me assure you that after tonight's show, those chants will not only continue, but they will grow. Now, some of you may not know who I am.. and I should slap you because of it.. but for those of you who have a bitch slap coming your way, allow me to introduce myself.."

PKA smiles. He holds the microphone in his left hand, holding the belt right his right hand.

PKA: "I am Patrick Kay Anthony, but you can just call me PKA. What I've done in the past, does not matter.. because what I'm going to do here, here in PWR, is what truly matters. And what I'm going to do right now.."

PKA takes the title off of his shoulder and examines it.

PKA: "What I'm going to do now is show each and every one of you what the word REVOLUTION means. You see, revolution means changes, means making a change to better the world of pro wrestling.. and yes, we can get a little psychotic every now and then.. so this is why I hold this title in my hand now. This, my friends, is the U..C..W United States Championship. You know, UCW, that little fed down south run by that Steve guy.. well, I guess there's new ownership. Who knows who runs that thing? Anyone? Does anyone know? I didn't think so. But after tonight, its going to be known who runs the place, because its that person who's going to be blowing up my cell asking what the fuck I was thinking."

PKA grabs the belt by the very end of the strap and lets it hang. He shakes it around, and twirls it up and down, and around. He then brings it in, onto his shoulder, and smiles.

PKA: "Holding this belt has been fun. Its been a blast. I mean.. I've like.. wait.. wait.. fun? blast? UCW.. Ultimate? Championship? Wrestling? What the hell is that shit?"

PKA takes the belt from his shoulder, and holds it away from himself, as if he's disgusted.

PKA: "What the fuck is THIS shit? EWW! It smells.. it smells.. like ass! Like shit! Oooh man, how disgusting! This is .. this is garbage. And do you know what you do with garbage?"

PKA walks to the ropes, drops down, and rolls out under the bottom rope. He makes his way over to the commentary booth, and pulls out their trashcan. He puts the trashcan up on the announce table, as the fans stand on their feet, waiting to see what happens.

PKA: "Whaaaaaaaaat do we do with garbage? What do we do with trash, trash like this belt here?"

PKA holds the belt over the trashcan, and then drops it. He looks at the camera, and smiles. His smile is then turned into an expression of seriousness.

PKA: "That.. THAT is what we do with trash, with garbage, with a piece of shit like that title! And do you know what I say? FUCK UCW! AND FUCK THE UCW UNITED STATES TITLE! And do you know WHY? BECAUSE I GODDAMN SAID SO! I am the fuckin' Ultraviolent Perfectionist, and that, my friends, my fans, my psychotic peeps, was ULTRA.. FUCKING.. VIOLENT! C'mon UCW brass, what ya got now? What you have to say? Huh? You know why I did that? Because I CAN! That's why! PWR.. Psychotic Wrestling Revolution.. we're here to be a little crazy, offer a ton of wrestling, and make a huge impact and make a ton of changes.. revolutions, if you will! Tonight, UCW, the war begins. I just threw the first grenade in your general direction, just like I threw your piece of shit US Title in the trash can! What will you do? Will you fire back? Will you send your army of soldiers to battle us? Its very unlikely.. because as far as I can tell, tonight, your army is already here, and they're representing P..W..R. EVERYONE! PWR! PWR!"

The fans go wild with "PWR!" chants. PKA laughs his ass off, and finishes with one final word to the fans.

PKA: "Oh, and one last thing - there's some more belts to add to the collection tonight, so don't go anywhere.. PWR is coming.. right.. back!"

PKA grabs the trashcan and holds it up, as the fans continue "PWR!" chants. He takes the trashcan up the ramp with him, on his way to the back, as we fade to commercial.

The PWR camera's return back on air as Howard Finkel is inside the ring ready to announce the first match.

Howard Finkel: "The following contest is the opening bout and it is scheduled for a hardcore match! Introducing first..from Canada..accompanied down the ring by A-1..weighing in at 179 lbs..this is..Petey...Williams...!!!"

"Oh Canada" hit's as Petey Williams runs down the rampway and slides into the ring as A-1 comes walking down waving the Canadian flag in the air while the crowd boo's. A-1 stands on the outside floor of Williams side as they await his opponent.

Howard Finkel: "And his opponent, from Detroit, Michigan..weighing in at 225 lbs, this is...Rrrraaammmmeeeerrrrr!!!"

