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Product Of You name: tim "loser" monroe
birthdate: march 12, 1985
favorite bands: Mest, NFG, Ataris, Off by One, Rufio...
fav food: pizza
hobbies: playin' guitar, baggin' on my friends :)
things you like? pie... chickens... naked girls
fav TV show: simpsons
fav movie: happy gilmore
stuff ur scared of: fat guys, gutter punks, sex
fav clothing company: uah... none
fav color: blue
favorite show/worst show: we've only played one... alex's house
equipment: shit :X
what does music mean to you: music.. means alot to me... it means fun
most embarrasing moment: eh.. too much thinking involved
if you could see one group live that is no longer together, who?: uah... PILOT LIGHT!!!! (even though i've seen em 20ish times haha)
favorite actor/actress: adam sandler