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Question #1: How did the name Psychotic Wrestling Revolution come together?

PKA: It was actually Jesse's idea, with a little twist of my own. He wanted Psychotic Revolution Wrestling.. and I thought Revolution and Wrestling needed a switch, see. Thus, Psychotic Wrestling Revolution was born. Genius, eh?

Question #2: Why did you decide to take part in a 3 way co-ownership of PWR instead of going it alone?

PKA: With what we all have in mind, the similar goal that we all share, you'd need more than just one person running the ship. We're here, not as big time fed heads, not as high dollar lawyers trying to make some more extra cash, we're all wrestlers, trying to make the world of pro wrestling better for the talent and fans. We're tired of the monopoly that is the current state of our sport.

Question #3: What kind of vibe do you plan on sending from this?

PKA: In a word - excitement.

Question #4: What makes PWR different from any other federation?

PKA: Watch us next Wednesday and 'twiZted' will give you that answer, I'm sure of it.

Question #5: Do you have any goals with this new project of yours, PWR?

PKA: You mean the project of mine, Jesse, and Sean's? Many goals.. many. Just stick around, everyone, and find out how we're willing to reach those goals. You won't be disappointed.