His music hit's as the camera's catch him coming out from the back. He walks down the rampway and towards the ring. Crowd cheers as he looks around at them all standing.

Rammer slides into the ring, the bell sounds but he is immediately pulled out! As if you pressed Reverse on your VCR, Rammer slides out of the ring in reverse, and falls flat on his face onto the floor, thanks to Petey Williams! Williams waists no time putting the boots to Rammer, stomping away at him as he is still face down, though trying to get to his feet.

Joey Styles: "What a quick attack."

Petey steps back and high fives A-1, who's accompanied him to ringside. This is a hardcore match so this is all legal! Petey sees Rammer turn onto his back and try pushing himself up, so he goes back onto the assault, kicking a field goal with Rammer's head! The back of his head snaps against the apron of the ring, and the crowd boos as Williams taunts. He lets the boos get to him and him and A-1 try to shut the crowd up. This gives Rammer time to rise to his feet, though still groggy after the beating to the head. Petey and A-1 turn around and Rammer shoots off the apron with a flying clothesline to both men! They rise up and Rammer takes A-1 down, then Petey Williams, as the crowd goes wild. Petey holds himself up with the barricade, and Rammer makes his way over and lifts Petey up and drops him throat-first onto the top of the barricade! Williams pops back, grabbing his throat, gasping for air. Rammer raises his arms in the air and the crowd cheers.

Paul Heyman: "He's choking! Somebody help him!"

Joey Styles: "He's fine.."

Though as he taunts, A-1 rises up, and charges at him with a clothesline, but Rammer ducks it and lifts A-1 up into the air and drops him as well throat first onto the barricade! A-1 gasps for air on the ramp now as Rammer turns his attention back to Petey Williams, who is climbing into the ring. Rammer grabs his tights and pulls him back out and throws a right hand, taking Williams down. Rammer flips up the ring apron curtain and searches under the ring for some weapons for this hardcore match. He finds a ladder and pulls it out to the crowd's delight! Rammer starts setting the ladder up at ringside but A-1 attacks him from behind. He rolls Rammer into the ring and Petey Williams shouts orders to A-1 to push the ladder in too, which he does. Williams gets up on the apron as the ladder is slid into the ring. Williams climbs the turnbuckle and flies off with a clothesline, connecting and taking Rammer down! Rammer gets up and Williams goes for a punch but Rammer counters and hits a belly to back suplex, dropping the 'Canadian Destroyer' Petey Williams on his back and neck!

Joey Styles: "What a reversal."

Paul Heyman: "Great belly to belly."

Rammer bounces off the ropes and takes Williams down with a jumping sidekick as he got to his feet! Rammer then waits for him and hits a backdrop to Williams, once again taking him to the mat. Rammer reaches down for the ladder but A-1 gets on the apron. Rammer drives the ladder into the gut of A-1, sending him flying off the apron.

Paul Heyman: "Not A-1!"

Joey Styles: "He deserves it..he has no right to be on the apron."

Rammer sets the ladder up in the ring, very close to the corner, with the rungs of the ladder in the same direction as the turnbuckle. Rammer reaches down and picks up Petey Williams, and kicks him in his gut then hits a front X-factor! Rammer points to the ladder and climbs up, climbs, and climbs, higher up now. Rammer raises his arms in the air as the crowd cheers! Is he going for a moonsault off the ladder?! He's feeding off the fans' energy but taking too much time! Petey Williams gets to his feet, and A-1 slides him the Canadian flag, and he cracks it over the back of Rammer! Rammer leans forward, clutching his back, and Petey heads to the ropes and gets on the apron. He climbs the turnbuckle, then maneuvers onto the ladder, on the opposite side of Rammer. Petey gets to the very top rung, the last before the top of the ladder, and slams Rammer's head off the top of the ladder three times! He then grabs Rammer around the waist, looks left, and right, and flips off.. CANADIAN DESTROYER OFF THE TOP OF THE FUCKING LADDER! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!!!

Joey Styles: "HOLY *BEEP* IS RIGHT!"

Paul Heyman: "Did you just see that? WOW!"

Joey Styles: "That's the kind of action PWR is gonna give!"

Paul Heyman: "If that's how it is I suggest everyone to tune in each week!"

Petey is out of it.. dazed.. in a seated position. Rammer's head has smacked off the mat, and he's face down. Petey falls on top of Rammer's back, and rolls off, onto his back, to catch his breath. He's too winded to make a cover.. but wait! One of Rammer's arms is on top of Petey barely and the referee counts..










