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Death by Trial

The death penalty is something that has been questioned by law enforcement for as long as it has been around. The idea behind it is to show people what will happen to them if the commit a crime. That is the purpose behind it. Modern society should not need this barbaric act of punishment. The death penalty is wrong. Many believe that death is the ultimate punishment. Wouldn’t they suffer more if they lived to think about it? Maybe just food for thought. One of the justifications that is often used is the cost card. They think killing someone is cheaper than letting them live for life. This is false, on average the death penalty is 70% more expensive than comparable non-death cases. The investigation cost for a death penalty case is 3 times more expensive than a comparable non-death investigation. Also the trial cost for a death penalty case is 16 times greater than a comparable non-death trial. An execution in Florida costs $3.2 million. Considering most inmates die before their execution, why waste the money? The taxpayers are indirectly paying for the death of criminals. Shouldn’t people be able to say they don’t want their money to pay for murder? The death penalty is also an argument of morality. Consider that 106 nations have abolished the death penalty. (We are one of the few who haven’t along with Cuba, Iraq, and Iran). The death penalty is thought by most to be barbaric and non effective. Honestly, how many potential criminals have been scared off by it? The death penalty is already very taboo in this country. Those for the death penalty feel it gives certain closure to the families and friends of the victim(s). In some cases of a massacre and exuberant violence many believe the only way to pay their debt is to be put to death. An example is the Oklahoma City bomber, public favor seemed to be for his execution. These types of executions are mainly for people as a whole to have closure. Another reason people are for the death penalty is when the people are beyond being reformed. Like Gein, Bundy, and Dahmer. Even if they were put into prison what is to say they wouldn’t escape and do it all again. The matter of execution in these cases is a way of keeping people out of harms way by insuring they will never do it again. In Iran two men were executed in public. For the next few days the images were all over the media. Following this there was a large reduction in crime for many weeks. (Most all small crime stopped and there was a large reduction in serious crime). The reason it doesn’t work here is the simple fact that we don’t use it as a weapon, executions are never shown publicly in America but could be effective if shown I feel the death penalty is wrong. We as a society don’t need this age old punishment. There are better ways to deal with criminals. Since we do not want to be portrayed as gun crazy violence mongers why do we have that kind of punishment? It does not reflect well on us. Nor does it seem to work. Why bother? Bibliography: