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The Bank Account:

Whatís up PWR nation! This is part owner Jesse Banks here, and I find the need to have my own personal space where I can talk about the state of the promotion, other promotions, and basically whatever the hell I feel like talking about. Although this might not be a weekly column, it will be a frequent addition to the PWR website. I may include things like Top 10 lists, whoís hot, whoís not. The championship scene, some new rumors, and some things that I think need to be changed. This week however, as we await the highly anticipated first episode of twiZted, I will try to give you a background of things to come. If there are any suggestions or things that youíd like to see in this columnÖthere will be a feedback thread on the boards and feel free to do so there!

First and foremost! Iíd just like to say GO SHOCKERS!!! Anyone who has been here to PWR headquarters or Wichita in general know this city is going crazy. Optimism says they are going to the final 4, but who really knows. Canít be negative though, so I say ďTAKE US ALL THE WAY SHOX!!!Ē

Now onto real business. PWR seems to be the most hotly contested promotion Iíve ever seen. When PKA, Sean, and myself started recruiting for PWR, we wanted to make a promotion where there was no such thing as mid-carders, main eventers, and Jobbers. I honestly think we accomplished this goal. The women are just as talented as the men, and the unknowns have more talent than they are letting on. I could honestly see the first PWR champion being a woman. They are all THAT talented! Iíd look out for Krissy Delight, Justina James, Sarah Manson, and Alice to create waves in PWR. If anyone takes them lightly, then they will know exactly what Iím talking about.

The ladies arenít the only ones though. I strongly look for Shane Douglas and Rammer to push each other for the world title. Jeff Hardy is fearless and is capable of holding that top spot too. Iíd personally like to see him and Kyle Collins face off. Maybe for the International title. These two would signify what the division stands for and I would be proud to have them as our champion. Randy Orton isnít that far off from any of the previously mentioned people either. ďThe Legend KillerĒ has a mean streak that can carry him a long ways here.

I think the most interesting news on the recruitment front was the acquisition of the entire Team Canada roster. A-1, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and Petey Williams can cause a lot of problems around here. Speaking from expierience as a member of the most dominant group in HSW history, I know what a strength in numbers can do for a personís career. The only question left is what they do with that strength. I feel that with the leadership of Coach DíAmore, they should be fine.

PWR is always looking for more talent, and applications are being accepted. Is the next PWR superstar reading this? Who knows? I just give to everyone my solumn vow that I will do my best to make PWR the place to be for all talent, small or big. The other promotions out there that donít let you have fun, and make you wait for opportunities and other things are nothing more than crappy businessmen.

Finally to twiZted. There are some huge events planned for twiZted this week, and wait till you see what we have up our sleeves. It will rock the wrestling world. Thatís just this week, we plan on shocking people every week. Tune in to find out exactly what Iím talking about.

On a side note, thereís been talk of a friendly owners attraction match coming to twiZted. Which two owners is it? I canít specify, all I know is itíll be a dandy of a match.

Thatís it for now, check back later for some more ofÖ

The Bank Account!