Paul Heyman: "What? What an upset!"

Joey Styles: "How in the?"

Paul Heyman: "What an ending."

Rammer then has his hand raised in the air as he leaves the ring with A-1 escorting Eric Young out of the ring afterwards.

After the match is over camera's go backstage with Mean Gene Okerlund and Randy Orton.

Mean Gene Okerlund: "Ladies and gentleman it is now my time to introduce to you, a self proclaimed legend killer, the youngest WWE World Heavyweight Champion ever, a third-generation superstar, and a possible contender to the PWR Revolution Championship, ladies and gents, this is...Randy Orton!"

Randy smirks as Mean Gene goes on.

Mean Gene Okerlund: "Tonight Randy you go one on one with someone from Team Canada, and that's "Showtime" Eric Young. I have a few questions for you. #1 is what comments do you have towards him being your opponent?"

Randy stands there and smiles but then laughs a little bit before focusing.

Randy Orton: "What do I think of Eric Young? Eric Young is a nobody compared to me Mean Gene Okerlund. Eric Young is one of those wrestlers that you don't even use, and why? Because he deep down just sucks! Eric Young is nothing compared to me, and I will show you that tonight in that very ring."

Mean Gene Okerlund: "Ok well I hope you do know that he will have Coach Scott D'Amore and possibly more of his friends and other members of Team Canada with him down at ringside during your one on one match up.."

Randy Orton: "I know Mean Gene, and I'm not worried. Like you said, I'm a third-generation superstar, I'm a man that is aimed for one thing, and that's the PWR Revolution Championship. Yes, I am still to this day the youngest WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but the WWE's long and over with, and it is PWR now that I am apart of, and soon, very soon, I will be making my mark in the Psychotic Wrestling Revolution."

Randy Orton: "As for Team Canada being down at ringside, who cares, if they try to pull anything Mean Gene, they will end up just like any other wrestlers I have faced, and that's at the end of a legend killer beating. Eric Young, tonight your destiny will be chosen, not by you, not by Coach Scott D'Amore, but by ME!"

Mean Gene Okerlund: "Ok, well it sounds like you're ready, so good luck."

Randy then walks off.

Mean Gene Okerlund: "Back to you Joey Styles at ring side."

Joey Styles: "Thanks Mean Gene. Quite the interview with Randy wouldn't you say Paul?"

Paul Heyman: "For sure. He is confident he will defeat Eric Young tonight, and he is even so confident to go as far as saying he will be the first PWR Revolution Champion."

Joey Styles: "Yeah..well..he's not the only one who wants that belt."

Paul Heyman: "You got that right, he isn't."

Joey Styles: "Anyways..let's get to our next match."

Joey Styles: "This is an awesome opening night to PWR, we’ve seen almost everything. Now our next match is between two people who have never faced off before. We have "The special one" Kyle Collins taking on "The king of the mountain" Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett is a multiple time WcW, WWE, and TNA championship holder, while Kyle Collins has made quite a name for himself overseas in Europe."

Paul Heyman: "This should be a great contest between two talented individuals in the prime of their career. I’m really looking forward to this. Who knows, maybe these two will get...psychotic!"

"The Sky’s The Limit" hits over the PA system as Kyle comes out from behind the curtain wearing his ring attire and his usuall dark blue sports jacket, on his way to the ring he slaps hands with some fans before going under the bottom rope and then straight up to th top rope to taunt the crowd as he awaits his opponent.

Howard Finkel: "Our first compeitor, hailing from London, England…..weighing in at 221 pounds…he is…”the special one” Kyle Colllllinnnnnnnnnnsss!!!"

"King of the Mountain" plays as Jeff Jarrett makes his way out from behind the curtain. He has usual Grey trench coat on and his grey wrestling tights. He stops at the top of the ramp and holds up his guitar in the air. Then he makes his way down to the ring, stoping every now and again to mock the fans. He then makes his way into the ring, gets up on the top rope, and taunts the fans some more. Jeff then raises the guitar again, then gets down...

Howard Finkel: "And our next competior, coming to us from Nashville, Tennessee…he is “The chosen one” and he is the self proclaimed "King of the Mountain" he is JEFFFFF…..JARRREETTTTTTT!!!" A chorus of boos ring out..

