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Product Of You name: Scott Michael Radsick
birthdate: May 7, 1985
favorite bands: New Found Glory, Mest, Nerf Herder, Green Day
fav food: Pizza
hobbies: I play soccer, and I like to sleep (but i dont get much of it)
things you like? My Girlfriend
fav TV show: the simpsons
fav movie: Baseketball (it is really funny)
stuff ur scared of: Midgets (just like Jonathan)
fav clothing company: I dont really have a favorite. I just dont like preppy brands....
fav color: Blue
favorite show/worst show: Well my favorite show would have to be the first time we played at Alex's party..... because it was our first. And my worst show was the second time we played at his party, because the improv singer threw us all off (even though it was fun to listen to his crazy lyrics)
equipment: a crappy Blue Squier (I am planning on getter new equipment)
what does music mean to you: Music is everything.... i have been involved with playing something my whole life (Flute-a-Fone, Piano, Recorder, Trombone, and now Bass)
most embarrasing moment(if you want): hmmm.... when i was 10, I got hit by a car, and broke both of my legs, and cut up my face really bad.... i had to be taken away in a hospital, and everyone was staring at me, It was really embarrasing............. Do you really believe that lame story???
if you could see one group live that is no longer together, who?: Nirvana..... just because
favorite actor/actress: Adam Sandler / Jennifer Love Hewitt