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We do require that you read these rules and fill out an application before joining. Most applications will be accepted unless the wrestler wanted is already chosen, we don't like you, or we just take great pride in pissing you off.

1. PWR accepts created wrestlers of your own creation. Any knockoffs, rip-offs, or any real wrestlers will be denied.
2. Weekly show roleplay deadline is Monday, 11:59pm CST unless otherwise noted. Please Check how that time zone reflects your own. The maximum amount of roleplays accepted will be three, with no more than one on the final day.
3. Weekly show SEGMENT deadline is Tuesday, 11:59pm CST.
4. Here at PWR we ask that you leave all of your OOC comments on the OOC sides of the boards and not reply to the roleplays.
5. No advertising or spamming your websites/etc...
6. If you are booked but did not roleplay you must have an legitimate reason as to why that is.
7. No using wrestlers in your roleplays with out the full consent of a staff member.
8. There are currently 2 titles; PWR Revolution Championship: All comers men and women compete & the PWR International Championship: All wrestlers men and women compete all around the world defending and competing for the title.
9. Its all about QUALITY over QUANTITY. Just because you type up a 500 line roleplay does not insure a victory. The amount of work put into a roleplay will, however, be looked at.
10. Remember to have fun and get along together. If that happens and you all abide by the rules, then everything should be fine and PWR will be a total success!