Joey Styles: "These fans don’t like Jarrett whatsoever."

Paul Heyman: "That’s because they wouldn’t see greatness even if it hit em' in the face."

The bell rings. Kyle runs at Jeff Jarrett and starts laying into him with right hands. Jarrett flies back into the corner and holds on. The referee calls for the break and pushes Kyle back…Jarrett pokes him in the eye, causing Kyle to crouch over. Jeff then starts with left hands of his own, rocking Kyle back, Jarrett then picks up Collins and body slams him to the mat. Jarrett then starts to mock the crowd, a chorus of boo’s ring out. Jarrett then proceeds to stomp on Kyle. He gets a good 3 boots in, then heads behind him and puts him in a chinlock. Kyle flips over and reverses it. He then finds enough strength to get up, and whips Jarrett across the ropes, Jarrett comes back and gets hit with a neck breaker!!! Kyle covers..








Joey Styles: "That was close!"

Kyle picks up Jarrett and hits him with a neckbreaker. Kyle then gets over to the top rope and tries a leg drop off the top..but..Jarrett moves!

Paul Heyman: "He crashed and burned there."

Jarrett slowly makes his way to his feet. Kyle is still on the ground. Jarrett then walks over to Kyle and picks him up, he delivers a vertical suplex in the middle of the ring. Jarrett then lays an elbow to his stomach. Jarrett does it another time, then finally a third time. Jarrett then gets up and does his patented strut, then points his index and middle fingers in the air. Kyle is just getting up at this time. Jarrett sees him and runs at him with a clothesline, but Kyle ducks and hits one of his own on the return. Jarrett is down. Kyle gets on top of him and executes a triangle choke.

Joey Styles: "Jarrett underestimated his opponent and it’s hurting him."

Paul Heyman: "You NEVER underestimate your opponent in this business."

Kyle continues with the choke. Jarrett inches his way to the ropes..he inches..he inches..and finally..HE gets there! The referee makes the count...

1.....2.....3.....Kyle finally breaks the hold. He then stomps a boot to Jarrett’s stomach. Kyle then gets on the opposite turnbuckle. He waits paitently for Jarrett to get up, finally Jarrett gets up, turns around, and WHAM! Missle dropkick from the top!!! Jarrett flies backward. Kyle gets on top of him and hooks the leg!







NO!!! Kickout!

Joey Styles: "That was too close there."

Paul Heyman: "He almost ended it."

Kyle gets up looking frustrated. He puts another boot to Jarrett, who is still down. The camera shows a replay of the missle dropkick. The legs of Kyle Collins going right into the chest of Jarrett as he tumbles back. The camera then cuts to real time where Kyle has Jarrett picked up. He whips him against the ropes and then back, hitting him with a back elbow. Jarrett falls down, holding his chin. Kyle then lets out a roar into the crowd, then does the cut throat sign. Jarrett sees this and grabs his guitar from the outside. The referee notices and tries to stop Jarrett. Kyle comes over and tries to pick up Jarrett, but Kyle is thrown into the referee, knocking the referee out! Jarrett then picks up his guitar, Kyle turns around and *WACK*! Right over the head with the guitar. The guitar smashes and Kyle falls to the ground. Jeff isn’t done yet though..

Joey Styles: "Where's he going?"

Jeff goes outside the ring and picks up a chair, he takes it inside the ring and sets it on the mat. He then picks up the still fallen Collins and picks him up. He motions for “The stroke” and takes Kyle over in front of the chair. He then sets him up, goes for the stroke….BUT!!!…Collins reverses it, and puts his foot over Jarrett’s head, and delivers the KCD right on the chair!!! Kyle then slides the chair out of the ring and revives the ref. He then makes his way to the top rope and makes the finisher sign. He jumps off the top rope and hits the "LIGHTS OUT". He makes the cover..












Howard Finkel: "And the winner of the match.."The special one"..Kyle COLLLLINNNNSSSS!!!"

The crowd erupts..

Joey Styles: "Kyle Collins is the victor here, as he takes a page out of the book of Jeff Jarrett for the win."

Paul Heyman: "You are going to have to pull out all stops to win here in PWR."

Joey Styles: "I couldn’t have said it better myself..."

Backstage inside of the Team Canada locker room something seems to be going on. The camera pans down to hear the conversation.

Coach Scott D'Amore: "Well far tonight we have 1 loss to our credit. One loss...and I will not stand for it. Petey should of had this match, you faced somebody who we have no info on..and someone who looks to be a loser..that being Rammer of course."

The boys put their heads down as he continues.

Coach Scott D'Amore: "Next up..Eric Young to take on Randy Orton..if you lose this match's a little understanding considering the wrestler Orton is..but it's still not what I am looking for. I want you to go out there and bust your ass and pull out a victory for yourself, and for us, Team Canada."

Eric Young: "Will do Coach."

Eric Young then walks out of the room. Petey Williams, A-1, and Bobby Roode are left in the room with Coach Scott D'Amore as it is silent. After a few seconds he starts up again.

Coach Scott D'Amore: "As for you guys..I know and Bobby Roode here, you haven't had matches yet, and their for you haven't lost or won anything..but I don't want to see anything like what happened with Petey tonight, do you understand?"

Petey then interupts..

Petey Williams: "But Coach..I might of loss..but I put on one hell of a show against Rammer."

Coach Scott D'Amore puts his head down and goes over to the corner thinking to himself as A-1 escorts both himself and Petey out of the room. Petey is basically saying "What? Was it something I said?" as A-1 pats him on the back and says "It's alright."

The camera's go to a commercial break.

Now to the ring for a match.

Howard Finkel: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 136 lbs, this is...Alice!"

Alice's music hit's. She mysteriously walks out from the crowd and into the ring. She stands in the corner and awaits her opponent.

Howard Finkel: "And her opponent, weighing in at 120 lbs, this is..Sarah...Manson...!!!"

Sarah comes down to the ring as Alice watches her closely.

The bell sounds.

The match starts as both diva's come to the middle. Alice and Sarah tie up. Quickly Alice knees her in the gut. A body slam is hit. Alice goes to cover but Sarah kicks her off. Manson is too her feet and she runs towards Alice who drop toeholds her. Alice goes to grab her face and lock in a dragon sleeper but instead when trying it Sarah kicks her in the head. Manson is up and begins to pummel Alice down with right hands. She begins choking her as the ref counts.

Paul Heyman: "Aggressive match already, choke her!"

1.....2.....3.....4......the ref gets her to let go. The fans have mixed reactions as she picks Alice up and throws her into the corner. She runs at her and hit's a clothesline and grabs her bringing her out of the corner and down to the mat for a bulldog clothesline combination. The fans love it as she covers.

Joey Styles: Here's the cover.






Sarah picks her up and connects with a back breaker. She now grabs her for a chinlock submission. Extending her knee into Alice's back she takes her hands off of her chin breaking it up. She then slaps Alice in the face. Sarah now grabs her hair and makes his stand up by pulling on it. Alice then gets mad and elbows her in the mid section a few times. Sarah lets go as Alice runs up the ropes, comes back and is back elbowed in the face. She covers.







Joey Styles: "Close."

Sarah then picks Alice up. She whips her up the ropes. Alice comes back and is kicked in the mid section. Sarah lifts her up and goes for her finisher, and hit's it, THE MANSON DRIVER! She covers.

Paul Heyman: "What a move!"








Howard Finkel: "Here's your winner..Sarah...Manson...!!!"

Sarah is the winner as the fans have a mixed reaction. She leaves the ring siting as Alice is there. She walks to the backstage area as the camera's go to a commercial.

TwiZted returns from commercial break.

Joey Styles: "Welcome back..big things happening with Coach Scott D'Amore and his group of guys within Team Canada Paul.."

Paul Heyman: "That's right..tonight so far Petey Williams lost his match to Rammer, but I've heard things with Rammer, and he isn't no push over."

Joey Styles: "No he is not, he is a true superstar, and he showed that tonight."

Paul Heyman: "I guess he just wants them on top and doesn't want to see any losses because it's not just them taking the loss, but Team Canada and the actual country of Canada."

Joey Styles: "Yeah..I guess so."

The camera's go to the ring with Howard Finkel standing in the middle of the ring.

Howard Finkel: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 240 lbs, this is...Randy...Orton...!!!"

His music hit's the pa system as he makes his way onto the top stage way. Orton stands there for a few seconds before doing his famous legend killer taunt as fireworks go off from behind him. After they stop he makes his way down the long carpeted aisle towards the ring as the fans begin to boo him. Randy gives the whole crowd dirty looks all the way down as he walks up the big black steel steps onto the ring apron. Orton now gets inside of the ring and immediately goes to the 2nd turnbuckle where he does the famous legend killer taunt once more. He then steps down a few seconds later and awaits his opponent.

Joey Styles: "Here is Randy Orton as he now awaits his opponent."

Howard Finkel: "And his opponent, being accompanied by Coach Scott D'Amore, from Canada, weighing in at 225 lbs, this is...Eric...Young...!!!"

"Oh Canada" by Team Canada hit's as Eric Young comes walking down the rampway with his Coach Scott D'Amore behind him. Eric gets into the ring as he rolls inside while Scott D'Amore gets all up in the camera man's face. Scott then stands in the corner and watches as Eric Young stares over at his opponent Randy Orton.

Joey Styles: "And here is his opponent Eric Young as this match is about ready to begin."

The bell sounds.

Joey Styles: "There's the bell and here we go."

The match up begins with Randy Orton and Eric Young walking out from each of their corners to the center of the ring. Both men square off as they tie-up. Randy Orton takes the tie-up and turns it into a headlock. Eric Young who tries to break free of it is then taken down to the mat with it now. Orton then tightens the grip as he has him down on the mat for a headlock takedown. A few seconds later Eric Young wraps his legs around Orton's head as Randy let's go and both men break free standing up as fast as they can as they just stand there looking at each other ready for something else to happen.

Joey Styles: "Very good start to this match, it should be a beauty."

Paul Heyman: "Eric Young is like a god to indy wrestling did you know that?"

Joey Styles: "Yes..yes I did."

The fans cheer at the sight of a great match up thus far as Orton extends his hand for a little bit of a mercy challenge. Young looks around but then goes for it as Randy boots him in the mid section right away. Randy then hit's a couple of European uppercuts upon Young's throat area as he leans up against the ropes. "The Legend Killer" hears the sounds of boo's from the crowd as he smirks and then walks over to "Showtime" Eric Young who punches him in the mid section. Right away though Orton knee's him in the mid section and then back chops him in the chest a few times. Randy then whips him up the ropes and hit's a back elbow as Young drops to the mat. He covers.

Joey Styles: "This could be it."

Paul Heyman: "Count Ref!"





Kickout by Young who gets his shoulder up just after a 2.

Joey Styles: "Just a 2 count."

Randy Orton immediately grabs a hold of Eric Young's facial area and applies a chinlock. Seconds later he extends the back area by lifting his knee into his back trying to strain his body. The crowd has mixed reactions for the match up as Young begins to feel it. He begins to come back to life as he gets to his feet and drives elbows to the sternum of "The Legend Killer" who let's go of the chinlock which was then turned into a normal headlock. Young then runs up the ropes and comes back hitting a spinning heel kick and knocking him down. Young gets right back up as does Orton as Young then body slams Orton down to the mat. Eric runs to the ropes and comes back connecting with a huge quick leg drop. He covers.




Kickout by Orton as the crowd boo's at the kick out.

Joey Styles: "Young now coming back."

Paul Heyman: "He's got the will that's for sure."

Eric then picks Randy up and whips him into the corner. He runs at him and is big booted to the face. Orton runs at him with a clothesline that sends him down. Randy then gets back to his feet and awaits Young to stand. Seconds later Orton signals for the RKO finishing maneuver but instead Coach Scott D'Amore gets up on the ring apron. Randy notices this and looks at him as does the famous legend killer taunt. D'Amore jumps off the apron as Young is up. Orton turns back around towards Young who then boots him in the mid section and goes for the Showtime Driver but instead Orton counters with elbow strikes to his mid section.

Joey Styles: "Showtime"

Paul Heyman: "Huh?"

Randy then goes for the RKO but is pushed off by Young who then catches him in the head with an enziguri. Both men are down on the mat as the referee begins a count. 1.....2.....3.....4.....5.....both men begin to move and stand. Young and Orton strike each other until Young then gets the best of him with punches and back chops. Both standing in the middle of the ring as Orton then breaks off of the abuse and connects with the RKO out of nowhere as everyone seems to be surprised. He reaches over, hooks the leg as the ref counts.

Joey Styles: "What the hell? The RKO out of nowhere! Here's the cover!"

Paul Heyman: "What air time!"










Joey Styles: "It's over!"

Paul Heyman: "Maybe.."

Howard Finkel: "The winner of this bout..Randy...Orton...!!!"

Randy raises to his feet and smirks as he leaves the ring and walks up the rampway while Coach Scott D'Amore goes in to help Eric Young.

"Just Like You" blasts over the PA System, followed by the 1 of 3 owner PKA emerging from the curtain, onto the stage. The fans cheer, as PKA stands there, trashcan in one hand, microphone in the other. He raises the mic up.

PKA: "Cut the goddamn music!"

His music is, in fact, cut off now.

PKA: "Allow me to interrupt the ongoings that mean very little compared to what I'm about to do!"

PKA hears boos from the crowd after he just interrupted something they were enjoying or looking forward to.

PKA: "Oh, please! You know what I'm about to do is going to be enjoyed a helluva lot more! Now let me get right to the fucking point and say that what I did with the United States Title of.."

PKA spits in the trashcan.

PKA: "..The U..C..W, was impactful in its own right. But as I said, the party isn't over yet! Right now, allow me to introduce you to the U..C..W TAG..TEAM..CHAMPIONS!" The crowd goes wild.

PKA: "Ladies and gentlemen, the Pierce Boys!!!"

Kevin and Justin Pierce emerge, UCW Tag Team Titles over their shoulders. They shake hands with PKA up on the stage and stand on the left side of him, with the trashcan between PKA and the 'Boys.

PKA: "We're short on time, so let's do what you're here to do."

Justin and Kevin look at each other and take the gold off their shoulders.

PKA: "Go on, Boys, add 'em to the collection."

They both drop their Tag Team Titles in the trashcan, and begin laughing. PKA laughs along with them, and shakes their hands. Kevin requests the mic and PKA hands it over.

Kevin: "What have we done? Is that what you're asking yourselves now? Well people, its simple, that we're done with UCW. The Pierce Boys are now officially part of PWR, and from here on out, I proclaim us the FIRST EVER PWR Tag..Team.. Champions!"

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as the Pierce Boys hold their arms high in the air. PKA applauds from the side. Just then "All the Way" by ICP hits the PA System and the crowd goes wild! The Pierce Boys' eyes bug out and they are wondering what the hell is going on! Just then Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope race out from the curtain and bum rush the Pierce Boys, holding something in their hands. They beat them down as PKA watches on with a smile on his face! He's enjoying this!! ICP stand up with bottles in their hands, open up the bottles and spew them all over the Pierce Boys! That's FAYGO! FAYGO ALL OVER THE PIERCE BOYS!! Shaggy grabs the mic that Kevin had and speaks.

Shaggy 2 Dope: "Pierce Boys, you think you're the Tag Team Champions? No way! You want to be the champs? PROVE YOUR WORTH! We'll see you next week on twiZted!"

Shaggy tosses the microphone down in the Pierce Boys direction as the ICP music starts up once again. PKA stands by, laughing, arms crossed, and ICP give him a glance as they make their way to the back. The camera's go to a commercial break.

The camera's return as Jeff Hardy is in the backstage area walking down the hallways.

Jeff turns left and then stops in front of a locker room. He is wearing his ring attire and holds a bouquet of flowers in his hands. He knocks on the dressing room door and Krissy Delight answers it.

Krissy Delight: "Jeff..what brings you by?"

Jeff looks down at the bouquet of flowers as does Krissy. He then extends it too her as she smiles, looks up at him and goes in for a hug."

Jeff Hardy: "Here."

They both hug as she then backs off and takes the flowers putting them in her dressing room. She comes back out.

Krissy Delight: " you ready?"

Jeff Hardy: "For sure, let's go."

They both leave walking down the hallway.

Joey Styles: "What a gift."

Paul Heyman: " cute."

Joey Styles: "I think she appreciated it."

Paul Heyman: "Either way who cares..this is professional wrestling."

The camera's go to the ring.

Howard Finkel: "Ladies and gentleman, it is now time for the main event of the evening. The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, at a total combined weight of 382 lbs..Justina James, and "The Franchise" Shane...Douglas...!!!"

Paul Heyman: "Here is the main event. Shane Douglas and Justina James tagging for the first time ever in this mixed tag team match."

Music hit's as Justina James and Shane Douglas both come walking from the backstage area towards the ring as the crowd boo's them. Douglas gets into the ring and then helps Justina into the ring as well as they await their opponents.

Howard Finkel: "And their opponents, at a total combined weight of 335 lbs..Krissy Delight, and Jeff...Hardy...!!!"

Joey Styles: "And now we have tagging also for the first time ever, Krissy Delight and Jeff Hardy."

Music hit's as Krissy Delight and Jeff Hardy both come walking from the backstage area towards the ring as the crowd cheers them on. Jeff then looks at Krissy as she looks at him. Both run and slide under the bottom rope in the ring as Shane Douglas and Justina James go to the outside floor.

Paul Heyman: "Douglas and James now, to the outside."

The bell sounds.

Joey Styles: "Well here we go. Looks like it will be Jeff Hardy and Shane Douglas in first."

Shane Douglas and Jeff Hardy do indeed start the match up as they tie-up. Douglas takes the tie-up and grabs the arm of Hardy as he wrenches it behind his back. Hardy tries to break free of it but can't. He goes for an elbow shot to his face but Douglas ducks. Seconds later Jeff turns it around on Shane with his own hammerlock. Jeff then turns it into a headlock as he grabs the head of "The Franchise." Shane then pushes him off up the ropes. Hardy comes back as Douglas goes for a hip toss but it is blocked. Hardy then punches him in the mid section and flips over behind Douglas. Still having the arm locked in he connects Shane with a hip toss. He covers.




Paul Heyman: "Only a one count."

Shane kicks out as Jeff goes over and tags in Krissy Delight. Shane then reaches over and tags in Justina James. Both diva's are now in the ring as the crowd cheers. Both of them come to the center of the ring and tie-up. Justina knees Krissy to the mid section. Justina throws off a few punches to her head. She then chops her in the chest a couple of times before whipping her into the corner. Justina runs at her but is back elbowed to the face. Krissy Delight comes out of the corner with a clothesline. She runs up the ropes, comes back and hit's another clothesline on James who is knocked down. Justina is back up again as Krissy body slams her. She then drops an elbow, and covers.





Joey Styles: "Nope, only a 2 count."

Right away Krissy gets up and grabs the legs of Justina James as she locks in a Boston crab. Before she can put it on fully Justina powers out. Both diva's then go over and reach to their corners tagging in their male partners. Shane and Jeff come back in and go after each other as Jeff gets the upper hand. With punch strikes to his head and back chops he goes to whip him up the ropes but instead Douglas reverses it and Hardy goes up the ropes. He comes back and is knee'd to the gut. Hardy falls to the ground as Shane goes for a quick cover.

Paul Heyman: "Here's the cover."





Joey Styles: "Good match so far, no signs of letting up just yet."

After the near fall "The Franchise" grabs the head and neck area of the "Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy and puts on a small sleeper hold. Before he can lock it in though Hardy stands and connects with a chinbuster. Both men are down now on the mat as the referee counts. 1.....2.....3.....4.....5.....both men begin to move to their corners. Shane tags in Justina as Jeff tags in Krissy.

Paul Heyman: "Here we go, diva action."

Justina and Krissy begin to throw punches, chops, and kicks to each other until Justina knee's Krissy Delight in the gut. She drops down to one knee as Justina runs up the ropes coming back looking for something but instead out of nowhere Krissy hit's a spinning heel kick. She covers.

Joey Styles: "What a move!"







Paul Heyman: "So close!"

Shane Douglas breaks up the count with a kick to the back of Krissy. Shortly after Jeff Hardy comes in and knocks Douglas out of the ring, he follows him to the outside floor as Krissy picks Justina up in the ring and hit's a neckbreaker. Krissy picks her up and goes for a modified Side Effect which she calls, Simply Delight but instead Justina James back elbows her in the gut. She then goes for her finisher a modified swinging leg ddt which she calls the Sweetest Sin but instead Krissy Delight turns it into a northern lights suplex with a bridge.

Joey Styles: "Northern lights suplex!"








Howard Finkel: "Here is your winners, the team of Krissy Delight and Jeff...Hardy...!!!"

Paul Heyman: "They are victorious!"

Jeff rolls into the ring and celebrates with Krissy as the ref holds their hands up high as the winners.

Joey Styles: "Shane Douglas looks pissed, but either way, this match up is over."

Paul Heyman: "He will get revenge."

Joey Styles: "He'll have to wait until next week for that as we close this week's edition of TwiZted!"

Tune in next week on TwiZted at the Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York!